Welcome to JewelAssure – a jewellery insurance plan from Candere by Kalyan Jewellers. We know your jewellery is precious to you and we take pride in insuring your investment against the risks given below (coverage). Please keep the insurance certificate with you in case you need to contact us. on the number below. In case of any unfortunate incident, making a claim is as simple as calling the number mentioned in your insurance certificate.

On-the-spot Jewellery Insurance For Customers

Fire & allied perils, Earthquake,
Flood, Storm and Tsunami

Transit Risk
anywhere in India

Robbery, Burglary, Theft,
House-breaking at residence

Riot, Strike and
Malicious Damage



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Coverage against the following risks :

  1. Theft, chain-snatching, robbery.
  2. Burglary and house-breaking at above premises.
  3. Fire, riot, strike and malicious damage.
  4. Earthquake, storm, cyclone, typhoon, tempest, hurricane, tornado, flood and inundation.

Following risk not covered :

  1. Missing/Misplaced an unexplained Losses.
  2. Loss due to Negligence or Unattended Custody.

Details of Coverage:

  1. In case of any loss of mishap the insurance will be covered by Kataria Jewellery Insurance Consultancy only. Candere or Kalyan Jewellers will not be held responsible in any way to meet the claims of the insurance.
  2. The customer will receive the insurance amount within 45 to 60 days of making the claim.
  3. The claim will be on only 95% of the original product value. The customer will therefore receive only 95% of the product value.
  4. Insurance does not apply on loose solitaires, giftcard and products below Rs.10,000.
  5. Insurance charged will not be refunded in case of cancellation or return.

Documents to be required at the time of claim :

  1. Invoice/Purchase bill.
  2. FIR to Police Authorities.
  3. Detailed statement on how incident has happened.
  4. Non-Traceable Certificate issued by Police authorities.
  5. Any other relevant documents the insurer may require at the time of claim etc.

Subject to terms & conditions of the policy: For Renewal of policy please contact us before 7 days.For further details, clarifications and claim-related process, please contact us on :


39 Tadwadi, Sonapur Street, JSS Road, Chira Bazar,
Marine Lines – E, Mumbai - 400 002 (nearZaveri Bazaar)
Tel: 022 2208 0833/34/35/37
Contact: Hitesh Kumar 09022142191
We hope you will enjoy your jewellery with freedom and responsibility.

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