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Gold Necklaces

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    Nivant Tushi Kyra Gold Necklace Nivant Tushi Kyra Gold Necklace
    ₹44,697 ₹54,467

    50% Off on Making on Gold jewellery

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    Anantha Nivara Lappa Gold Necklace Anantha Nivara Lappa Gold Necklace
    ₹23,662 ₹28,479

    40% Off on Making on Gold jewellery

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    Reneeka Tushi Kyra Gold Necklace Reneeka Tushi Kyra Gold Necklace
    ₹27,613 ₹33,162

    45% Off on Making on Gold jewellery

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    Vruda Kyra Gold Necklace Vruda Kyra Gold Necklace
    ₹27,732 ₹34,115

    45% Off on Making on Gold jewellery

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    Manjori Tushi Kyra Gold Necklace Manjori Tushi Kyra Gold Necklace
    ₹34,086 ₹40,799

    45% Off on Making on Gold jewellery

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    Vedya Kyra Gold Necklace Vedya Kyra Gold Necklace
    ₹21,253 ₹25,579

    40% Off on Making on Gold jewellery

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    Gayana Nivara Lappa Gold Necklace Gayana Nivara Lappa Gold Necklace
    ₹22,811 ₹27,455

    40% Off on Making on Gold jewellery

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    Pushpaja Tushi Kyra Gold Necklace Pushpaja Tushi Kyra Gold Necklace
    ₹25,215 ₹30,277

    45% Off on Making on Gold jewellery

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    Paran Kyra Gold Necklace Paran Kyra Gold Necklace
    ₹71,089 ₹86,988

    50% Off on Making on Gold jewellery

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    Varali Kyra Gold Necklace Varali Kyra Gold Necklace
    ₹104,114 ₹125,369

    55% Off on Making on Gold jewellery

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    Scalene Gold Necklace Scalene Gold Necklace
    ₹14,948 ₹17,991

    40% Off on Making on Gold jewellery

  12. newArrivals
    Celestial Nightfall Gold Lariat Necklace Celestial Nightfall Gold Lariat Necklace
    ₹8,215 ₹9,477

    35% Off on Making on Gold jewellery

  13. Two Layered Bicone Tushi Kyra Gold Necklace Two Layered Bicone Tushi Kyra Gold Necklace
    ₹23,293 ₹27,403

    40% Off on Making on Gold jewellery

  14. Ovi Bicone Tushi Kyra Gold Necklace Ovi Bicone Tushi Kyra Gold Necklace
    ₹21,349 ₹24,593

    40% Off on Making on Gold jewellery

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Gold Necklaces - Gold  Jewellery along with its auspicious relevance

The yellow metal has always looked best around the neck. Its shine, luster, and shimmer enhances the existing beauty of the wearer and appeals to the onlookers. Women in India are fascinated by gold jewelleries, which is why most weddings are celebrated with gold along with its auspicious relevance. Apart from weddings, gifting gold to your beloved will never fail to impress her.

The gold necklace designs are evergreen and are always in style. We have a special collection of gold necklace oriented towards weddings only, while others are more versatile, which can be worn in a casual setting or a professional one. Candere will help you look for an ideal necklace for an ideal woman.

Trending Gold Necklaces Designs 2022

A gold necklace makes a woman look royal and majestic! It enhances her looks and complements the glamorous attire she wears. Also, gold necklaces for women look even better when coupled with a matching pair of gold earrings. A perfect choice of contemporary or traditional designed gold necklace set grabs attention from everyone. A person may sometimes gain attention perhaps because gold is an attractive color and the most visible, despite being subtle at times. Owning a few pieces of gold jewellery is a common thing for every Indian household. You will also find Necklace gold with various traditional jewellery designs and styles with matt finish in rose and white gold too.

Top Latest Gold Necklaces Models

Mostly, these sets are worn on occasions, but most importantly, wedding is one occasion where you can’t really be without a gorgeous set of gold necklace teamed with gold earrings, gold ring or gold pendant or even gold chain for that matter. Unlike diamond jewellery it is best to make pairs or sets of gold necklaces and here’s what you will find on our site. We shortlist some really cool gold necklace sets for you, to make your task even easier.

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Gold Necklaces Set

Eliana gold necklace set – the perfect gift set for your daughter’s marriage anniversary. Eliza gold necklace set - those looking for a reasonable gift to give at a relative’s wedding. Sydney gold necklace set - a modern twist to an ethnic design, nature inspired necklace in two tone colored gold. An ideal buy, for the party circuit. Aarohi gold necklace set - the simple and one of the most elegant pieces. Sleek, simple design for repetitive use, this necklace is a hit at office parties as it is in functions. Aaral gold necklace set – for that arbitrary social party. Advika gold necklace set – our bestseller. A true golden girl, handmade, and exotic.

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Gold Necklace Designs with Weight

Since the gold necklaces listed on this page are meant for different occasions, you can find gold necklace designs with weight varying from 3gm to 146gm. In this wide range of gold weight, you will find a variety of options for daily wear, office wear, party wear, festive, engagement, etc. 

Gold Necklaces Price

Latest gold necklace set designs with price are priced between INR 7,200 to 8,00,000 approx - an exclusive collection of Candere’s best designs for gold jewellery online. Gold & diamond price in India are quite competitive; the perfect range to suit all types of budgets and to let you enhance your look whether at work or at festivities! At Candere you will find gold necklace with price and weight along with other necessary information on our website, leaving you with no doubts. Check here today gold rate in mumbai 22 carat 916 hallmark pure gold .

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Double Gold Rate Protection

The Double Gold Rate Protection is a feature from Candere that allows you to buy gold jewellery on installments without having to worry about fluctuating prices of gold. Thus you get to buy gold without burdening your pockets at once. Pay 10% of the final cart amount to enroll and you can avail your ornaments for the price that it was bought for through regular installments regardless of the prices of gold raising higher. However, in case the gold prices drop then you can finish paying up for the installments and claim your gold ornaments for the revised dropped price. In short you will have to pay for your gold ornaments at the booking day’s rate or less. So do not worry about your wallet going thin at once and shop carefree. So buy a gold necklace at ease, without having to burden yourself financially at once.

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Latest Gold Necklace Designs

Candere sells only authentic, BIS hallmarked and IGI/GIA certified jewellery because you have placed trust on your online jeweller. Always ask for an invoice for your purchase and a certificate to accompany your jewellery. The latest gold necklace design with price and other essential information regarding its purity and weight is provided on our website. So browse through our collection and find jewellery that speaks to you. 

Gold Necklaces Online

Thanks to an online presence across several digital marketplaces, Candere is able to reach out to elite jewellery customers across metro cities like: Mumbai, New Delhi, Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad, Chandigarh, Kolkata, Indore, and Pune.

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Types of Gold Necklace

Hollow necklaces are less expensive and are relatively cheaper, however they are fragile and are easy to break or dent. If it does break or dent then having them repaired is nearly impossible. Of Course, it's recommended that you wear the chain occasionally and avoid wearing them daily.

It's best if you avoid wearing gold-plated chains since the shine and plating may wear off eventually, making the chain lose its appeal by having the metal underneath being exposed. It's best if the gold plated chains are worn only on occasions for more efficacy.

Solid gold chains are an ideal option as these chains are far more durable and require less maintenance compared to plated and hollow.

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How much will a Gold Necklace cost?

The Price for Gold Necklace changes depending on the current Gold Price and Offers. On our Website, you can shop from a wide range of Authentic BIS Hallmarked Gold Necklaces starting at Rs.10,215 going up to Rs.14,29,552.

What do Gold Necklaces symbolize?

Necklaces have long since been symbolic of splendour and grandeur. In Modern Times, they symbolise wealth, prosperity and social status. 

What is the price of a 10-gram gold necklace?

10 Gram Gold Necklaces start at approximately Rs. 55,000. However, the prices will change subject to the Bullion Rate, Making Charges & any other customizations that you might want!

What karat gold is best for a necklace?

The answer is 22 karat. 22 karat gold is perfect for making Gold necklaces as due to the presence of alloys it is sturdy and resistant to environmental factors but at the same time, it is very pure and serves as a good investment! 

Is an 18k gold necklace good or bad? -good

18 karat gold necklaces are a good choice as the presence of alloys makes them tough and resistant to environmental factors!