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Diamond Heart Beats Pendants


Dote V.Day Diamond Pendant

Rs. 13,992 Rs. 12,033

Style No KC00959

Get Hooked V.Day Diamond Pendant

Rs. 25,080 Rs. 21,569

Style No C014423


Cosmic Love V.Day Diamond Pendant

Rs. 9,570 Rs. 8,230

Style No KC00953


Flick V.Day Diamond Pendant

Rs. 10,406 Rs. 8,949

Style No KC00956

Self Love Diamond pendant

Rs. 22,673 Rs. 19,499

Style No C014893


Dreamy V.Day Diamond Pendant

Rs. 14,210 Rs. 12,221

Style No KC00968


Lure Me V.Day Diamond Pendant

Rs. 12,272 Rs. 10,554

Style No KC00965

Riffle Hera Diamond Pendant

Rs. 15,292 Rs. 13,151

Style No KC00687

Wilona Heart Diamond Pendant

Rs. 29,142 Rs. 25,062

Style No C010294


Heart Throb V.Day Diamond Pendants

Rs. 15,478 Rs. 13,311

Style No KC00962

Pink Passion V.Day Diamond Pendant

Rs. 27,895 Rs. 23,990

Style No C014244

Pink Crush V.Day Diamond Pendant

Rs. 29,756 Rs. 25,590

Style No C014242

Pink Desire V.Day Diamond Pendant

Rs. 30,922 Rs. 26,593

Style No C014246

Muriel Meraki Diamond Pendant

Rs. 24,323 Rs. 20,918

Style No C014122

Elaina Ziah Diamond Pendant

Rs. 29,647 Rs. 25,496

Style No KC00068

Haydn Diamond Pendant

Rs. 42,993 Rs. 36,974

Style No C001203

Diamond Heart Pendants

This is probably the trendiest and the most in-demand category of diamond jewellery, that’s sought-after all throughout the year, irrespective of seasons, or festivities. Usually, it is a gift, exchanged amongst couples; in some of the Western nations, marriages are also proposed with a dainty, simple looking heart shaped pendant studded with a star-diamond or a few star diamonds. Simple looking yet appealing, heart shaped jewellery has always enticed girls and women of all ages. And who doesn’t like to ‘wear their heart on their sleeve’, in this case, around their neck.


The shape of the heart itself is so enticing, you don’t need words to express the feelings evoked by love; a few star diamonds and you are done. These look so very dainty even though their shape may be very tiny, but hang them around a gold chain and you are all set. A heart pendant strung on a sleek golden chain would make for a perfect gift as a heart pendant necklace for a loved one.

Heart Pendants

Nothing can be more enticing than pretty little heart pendants, outlined with star diamonds, like: Navya, Haydn and Manaswani diamond pendants. These appealing heart shaped diamond pendants are popular not just amongst couples but also amongst other relationships within families and friends; like parent-children, sibling-cousins, spouses, etc. It is just the intensity of the relation that matters, and entices you to buy a gift as precious.


For those who love their parents very dearly, there is a range of such diamond heart pendants that depict the bonding that’s the most precious in the Universe: Aayushi, Aanchal, Abhiprithi, Dayita, Anuragini, Kristabelle, Iona. These pendants are carved out to resemble mother & baby studded with diamonds or outlined by diamonds.

Heart Pendant With Diamonds

Indulge also in some rose gold diamond studded heart pendants because they look a class apart and let your jewellery stand out in your own collection. The Pari pendant resembles a butterfly, in whom are encased 4 little rose gold hearts with star diamonds inside them. Other heart pendants in rose gold are Laureen, Johnna Diamond Pendant, that has a heart shaped diamond sitting on the outlines of white gold and a perfect example of mixed metals; even though the diamond is only 0.25Ct, the pricing is high because of the special shape of the stone. As the diamond changes it shapes, it becomes pricier because of the overhead costs involved in cutting in to perfection.

Heart Pendant For Couples

Gone are the days when besotted couples had to go searching for expensive solitaires, diamond rings, et al. They have been breaking stereotyped ideas and experimented with newer ways of ‘proposing’ to each other. Some couples love to do it by exchanging a beautiful sparkling diamond studded pendant – in other words, it could be ‘heart pendant for couples’ which is responsible for tying them in a knot.

Here are a few heart pendants filled by diamonds, it covers the entire surface of the pendant: Jacy Diamond Pendant – kind of inlaid pattern of diamonds and Trinity Diamond Pendant – an illusion solitaire pendant, outlined by concentric borders of diamonds. Don’t they make for a perfect anniversary gift to cherish years of togetherness?

Heart Pendants Online

To make your thought of gifting even more personalized, you might seek alphabet pendants shaped like hearts – even these can make for a neat, loving gift. It will carry a personalized touch, because it bears the identification of the one receiving it. Pendants in a way symbolize who you are, in a brief manner.


With prices as affordable as INR 20000 or 40000, you might want to own more than one piece, for different moods and different occasions in life.

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