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Beautiful Rings for A Beautiful You!


Rings are one of the most beautiful and memorable pieces of jewellery. The little band with a shining rock on your finger can make you look stunning in seconds. Diamond rings are also perfect jewellery to be used as keepsakes. You can pass on your gold ring to future generations as a token of your love and remembrance. 


Alternatively, if you are on your way to propose to the love of your life, our only advice would be that you never underestimate the ring power. A beautiful ring can make your confession of love truly remarkable. We have a beautiful collection of engagement rings that will be a perfect gift for your loving partner! 


We also have a special collection of rings for girls. This collection includes soft and beautiful design patterns that will make you look even more adorable.  


Our ring design is suitable for both men and women. We have taken elements from modern and contemporary art to design our latest collection of couple rings. Our men’s rings feel light on the skin and can be worn daily to work comfortably. You can also do customizations in our gold ring design. Browse our website and get multiple gold ring for men design options, discounts, and more!

Diamond Rings

Our diamond rings for girls are a perfect gift for birthdays and other special occasions. Our expert designers have kept the design of our gold diamond ring comfortable and lightweight. You can wear it daily without any fear of tarnishing or discomfort. 


We also have engagement diamond rings for women and wedding bands. These beautiful rings will be a perfect gift for your lady love. The diamond ring design can be customized as per your taste and budget. You can choose diamond quality, metal purity, color, and more.


You can also find exclusive diamond rings designs for men on our website. We are currently offering discounts on our diamond ring price. So start adding your favorite designs to the cart now! 

Gold Ring

Gold rings are timeless classics that never lose their charm. Even a simple gold ring can help your grab all the spotlight with its grace. We have just launched a special range of rose gold rings. This latest collection of gold rings for girls is everything you need in hand jewellery. Our lady's gold ring can be styled in multiple ways and goes well with both Indian and Western wear. 


We also have some of the coolest boys' gold ring options that can be a wonderful gift for your son. Our 2-gram gold ring for gents can be a perfect gift for your husband, father, or brother. You can check the gold ring for men's price on our website. 


Our website also features the best designs of lady's gold rings. From marriage bridal gold rings to thousands of workwear jewellery options, we have it all! We also have name ring gold designs to make your ring seem more personalized and unique. As a part of our launch offer, we are offering the lowest 2-gram gold ring price today! So don’t miss the deal and shop now!  

Ring Designs

A ring design reveals a lot about the wearer. Therefore, it is extremely important to select a gold ring design that looks stylish and resonates with you personally. We have thousands of stylish simple gold ring design options that you can view, compare, and buy from the comfort of your home. 


Our plain gold ring design for females is suitable for all working women. The design will match all kinds of professional attire. Alternatively, we also have a bridal gold ring design for women for soon-to-be brides and newlyweds. We also recommend checking our gold ring design for girls from our kid's collection. 


We also have gold ring designs for men. Our expert designers have crafted these ring designs for men keeping the daily lifestyle of men in mind. The designs are comfortable and can be worn all day long. 

Gold Ring for Men

Looking for a perfect gift for him? We got your back! Check out our collection of gold rings for men that are designed for gifting purposes. You can find multiple gold ring designs for men on our website. 


Our simple gold ring for men will be perfect for gents who love minimalism. The plain gold ring for men is another accessory to add elegance to your look. They will make you look like a true gentleman. 


You can also add engraving to our gold finger ring for men. We also have unique designs like white gold rings for men who don’t like to be a part of the crowd. We offer 100% genuine and BIS-hallmarked 22-carat gold rings for men. Explore our website today to find the gold ring for men's price, EMI, and cashback offers. 


Gold Ring for Women

Gift your lady love a gift of purity and love with our special collection of gold rings for women. Our simple gold ring is crafted to perfection and speaks volumes as a testimony of your love. 


If you looking gift for her under a budget, then you must check out our gold ring for women collection! We do not compromise on quality and hold the power to outshine everything else. Our gold ring design for women is a brilliant choice of gift for occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, and more. 


We also offer customizations in gold finger ring for women. You can select the metal weight, purity, and colour. We also have unique options like rose gold rings that make your woman feel like the queen she is! Our white gold rings are a must-have for women who like minimalistic jewellery designs. 


Unline, some online retailers that sell gold plated rings for women in the name of pure gold rings, all our 22k gold rings for women are 100% genuine and BIS-hallmarked. You can access the most beautiful gold ring designs for women at Candere! Explore our website now for more details. 

Couple Ring

Matching rings for couples is a big trend right now! You too, can twin with your partner with our couple band rings. Our website has more than thousands of options for love couple rings. We also have a collection of promise rings for couples that you can gift each other as a promise of your love and lifelong commitment. 


Our couple ring design has romantic patterns like a heart and infinity symbol to represent your love. You can also do some customizations in our gold couple ring designs. The couple gold ring is a perfect gift for newlyweds or soon-to-be-married couples who are all set to begin their journey of love and togetherness. 

We have prioritized the elements of love in our new couple rings gold designs. We also have couple rings with names to make your wedding band more personalized and special. You can choose the font style in our couple name ring design. The couple initial ring will make you feel connected with your partner at all times. 


Our couple's gold wedding ring set is an excellent choice for the ring exchange ceremony. We have the best couple rings at the lowest prices! Explore our website now to check out the latest couple gold rings with prices. 

Engagement Ring

Getting engaged soon? Check out our collection of engagement rings for couples! We have platinum, diamond, and gold engagement rings to match your style and budgetary preferences. 


We have beautiful engagement rings for women that will outshine every other ring in the room. Our men's engagement rings are both trendy and classy and will make you two look like a gorgeous couple. 


Our unique engagement rings are crafted to perfection to narrate stories of your love and romance. Our rings will look beautiful on your engagement ring platter. You can explore our website for more information on couple gold engagement rings. 

Diamond Ring for Men

Who said a diamond is only a woman’s best friend? Men like diamonds as much as women do, if not more. This is why, we have launched a special collection of real diamond rings for men. 


Unlike other online retailers, we don’t sell American diamond rings in the name of real ones. Our diamond rings are 100% real and IGI certified. We also have platinum diamond rings for men. So, explore our website to know the price of diamond ring for men and get your man a gift for forever happiness and joy. 

Diamond Ring for Women

The key to a woman’s happiness lies in our beautiful collection of diamond rings. We have just launched our special and limited edition diamond engagement rings for women. These diamond rings are 100% original and come with IGI certification.


The design pattern of our platinum diamond rings for women is kept simple, sweet, and stylish. You can wear our diamond rings daily without worrying about tarnishing and dullness. Our diamond wedding rings for women are currently available at a discounted rate on our website. So hurry up and start shopping now!

Solitaire Ring

In the kingdom of diamond rings, a solitaire diamond ring wears the crown! Solitaire diamond ring designs are iconic in every aspect. Solitaire rings ensure that the spotlight stays on you!


We have unique solitaire ring designs that will make you look like a queen! Our solitaire rings for women are the perfect gift for your wife on birthdays, anniversaries, and valentines. You can also buy our solitaire rings to propose marriage to the love of your life. We also have a dedicated collection of solitaire rings for men that start from as low as INR 27,812. Explore our website for further information. 

For information on gold rates in different cities, visit these pages Gold Rate Mumbai, Gold Rate Pune, Gold Rate Delhi & Gold Rate Kolkata.



1. How do I choose ring designs?

Ans. While choosing a ring design, keep your lifestyle and choice of outfits in mind. If the ring design and pattern match your lifestyle, taste, and budget requirements then that is the one for you!


2. Why are diamond ring expensive?

Ans. Diamond rings are expensive because of the cost of production and their limited supply. 


3. Why are rings made of gold?

Ans. Rings are usually made of gold because gold is a perfect metal for making jewellery. It resists tarnishing and is highly lustrous. 


4. Which is the best design gold ring for men?

Ans. Simple and plain gold rings are perfect for men. You can check our website to find the best recommendations on men's gold ring designs. 


5. Which finger should wear a gold ring for women?

Ans. Astrologers recommends women wear a gold ring on the right hand’s ring finger to attract divine consciousness. 


6. Where can I get couple rings?

Ans. Matching couple rings are a big trend these days. It is a cute way to announce your love to the world. You can buy the cutest and most romantic couple rings from us at Candere. 


7. Which hand to wear engagement ring?

Ans. The engagement ring is worn on the left hand’s fourth finger (ring finger) from the thumb.