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Diamond Eternity

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Diamond Bangles Online

bangles are the most humble kind of jewellery pieces that have no hassles to be worn, just pick them up from their boxes and slip them through your hands. These do not have complicated closing and opening mechanisms that consume time and energy to think. These offer the grace and sparkle more than any other diamond jewelry, but are flexible enough to be stackable with either a gold bangle or another similar design diamond bangle or even worn as a standalone single piece with equal royalty. They impart a royal look to the wearer’s hands and one tends to be taken seriously and regarded with high respect and reverence if seen wearing diamond bangles. These are round & eternal like rings, and also big enough to be spotted really quickly.

Eternity Bangles Designs

It is apparent that all the pieces in this collection are encrusted with diamonds of all size and shapes and carats, most can be distinguished as star diamond studded bangles or solitaire bangles too. These will have simple rounds of single row of same carat diamonds or double rows; eg. Aakarsha, Aasha, Chalitha, Aastha, and so on. Chalitha diamond bangle has 56 diamonds of 0.15Ct each, set in prong along the bangle, that’s the reason it is priced at 9.4lakhs. Some eternity bangle designs may have a little bit of craftsmanship on the gold that defines how the diamonds will be placed along the circumference; like Deepanwita, Chandrima, Bhavana – this gives the illusion of solitaires set along the bamgle, Bhuvi, Pavani and Anuradha – also an illusion of solitaire setting. 

Diamond Bangles Designs With Price In Rupees

Since diamond bangles are big jewellery pieces with lots of diamonds studded on them and some have multiple lines of diamonds, some have heavy craftsmanship and exaggerated designing, the prices for these bangles begin from 1.4 lakhs and go up to 14.8 lakhs. These are not meant for daily wear, work wear or house-wear; but are for weddings, anniversary gifts and festivities. Interestingly, the idea of marriage proposals these days have shifted from presenting a diamond or gold ring to a single piece of diamond bangle – with the same ambiance, feelings and essence of emotions attached.

Rs. 253,060 Rs. 243,509

Style No C004844

Rs. 380,920 Rs. 370,853

Style No C004751

Rs. 210,907 Rs. 203,475

Style No C004841

Rs. 183,519 Rs. 175,777

Style No C004814

Rs. 945,790 Rs. 938,048

Style No C004583

Rs. 139,374 Rs. 131,268

Style No C004871

Rs. 571,600 Rs. 561,278

Style No C004760

Rs. 573,576 Rs. 568,567

Style No C004886

Rs. 154,426 Rs. 145,755

Style No C004754

Rs. 143,423 Rs. 137,436

Style No C004826

Rs. 574,199 Rs. 569,038

Style No C004580

Rs. 137,867 Rs. 129,093

Style No C004847

Rs. 191,294 Rs. 182,259

Style No C004862

Rs. 126,221 Rs. 118,734

Style No C004865

Rs. 656,447 Rs. 639,445

Style No C005045