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Diamond Gemstone Bridal

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Bridal Jewellery Online

Indian brides really have the onus of looking stunningly beautiful, decked up from head to toe, as marriage is supposedly the biggest event of their life. They spend a lot of time, money and energy in planning perfectly well for their big day to have an obstacle free marriage and look their best – the way they have always dreamt of. Typical bridal jewellery designs are ornate, dramatic, elaborate and are most expensive amongst all other types of jewellery and there is a lot of planning, thought process that goes into selection of such luxury items. The most heavy piece of jewellery or accessory that a bride wears and that which attracts the most attention is her neck piece. Most Indians prefer gold necklaces for their wedding functions, modern brides may opt for a mesmerizing piece of diamond necklace.

Bridal Necklaces

Other than diamonds, bridal necklaces also use lots of gemstones and precious stones; they are always accompanied by a pair of matching earrings. The best selling designs  of this collection are Sierra and Kayla necklaces. Whereas some gemstone studded heavier sets are Elora, Noor, Skyler & Jacey. You have the option of changing the gemstone to that of your choice in the entire set. Also, if you already have a design in mind, you may share the same with us and we shall customize the same for you through an organized process.

Diamond Necklace Price In India

Natalie, Kammie, Sarah and Aaliyah are also some diamond bridal necklace designs that have matching earrings too. Since these use  tremendous amount of diamonds and are also heavy in gold weight, their prices are higher – beginning from 1.8 lakh and go up to 10 lakhs.


Rs. 332,643 Rs. 319,892

Style No C006833

Rs. 161,433 Rs. 144,626

Style No C011133

Rs. 331,457 Rs. 314,285

Style No C011117

Rs. 516,577 Rs. 491,621

Style No C011101

Rs. 418,566 Rs. 390,665

Style No C011093

Rs. 321,562 Rs. 303,237

Style No C009457

Rs. 439,172 Rs. 415,795

Style No C009433

Rs. 392,772 Rs. 374,993

Style No C009393

Rs. 414,370 Rs. 393,816

Style No C006915

Rs. 1,124,519 Rs. 1,093,218

Style No C006911

Rs. 327,897 Rs. 308,983

Style No C006837

Rs. 371,133 Rs. 345,904

Style No C006835

Rs. 255,002 Rs. 240,976

Style No C011187