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Mangalsutra Diamond Pendants

Known by different names in different communities & regions of India, the Mangalsutra is a neck ornament of black and golden beads worn by married women, tied by their husbands as part of marriage ceremonies. It signifies the sacred bonding of love and regard that a married couple has for each other. It is worn by the lady at all times and is one of the most important or profound signs of being married, amongst sindhoor, toe rings, bangles, wedding ring and other items. In some families, the Mangalsutra is passed on as an heirloom piece by the groom’s mother or grandmother to the bride; or in some others, it may be gifted by the bride’s mother to her.

Daily Wear Mangalsutra Designs

Over the years and ages, as choices have changed and become bolder, the Mangalsutra design too has been through revolutionary changes; perhaps the most obvious one being its size and expanse. Modern day designs have become compressed within a limited space, to give the piece a minimal look and yet be wearable with any outfit to any place. One reason could also be that it has now become a fashion accessory or a necessary piece of jewellery worn by women. To not make their marital status very obvious, fearing it may not match with certain modernized outfits, women have demanded that the Mangalsutra design be revised to give it a stylish appeal. Fashion / jewellery designers are therefore added a modern appeal to it, such that, at times, it can also be worn as a festive diamond necklace. Such that it is hardly distinguishable.

Latest Mangalsutra Design

In different parts of India, apart from Christians and Muslims, nearly every other community encourages Mangalsutra for married women. Latest Mangalsutra designs involve more of star diamonds, or even gemstones and less of the ancient golden look to it. The black beads may be retained or else it can be replaced entirely by a very sleek golden chain. Modern designs are usually spaced out and less cluttered; they look simple yet classy. Some Tanmaniyas are accompanied by the chain, or in some cases, only the tanmaniya pendants are sold, chain is available separately.

Daily Wear Mangalsutra

Most North Indians love to show off their jewellery for the effort and money they invest in it. That’s so cool, isn’t it? One may find that even their daily wear Mangalsutra pendants are a bit heavy and elaborate in design and weight. Also, their Mangalsutra chains may be longer instead of being shorter, the way modernists prefer. One may find remarkable differences in the designs from different states, each one attached to a different significance, culturally.


Even though you may want to select a design you love the most according to your personality, choices, moods or taste, here’s what Candere recommends for everyday wear Mangalsutra- a blend of ethnic, culturally rich and appealing diamond Mangalsutra designs: Punita Pendant, Poonam Mangalsutra, Destiny Pendant, Caroline, Viviana, Lauren… You could also opt for some white gold diamond Mangalsutra designs like Tejal Pendant and a few more.

Diamond Mangalsutra With Price

These are an affordable range of daily Mangalsutra pendants, falling within the range of around INR 20000 to 30000. Even though, you have the option of customizing your choice of design for the colour of gold of no. of diamonds and gemstones, some are shown in yellow gold by default; simply apply filters & review. Moreover, there is always interest-free EMI for ease of purchase.

Rs. 25,153 Rs. 23,008

Style No C010981

Rs. 24,812 Rs. 23,233

Style No C010985

Rs. 23,338 Rs. 21,314

Style No C006731

Rs. 27,570 Rs. 25,506

Style No C004739

Rs. 22,578 Rs. 20,441

Style No C006881

Rs. 24,003 Rs. 21,898

Style No C006885

Rs. 26,599 Rs. 24,478

Style No C006889

Rs. 24,212 Rs. 22,107

Style No C010969

Rs. 29,090 Rs. 26,412

Style No C005519

Rs. 21,763 Rs. 19,626

Style No C010163

Rs. 24,925 Rs. 23,225

Style No C004745

Rs. 17,317 Rs. 15,730

Style No C004103

Rs. 23,923 Rs. 22,077

Style No C006893

Rs. 16,957 Rs. 14,957

Style No C006725

Rs. 19,532 Rs. 17,670

Style No C006883

Rs. 32,935 Rs. 31,559

Style No C004082