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Pendants are the latest fad when it comes to men’s jewellery, after chains and thick kadas or bracelets. Because diamond pendants enhance your style quotient and are really gorgeous pieces of jewellery, that you can flaunt as well as keep it very subtle. Depending upon the size of your pendant or the type of pendant - diamond or gold - you can choose what to slip around your chain, on what occasion. This also helps you decide what to gift to a dear one when the opportunity to gift arises. The loved one could be your brother, your loving friend, your doting father, brother-in-law, your dear teacher, your boss, an employee you admire…anyone.


Wear it to work, keep it tucked inside, let the pendant show itself like a peek-a-boo from inside your shirt, play hide-n-seek and tease your workmates with stolen glances. Yes, it is subtle, but certainly not restricted to being feminine or delicate. Diamond pendants can certainly be the most in-fashion accessories, if one really desires to draw attention to their strong masculine neck! If you want to make your diamond-demons the talk of the tinsel town, you must wear either of Xerxes Diamond Pendant - stunning with 66 round cut diamonds and heavy in 7.63 gms gold; Samson Diamond Pendant looking hot in a perfect shape and studded with 15 diamonds and a classy design; Nandip Diamond Pendant studded with 60 diamonds; Sadeep Khanda Diamond Pendant - a very celestial design; divine looking Shree Laxmi Diamond Pendant - very popular amongst God loving men; a hot selling product - the Horse Shoe Diamond Pendant; a very beautiful and celestial looking Zoroastrian Pendant - popular amongst the Parsis; a unique, mystical design on Om Pendant; Bhaskar Diamond Pendant with a bright sun blast design that makes your day very meaningful and bright; and Ryan Diamond Pendant with the most seductive curvy design around 15 round cut diamonds.


Prices placed within the range of INR 6,000 to 62,600 these are the most-desired-for diamond pendants for men that you can find online, since it is the bestselling product of Candere, under diamond jewellery for men - category. There are also ‘Initials’, ‘Religious Diamond Pendants’ and ‘Classic’ designs under diamond pendants for men; meant for any occasion, but mainly engagement, wedding & anniversary.

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