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Diamond Oval Kada

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Diamond Kada Bangle

The primary reason these are called oval kadas is because of their shape; unlike bangles that are perfectly round, these are oval in shape, because of the way they are designed. The patterns require them to be open ended, with gap for ease of wearing or have a break in their roundness for the curves and shapes of the design. All of the products have clasps – that may differ – for opening, closing and ease of wearing. Most of them have diamonds tracing along the curves on the center most part in an interesting pattern or design while some have the ends crossing over each other or over a cluster of diamonds; some are plainly single line diamonds and some are alternately double line diamond studded. The rest of the bangle that goes around the bottom of the hands is plain gold only that which is the visible part is diamond studded or designed.

Diamond Kada Designs

Some kadas are purposely bent to give it a designer effect. A few pieces have gemstones studded and few have open gaps to add some mystery element and drama to the look. Green Starlight is studded with emeralds while Misty Surprise has pearls and have a flower type design at the opening ends; Lattice has lattice kind of pattern that is shaped like a leaf, some of which are diamond encrusted.

Diamond Kada Designs With Price

Prices for these diamond kadas begin from 60000 and go up to 2.8 lakhs INR.

Rs. 58,219 Rs. 51,558

Style No C012318

Rs. 53,499 Rs. 49,643

Style No C011031

Rs. 73,194 Rs. 65,300

Style No C011033

Rs. 69,081 Rs. 62,098

Style No C011029

Rs. 94,076 Rs. 88,217

Style No C004829

Rs. 87,402 Rs. 79,369

Style No C005207

Rs. 69,895 Rs. 61,789

Style No C005246

Rs. 83,148 Rs. 76,772

Style No C007229

Rs. 89,905 Rs. 83,226

Style No C007227

Rs. 97,306 Rs. 88,562

Style No C007121

Rs. 99,623 Rs. 92,579

Style No C007231

Rs. 121,687 Rs. 114,158

Style No C007119

Rs. 97,660 Rs. 90,374

Style No C007233

Rs. 94,897 Rs. 85,789

Style No C007235

Rs. 109,245 Rs. 101,230

Style No C005177