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Diamond Necklace

Diamond Necklace

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  1. bestSeller
    Kajana Solitaire Diamond Necklace Kajana Solitaire Diamond Necklace
    ₹26,325.00 ₹32,785.00

    35% OFF on Stone Price

  2. bestSeller
    Fairylight Diamond 2 Layered Necklace Fairylight Diamond 2 Layered Necklace
    ₹39,196.00 ₹46,900.00

    100% OFF on Making

  3. Yaz   Diamond  Necklace Yaz   Diamond  Necklace
    ₹344,898.00 ₹394,708.00

    100% OFF on Making

  4. shipFast
    Mouni Diamond Necklace Mouni Diamond Necklace
    ₹135,244.00 ₹180,325.00

    Deal of the Day (25% OFF on MRP)

  5. shipFast
    Jasika Diamond Necklace Jasika Diamond Necklace
    ₹31,591.00 ₹35,636.00

    70% OFF on Making

  6. bestSeller
    Etika Diamond Necklace Etika Diamond Necklace
    ₹51,684.00 ₹68,912.00

    Deal of the Day (25% OFF on MRP)

  7. shipFast
    Aiza Diamond Necklace Aiza Diamond Necklace
    ₹96,536.00 ₹111,919.00

    70% OFF on Making

  8. bestSeller
    Genelia Diamond Necklace Genelia Diamond Necklace
    ₹103,231.00 ₹129,038.00

    Deal of the Day (20% OFF on MRP)

  9. bestSeller
    Miracle Shine 2 Layered Diamond Necklace Miracle Shine 2 Layered Diamond Necklace
    ₹40,715.00 ₹54,286.00

    Deal of the Day (25% OFF on MRP)

  10. bestSeller
    Naina Diamond Necklace Naina Diamond Necklace
    ₹110,445.00 ₹147,260.00

    Deal of the Day (25% OFF on MRP)

  11. shipFast
    Mriti Diamond Necklace Mriti Diamond Necklace
    ₹40,993.00 ₹46,815.00

    70% OFF on Making

  12. bestSeller
    Clover Shine 2 Layered Diamond Necklace
    ₹34,987.00 ₹39,857.00

    70% OFF on Making

  13. Aakruti Platinum Diamond Pendant With Chain Aakruti Platinum Diamond Pendant With Chain
    ₹20,417.00 ₹24,421.00

    50% OFF on Making

  14. bestSeller
    Zenaida Layered Diamond Necklace Zenaida Layered Diamond Necklace
    ₹41,769.00 ₹55,692.00

    Deal of the Day (25% OFF on MRP)

  15. shipFast
    Fauzia Diamond Necklace Fauzia Diamond Necklace
    ₹26,388.00 ₹31,645.00

    100% OFF on Making

  16. newArrivals
    Niobe Diamond Necklace Niobe Diamond Necklace
    ₹25,008.00 ₹28,657.00

    70% OFF on Making

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Diamond Necklaces - suitable for all your festive, traditional and formal occasions

Necklaces are exquisite pieces perfect for that dazzling neckline look. Our collection of necklace designs are suitable for all your festive, traditional and formal occasions. At Candere, you shall find lightweight as well as heavyweight necklaces great for gifting purposes.

Based on your needs and preferences, you can use filters on our website to shortlist pieces that are specifically suited to you. Set new trends at all your occasions with incredible diamond only options and combination jewellery that include diamonds with cultured pearls, green onyx and red spinel.

Modern Diamond Necklace Designs

Diamond necklaces come in various lengths and sizes. There are three primary types: the Choker, the Princess and the Opera. Diamond choker necklaces fit snugly against your neck, sitting just above the collarbone. Princess necklaces hang a little lower and are generally slightly adjustable. Opera necklaces are the longest, going down till just above your navel and they exude glamour and luxury.

You can get diamond variants in all styles, and you can choose based on your outfit or occasion. While you can wear the lighter ones occasionally, the heavier ones are the most suitable for traditional events, weddings, festivals and other glamorous events.

Also explore our gold necklaces, platinum necklace & gemstone necklace.

Diamond Necklace Designs

Diamond Necklaces can come in all shapes and sizes, but their prices vary accordingly as well. So, based on your budget and your jewellery requirements, you can choose from necklaces at different prices and styles.

Then there are the layered diamond necklaces, the pendant with the elaborate chain designs, the pearl strings and the lariats. These, in other words, are your budget necklaces.

So, even if your budget is less than INR 1 Lakh, you can get many exquisite pieces that are lightweight and suitable for many occasions and events. With so many affordable options, you can choose from varieties that are suitable for daily wear and enhance your look by adding a luxurious element.

If you want more for less, you need to check out our Miracle Plate Diamond Necklaces. The miracle plates make up for the diamond sparkle at a much lesser price. Here are some of them – Blaise Miracle Plate Diamond Necklace, Lucid Miracle Plate Diamond Necklace, and Twined Miracle Plate Diamond Necklace, along with miracle plate necklaces with kamal chains. Also explore our. If you’re looking to buy diamond necklace online, you should check out choker necklace, tushi necklace, layered necklace, chandrahaaram  & long necklace. 

Diamond Necklace Online

Some of these latest designs don’t really have any restraints. The only thing kept in mind is to make it as lightweight as possible, with minimum use of diamonds and sleeker designs. Women’s diamond necklaces are very ornate and extravagant. These decorative designs have been crafted with creativity. Because of their decorative nature, these diamond necklaces are usually worn by brides of India for various functions and wedding ceremonies. Indian weddings are elaborately spread across a few days. Being the centre of attention, the bride has to plan many looks and many sets of costumes and Indian traditional jewellery. We offer various diamond necklace categories at Candere to complete the bride’s look at all her events.

Also explore our gold wedding necklaces, gold light weight necklace & gold ball necklace.

Diamond Necklace Design With Price

These ornaments are actual diamond necklace designs crafted with real gold and genuine, authentic, certified diamonds. Even though marriage can sometimes be an informal family occasion, most cultures treat it as a formal event and dress accordingly. For such events, they will also need a traditional style of jewellery that is attractively beautiful but at the same time not too loud and distracting. With diamond necklaces made for specific styling purposes, such as with ethnic wear, for contemporary looks, designer necklaces, simple fashion wear or classic pieces, the vast collection at Candere shall leave you satisfied. If you’re going to buy diamond necklace online, check out necklace sets, necklaces under 10 gms, double chain necklace & gold chain necklace.

Diamond Necklaces Price

Prices for diamond necklaces online are available at incredibly attractive prices suited for each budget. With options in less than INR 20,000 and going up to more than INR 11 Lakhs, Candere’s diamond necklaces are indeed ideal for any budget, occasion, style or type of diamond necklaces. Diamond prices in India are pretty competitive; Candere offers the perfect range to suit all kinds of pockets and enable you to enhance your beauty with diamonds and hold them close to your heart!

Diamond Wedding Necklaces

You can expect authentic and only certified diamond jewellery from Candere, stamped by IGI, GIA and BIS Hallmarking, with complete trust in your online jewellery. Always ask for an invoice for your purchase and a certificate to accompany your jewellery.

Also explore our temple design necklace, collar necklace, lariat necklace & pendant necklaces.

Buy Diamond Jewellery Necklaces Online

Thanks to an online presence across several digital marketplaces, Candere is not only able to reach out to elite jewellery customers across metro cities (ex: Mumbai, New Delhi, Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad, Chandigarh, Kolkata, Indore, and Pune) but also to other jewellery buyers across the country with the help of trusted delivery partners (FedEx, Blue Dart, DTDC and BVC). 

Also explore our diamond dailywear necklace, diamond bridal necklace & diamond delicate necklace

Buy Diamond Necklaces with DGRP

In addition to the already affordable prices, you can now also avail attractive monthly payment plans with the help of the DGRP plan. It stands for Double Gold rate Protection and indeed provides you with the option to get the lowest price possible for your diamond necklaces. Not only do you have to pay zero processing fees with absolutely no interest rates, but you can also choose 2-12 month instalment plans to buy your diamond necklace. Simply pay 10% of the total cost for booking the piece and pay the installments every month. However, if the gold rates drop after your purchase, you can also avail the lower price as per the plan. Thus, Candere guarantees that you will be getting the best prices no matter which piece you like! So, please take advantage of the plan, book your jewellery online, pay for it in affordable instalments every month and sit back as we dispatch it safely and deliver it right to your doorstep!.


  1. What is a floating Diamond Necklace?

A Thin Necklace with a single Diamond Pendant is called a Floating Diamond Necklace.

  1. Can I wear a Diamond Necklace daily?

Yes, you can definitely wear a Diamond Necklace everyday but remember to take it off when doing physically vigorous activities like gymming or chores, or activities like gardening.