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Dangle Earrings

Dangle Earrings

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Dangle Earrings

Cultures are all about traditions, one such tradition is jewellery. With so much changing around every day, this tradition is passed down through generations. Only with changes in preferences for new-age designs. 


People now prefer to go with small intricate designs especially when it comes to earrings. In addition to different size preferences, people also love to explore shades. Dangle Earrings turn out to be the best fit for all variations.


With options ranging from gold dangle earrings, rose gold dangle earrings. Simple designs like gold star earrings are the minimalist trend to go with. 

Gold Dangle Earrings

Pure Gold is a delicate material to work with and is therefore mixed with others. You can find beautiful and the most classic designs at Candere, that are here to stay. 14k gold pearl dangle earrings, 14k rose gold dangle earrings are among the few that have complex yet most brilliant designs.


Whether you are looking for gold star earrings dangle, cheap gold dangle earrings, or gold dangle earrings for a wedding we have your back. We understand that a few trends like gold dangle earrings are forever. 


Gold dangle earrings vary in styles and this variation can complement different face shapes. For example, longer dangle earrings can elongate the appearance of a round face, while shorter styles can balance out a long or oval face.

Diamond Dangle Earrings

Diamond dangle earrings are the epitome of timeless sophistication and elegance. These exquisite adornments seamlessly blend the exceptional allure of diamonds with the graceful sway of dangle earrings, resulting in a captivating and luxurious accessory. 


Meticulously crafted to perfection, our rose gold diamond dangle earrings feature dazzling diamonds suspended from a myriad of designs, ranging from understated studs to intricately designed chandeliers.


Renowned for their brilliance and rarity, these diamond dangle drop earrings capture and reflect light with every graceful movement, casting an enchanting and mesmerizing sparkle. Whether gracing a special occasion or elevating everyday attire, simple diamond dangle earrings remain a symbol of enduring beauty and refined taste.

Men dangle earrings

Our accessory collection exclusively for men comes with a wide range of variety that is sure to leave you eccentric. If you are wondering what to get for your partner you have reached the right place.


Whether you are looking for men's dangle earrings or dangle chain earrings for men, we got you. However, men's gold dangle cross earrings and diamond dangle earrings for men are the latest trend.

Women's dangle earrings

We have just launched a collection of women's dangle earrings that will add to your grace. Women's gold dangle earrings are the classic choice to go with. 

One can also choose dangling cross earrings for women if going classic is not your call for the day. Explore Candere for all the exquisite designs and brilliant combinations.



  1. How to turn dangle earrings into studs?

First, remove the backings from your dangle earrings. Next, use a sharp pair of scissors to carefully snip off the loop at the top of the earring.