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Diamond De-light Collection

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Latest Diamond Bangles

Lifestyles are defined by people, how they carry themselves, how they dress up and how they live or interact with the society; how they socialize, what they do, how they behave. Amongst those aspects, jewellery forms a very important and integral part of one’s identity and standard of living. Women by & large determine not just their own lifestyles and way of living, but also that of the society they belong, hence the onus is on them to always maintain their stature, looks, personality and character. This is a belief being maintained since ages.

Gold Diamond Bangles

Diamond bangles look very festive and classy on a woman’s wrists; interestingly, in our country, jewellery is what majorly defines festivities and occasions more than anything else. Diamonds twinkle, radiate and glimmer under the light and lanterns of the festivities. It is in diamond bangles that a designer can exercise their creativity and liberty of innovation. It is only in latest diamond bangle designs that there is a lot of breather and space to allow the carvings to reflect their brilliance off the surface of the finished metal of gold.

Light Weight Diamond Bangles

Even though the design on some of these bangles may look very heavy, they remain light on your wrists, because of the immense spacing provided in between the designs. Some examples of such light weight diamond bangles with sleek width and minimum craftwork are: Ishita, Aalaya, Chaitrika & Abhilasha. Some solitaire diamond bangles are Bhavana, Ishita, Chandrima, Ishanvi, Geevitha.

Diamond Bangles India

The bangles may have a single line of diamonds and the width may be really thin, sleek looking or could have a complicated and exaggerated design, with lots of craftwork and diamonds studded on them to enhance their look and feel. Since bangles are usually purchased in pairs, and rarely in singles, and also the cost of this collection is above 1.4 lakh, we offer you the EMI option where you also save money.

Rs. 136,412 Rs. 129,028

Style No C004820

Rs. 126,221 Rs. 118,734

Style No C004865

Rs. 154,426 Rs. 145,755

Style No C004754

Rs. 137,867 Rs. 129,093

Style No C004847

Rs. 139,374 Rs. 131,268

Style No C004871

Rs. 143,423 Rs. 137,436

Style No C004826

Rs. 138,608 Rs. 132,415

Style No C004877

Rs. 130,157 Rs. 121,353

Style No C008769

Rs. 211,398 Rs. 203,328

Style No C004868

Rs. 175,017 Rs. 165,466

Style No C004763

Rs. 228,768 Rs. 216,928

Style No C005222

Rs. 253,060 Rs. 243,509

Style No C004844

Rs. 254,213 Rs. 240,672

Style No C005471

Rs. 571,600 Rs. 561,278

Style No C004760

Rs. 210,907 Rs. 203,475

Style No C004841