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  2. Visva Diamond Mangalsutra with chain Visva Diamond Mangalsutra with chain
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  6. Bergamot Diamond Mangalsutra with chain Bergamot Diamond Mangalsutra with chain
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    Day Lily Diamond Mangalsutra with chain Day Lily Diamond Mangalsutra with chain
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    Gerbera Diamond Mangalsutra with chain Gerbera Diamond Mangalsutra with chain
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    Avli Diamond Mangalsutra Pendant Avli Diamond Mangalsutra Pendant
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    Porna Diamond Mangalsutra Pendant Porna Diamond Mangalsutra Pendant
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Mangalsutra Gold Chain

The gold chain Mangalsutra - literally meaning the sacred thread - is of utmost importance in Hindu marriages, though in different contexts but connected to the same base of matrimonial harmony and longevity of the couple. This one ornament related to marriage is unique to India and Indian culture; interestingly, this concept is believed to have originated in the South and travelled to other states and has now become trendy. Also there are modernized versions of the tanmaniya and gold Mangalsutra chains; for ease of wear, along with getting that contemporary look. The gold chain Mangalsutra is known by different, interesting names in different parts of the country: Dehjoor, Minnu, Mangalyam, Thaali, etc.
Even though people still want to continue wearing traditions be it in their own country or outside, they like to have customized and conceptualized versions of gold chain mangalsutra design in their jewellery, with craftsmanship that is a class-apart. Usually, most modern designs have minimal craftsmanship or detailing, and are more of lighter version, traditional pieces still show heavy crafting and designing too. It is noticeable that contemporary designs like to keep some spacing for added effect, make the piece lighter and be wearable with any outfit and any occasion.

Ladies nowadays prefer buying the gold tanmaniya chain and nuptial chain separately and we have quite a handful of options available for those who’re looking for it. Get your diamond or gold chain mangalsutra from our curated designs and get the chain from here and you’re good to go! Also explore our Gold Mens BraceletGold BanglesGold BraceletsGold EarringsGold BalisGold Tanmanya ChainsGold Mens Pendant20 gm Gold Chain Design with price for Men.

Gold Mangalsutra Chain

The gold chain Mangalsutra is something that is usually gifted by the groom’s family to the bride and the bride is made to wear it as one of the rituals during the main ceremonies by her groom. This part is highly significant because the gold chain Mangalsutra is one ornament that will remain on her neck forever, regardless of any other jewellery she may wear.
The pendant/tanmaniya that hangs from the chain is made of gold and diamonds and at times of gemstone. Modern gold chain Mangalsutras have stylish designs on them, that is a perfect blend of traditional feelings and religious motifs and classy minimal touch on them.
Also, the gold chain Mangalsutra has been glamorized in Bollywood and Tellyland - being portrayed in different ways and context, including the stereotyped and non-stereotyped ways. Some have even challenged the age-old norm of the wife wearing it, and questioned why the husband cannot wear it instead, as a mark of his marital status. Interesting eh!Also explore our Gold Necklaces, Gold Kada, Gold Rings, Gold Pendant, Gold Bangles, old Mangalsutra,  Gold Men's Rings.

Mangalsutra Chain Designs

A Gold Mangalsutra chain can be thin or broad, single lined or double lined; it includes black coloured beads that have a particular significance for the mangalsutras - like, protecting the married life of the couple by fending away any evil vibes or negative energies coming toward the couple. Mangalsutra is divided into two parts: gold chain mangalsutra & diamond mangalsutra. Double chain Mangalsutras mostly have heavier pendants on them and are sturdier, even though it is a bit challenging to wear them on a daily basis. The black beads are typical of Mangalsutra chain design and are the identity mark that set them apart from other chains or gold necklace designs. Hence, a Mangalsutra should not be mistaken for some other ornament; and is not just another piece of embellishment rather a sacred jewellery, which is why the mangalsutra are not to be worn like any other jewellery but only after a marital relationship has been established. Also explore our Gold Designer Mens ChainGold JhumkasGold Mens BandsGold BandsGold Sui Dhaga EarringsGold Punjabi Kada.

Gold Chain Mangalsutra Price

The mangalsutra online in our website are priced between the range of Rs 17,650 to Rs 1,56,521 approx. The gold chain mangalsutra is made with utmost perfection and precision, with intricate designs and also adhering to the traditional requirements of the jewellery. The gold chain mangalsutra can be bought in installments as well through our DGRP plan. Also explore our Gold Weddings NecklaceGold Daily Wear BanglesFancy Gold Chain & Gold Nath.

Gold Tanmaniya Mangalsutra

Candere will sell only authentic, BIS hallmarked and IGI/GIA certified jewellery because you have placed trust on your online jeweller. Always ask for an invoice for your purchase and a certificate to accompany your gold chain mangalsutra or any other gold or diamond jewellery.

Double Gold Rate Protection

Our DGRP plan allows you to purchase your gold jewellery on installments without you having to burden your pockets at once. In case you find a jewellery that captures your attention however it falls a little above your budget then you can avail it in installments and acquire a jewellery that you wish to buy and would not have to compromise with any other jewellery. Pay 10% of the final cart rate at the time of booking and pay the rest within a stipulated period in installments. You will not have to worry about the rising fluctuating gold rate. In the off chance the gold rate drops then you can finish paying the installments at the revised lesser gold rate. Meaning you will be able to avail your gold chain mangalsutra at the rate at which it was booked or lesser. So feel free to expand your budget and buy a gold chain mangalsutra that truly suits your interest.