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4 Reasons Why You Should Buy Diamonds this Akshaya Tritiya

last updated at April 3, 2023 | 2 min Read

The festive season of Akshaya Tritiya is just around the corner and that only means one thing, celebrations! It is believed that any and every auspicious thing, be it engagements, weddings, acquiring property or beginning any new venture in life should be reserved for Akshaya Tritiya. It is considered that when you undertake your endeavour during Akshaya Tritiya, it is bound to be successful. That’s all the reason you need to make a diamond purchase during Akshaya Tritiya! If that’s not enough, here are 4 more reasons to get your dream diamond.

Diamonds make for a unique gift

Since diamonds take about a million years to form and take their beautiful shape, they are pretty rare to find. That’s exactly why they’re so special, when given as a gift, both to yourself and your loved ones. Akshay Tritiya is a time when a lot of weddings and other celebratory events take place. It’s always good to have diamond jewellery at your disposal that you can don at these functions. While you’re buying diamonds for yourself, a diamond as a wedding gift is always a classy move.

They’re versatile to style

Diamonds never go out of style. They’re one accent piece you can pair with anything you wish to wear! From casual and comfy styles, to elaborate ensembles, diamonds go with every look under the sun! You can wear diamond jewellery 365 days of the year, whether you’re in formals at work, in colourful hues at a vacation, in a fancy ethnic look at a celebration or in an LBD on a night out with your girls. Want a go-to accessory? Then diamonds it is!

A diamond is forever 

Did you know that a diamond is the hardest and most durable substance in the world? That’s exactly why diamonds are forever, both literally and figuratively. The reason why engagement rings and diamond rings are synonymous is that a diamond’s durability denotes the symbol of commitment. This makes diamonds perfect for a new beginning. Be it promise rings, engagement rings or couple bands, here’s to making a #NayiShuruaatHeereKeSaath

They’re upgradable

We know that we’ve mentioned earlier that diamonds are forever, but that doesn’t mean the same diamond needs to be yours all your life. With Candere’s 100% lifetime exchange policy, you can stay in with the trends and keep upgrading to the newest diamond style as per your liking. Let’s be real, round cut diamonds are a classic but oval diamonds are the newest trend that you’d really want to have! So whenever you’re getting a diamond from Candere, you’re also getting the promise of a 100% lifetime exchange on the future value of your diamond.

With all that in mind, what are you waiting for?


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