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Explore The Finest Jewellery Stores in Mumbai

Mumbai, a city where traditions and trends have the same values, is a treasure trove of exquisite jewellery stores like Candere, where craftsmanship meets contemporary design. These places play an important role in preserving epitomized elegance, luxury and cultural heritage through its jewellery collection that features intricate designs, stunning gemstones, and precious metals. 

Mumbaikars have a lot of options, from the old streets of Zaveri Bazaar to the contemporary showroom of Candere, for shopping these beautiful jewels. Whether you're a budget buyer or a devotee of luxury, Candere in Mumbai is ready to cater for you. 

Jewellery stores in Mumbai are a vibrant, elegant, and cultural hub for jewellery enthusiasts. This article is your guide to finding the perfect jewellery in the bustling city of Mumbai.

Candere the Best Jewellery Shops in Mumbai

If you're looking for the best Jewellery shop in Mumbai that offers a wide range of exquisite jewellery, look no further. Candere is here for all those seeking the perfect piece to adorn themselves. One of India's largest Jewellery Showrooms, Candere by Kalyan Jewellery, is located in the heart of Mumbai. One may find the store at Malad [2nd Floor, Infinity Mall] and Borivali West [L.T Road]. They offer a wide range of gold, diamond, and platinum pieces.

What sets Candere apart is its devotion and commitment to quality and craftsmanship. Candere’s every jewellery set reflects a blend of tradition and modernity, which Mumbaikars fall for. Suppose you're looking for the best jewellery shop in Mumbai, Candere is the place where your search ends.

Jewellery Stores Near Me Are Best For?

Mumbai, the city of dreams, is both the cultural and economic hub as well as a paradise for jewellery lovers. It's no surprise that jewellery shopping in Mumbai is a sought-after destination, and here is why:-

Cultural Significance: Mumbaikar's shopping isn't just about purchasing; it's also about immersing oneself in the rich culture of India. From traditional bridal jewellery to modern designs, each piece has its own story, which you can easily find in Candere Stores.

Craftsmanship: Jewellery shops of Mumbai showcase a wide range of fancy ornaments and stunning gemstone that denotes the highest level of craftsmanship. This detailed attention and dedication are evident in true works of art.

Variety of Options: Mumbai's jewellery sector is immensely diversified. It has everything one needs, from beautiful showrooms to busy local markets, each gives a unique purchasing experience. Mumbai has everything from contemporary design jewellery to elegant-looking stone.

Mumbai is a place where shopping is more than a transaction. Suppose you are looking for the best jewellery shop in Mumbai. You can visit Candere by Kalyan Jewellery at nearby jewellery shops. 

Unique Diamond Showroom in Mumbai 

Diamond jewellery stores in Mumbai have the most unique and opulent jewellery collections. The glittering allure of diamonds is one of the most preferred options for Mumbaikars in terms of investment as well as styling. Here is a list of a few unique jewellery collections in Mumbai to cater for every taste and budget:-

Bollywood Glamour: This collection is often designed to match the costumes worn by the actors, adding to the overall aesthetic appeal of the film. Nowadays, it's very common to see actresses wearing heavy necklaces and earrings, studs. Even at weddings, glamorous lehengas and jewellery, hairstyles, etc., play an important role.

Antique Treasures: Antique Treasures are pieces that are older than a century. They have superb craftsmanship and historical significance due to their allure. These pieces, crafted from precious materials, are not just ornaments but valuable heirlooms that pay homage to tradition.

Contemporary Fusion:  Contemporary jewellery is currently trending among the GenZ generation. Contemporary Fusion Jewellery has a modern look but is made up of unconventional materials like plastic or wood, with designs that can be asymmetrical or abstract. Common characteristics of contemporary jewellery are metal type, stone type, stone cut, engraving, filigree, milgrain, shank, and prongs. They are one of the best in representing tradition and modernity.

Custom Creations: Mumbai is known for its skilled artists, filmstars and many who seek custom creation. Custom Jewellery is something that will be worn by an individual only. There are many ways to show individuality, and these jewels are one of them, which one can check out on online jewellery stores in India.

The City of Dreams has a lot to offer. Whether you're in search of a timeless engagement ring for your loved one or are seeking exquisite diamond necklaces and earrings to adorn yourself at a wedding party, Mumbai has something for everyone. From the convenience of the best online jewellery store in India, like Candere, to the best jewellery shops in Mumbai, the options are abundant.

Find the Best Gold Jewellery stores in Mumbai

No matter what you shop, shopping in Mumbai will always be a happy journey, where every minute has its own story and happiness. Moreover, jewellery shopping in Mumbai is all about the experience that weaves together the fabric of culture, artistry, and tradition. Here are a few tips to consider before buying gold jewellery:-

Check for purity: It's crucial that you check the purity of gold jewellery, and the easiest way to check for purity is to look for hallmarking.

Pricing Cross-Check: Gold price is determined by its purity, and it changes every day based on the market rate. Therefore, always check prices beforehand. Gold Jewellery Showrooms like Candere have display boards to give a hassle-free purchase.

Gold jewellery stores in Mumbai are the place where the past and present coexist; they 

not only sell gold but also sell emotions, celebrations, memories and happiness. To experience these emotions, you can visit Candere in West Borivali L.T Road if you are in Mumbai. 

Wedding Jewellery Stores in Mumbai

For centuries, Jewellery has played a very important role in Indian weddings. It is something that completes the bridal look and adds charm.

If you are confused about what to wear as bridal jewellery, you can visit nearby Candere in Mumbai or simply visit Candere has a fantastic collection of head-to-toe jewellery like Earrings, Nose rings, Anklets, etc.

Because of the taste that needs cultural and modern exploration, it becomes challenging to find the right jewellery store. Buying jewellery is a journey full of emotion, happiness and excitement, and the door to this excitement is Mumbai's jewellery stores.  

No matter what you are looking for, tradition, modernity, timeless classics, complex antiques, or modern, avant-garde creations, jewellery showrooms in Mumbai are ready to cater for you.  

Candere is a perfect example of this mix of culture and artistry. Looking for some unique jewellery to add charm to? Visit Candere Mumbai showroom and let us be a part of your special moments!


Q.1 Which Jewellers are the best in Mumbai?

Candere by Kalyan Jewellery is among the best jewellers in Mumbai. It offers a wide range of jewellery like rings, pendants, earrings, chains, bangles, bracelets, etc., with festive discounts.

Q.2 Are Candere and Kalyan Jewellers the same name?

Candere and Kalyan Jewellers are related but different brands. Candere is part of the Kalyan Jewellers.

Q.3 Why should I choose Candere for jewellery shopping in Mumbai?

One can choose Candere for its outstanding commitment to quality and a wide range of exquisite jewellery options.

Q.4 Is Candere exclusively about traditional jewellery, or do they offer modern designs as well?

Candere has a combination of offerings. They have traditional and modern designs to cater for all types of customers.

Q.5 What are the types of jewellery designs available at Candere, Mumbai?

Candere, Mumbai, offers a wide array of jewellery, including gold, diamond, platinum, gemstone, silver, and solitaire pieces. For more, you can visit

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