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Diamond Classic Pendants

Elaina Ziah Diamond Pendant

Rs. 29,647 Rs. 25,496

Style No KC00068

Aastha Diamond Pendant

Rs. 26,994 Rs. 23,215

Style No C007827

Sparkling Diamond Pendant

Rs. 21,566 Rs. 18,547

Style No C002102

Estrella Diamond Pendant

Rs. 34,297 Rs. 29,495

Style No C012884

Astra Ziah Diamond Pendant

Rs. 21,205 Rs. 18,236

Style No KC00012

Edelweiss Miracle Plate Diamond Pendant

Rs. 16,414 Rs. 14,116

Style No C012974

Dianella Changeable Diamond Pendant

Rs. 19,507 Rs. 16,776

Style No C013602

Snow White Diamond Pendant

Rs. 21,627 Rs. 18,599

Style No C005534

Bianca Diamond Pendant

Rs. 28,694 Rs. 24,677

Style No C010567

Ditzy Diamond Pendant

Rs. 19,541 Rs. 16,805

Style No R010622

Ravine Diamond Pendant

Rs. 28,916 Rs. 24,868

Style No R010694

Wallflower Diamond Pendant

Rs. 11,290 Rs. 9,709

Style No C010614

Iliana Diamond Pendant

Rs. 56,888 Rs. 48,924

Style No C010296

Nalini Diamond Pendant

Rs. 53,991 Rs. 46,432

Style No C010582

Trista Diamond Pendant

Rs. 16,558 Rs. 14,240

Style No C009059

Trellis Diamond Pendant

Rs. 49,892 Rs. 42,907

Style No C010555

Classic Diamond Pendants

When we say classic, it refers to something that has a class, characteristic or style that sets it apart from others. Here, these diamond pendants under this collection are really an amalgamation of various styles of designs that you can find: English, Indian, European, Persian, Western, African, artistic, abstract, fancy, elaborate or even minimal. These are meant for your everyday wear, occasional or festive wear and work wear even wedding wear. When choosing any product from this category, you really don’t need to worry about what’s in and what’s out(dated). Every design is assuredly trending; moreover, you may also find something exclusive for yourself, something that no one else has. This will suit with any outfit you wear, cause they are designed in a liberated manner to look elegant, no matter what the outfit is. You can also find matching pair of earrings for most of these classic diamond pendants.

Latest Diamond Pendant Designs

While some of these designs will appeal to youngsters, you will find that even middle aged or elder adult persons find classic designs appealing. Some of the pendants have clusters of star diamonds, while some have well-spaced stones, some are cast in yellow gold while some others are cast in white or rose gold – even though yellow is the most popular choice of metal for jewellery, white and rose gold are capturing the market at amazing speeds. Probably because with diamonds or gemstones, white and rose gold give an added dramatic effect, in some cases, they look extremely panache.


Many designs are inspired by constellation formations while some have taken abstract, geometric or classic floral shapes too. Some designs are inspired partly by ancient, traditional, bygone era periods; some have very elaborate patterns, with multiple clusters of diamonds that are fit for wedding wear – not to forget the matching earrings. These are within the range of 40000 to 70000: Aishya, Nayana, Lilian, Saroj, Lilac, Leora, Carina and Maya diamond pendants. These ones have captured traditional patterns of designing.

Diamond Pendants Online India

Because gemstones and diamonds studded jewellery is pricey, we extend you the liberty of the EMI option to plan your purchase. Once you have selected and finalized your design on Candere, simply make a booking payment of any amount you choose and then continue to pay the remaining amount over a period of a few months. The booking amount is a part of your total order value, so you are never paying a penny above the total price of the jewellery. There is no extra cost involved in the form of interests. This way, you protect your price too.

Certified Pendants Online

Were you aware that almost every single piece of jewellery you purchase, buy, see on the shelf is certified? So is it with your precious stones. Every single precious gem embedded in your jewellery carries a certificate from the same certifying lab, it could be either of Gemological Institute of America or International Gemological Institute. In the USA, most of the gemstones are certified by the American Gemological Laboratories. Just so you are aware as a buyer of jewellery, never accept the delivery of any jewellery – metal or studded - without it being accompanied by a proper, authentic certification for both the metal and the stone. Even precious metals are hallmarked by the BIS – a certificate plus a hallmarking on the product itself.


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