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Diamond earrings are pieces that always grab the spotlight. Indian gold earrings designs have witnessed a remarkable evolution since times immemorial, going from simple studs to remarkable diamond danglers. Due to such changes, there is a vast multitude of designs in diamond earrings for women to choose from! So, regardless of which occasion you want to wear them to, these diamond stunners have you covered!

Popular Diamond Earrings Online

A universal favourite among the young and the old alike, the appeal of diamond danglers is undying and undeniable. These dangler diamond earrings can come in various forms - from earrings with tiny stud attachments to elaborate chandelier earrings. So, take your pick from the many options, as listed below, and dazzle everyone with these stunning danglers:

Hoops: Diamond hoops, known as bali in India, come in various diamond earrings forms too. But do not underestimate the power of hoop diamond earrings to transform you into a diva with a slight curve and twist and an increase in size. It can be one of the most stylish yet understated pieces of earrings you could possess.

Statement cocktail diamond earrings: 

Contemporary cocktail diamond earrings or statement pieces like any other cocktail are perfect party wear pieces. Turns heads and fashion alike; cocktail diamond earrings have a habit of changing form every season.


 Solitaire studs to simple diamond studs, or the typical classy piece of bling. There is no mystery greater than the fact that a pair of blingy solitaires can look so posh and change your status entirely. Start your affair with an Avante Garde collection of diamond studs designs on Candere. Find your perfect diamond or solitaire shape, from the royal princess-cut to classical round shape or oval, pear or baguette - everyone’s favourite, because of the subtle grace it adds to any diamond design at par. For parties, you could always go for statement jewellery to go with your statement diamond earrings designs. You can even match these earrings with your favourite everyday diamond necklaces and bracelets.

Kids diamond earrings: 

Kids Diamond Earrings are a bunch of cute and tiny ear studs for your munchkin. These diamond earrings come in the gorgeous Rose Gold colour, thus making it exciting even for the kids to wear it. Besides the ones mentioned here, there are many diamond earrings options available for you below.

Diamond Earrings Designs for Women Online

The Sui Dhaga Earrings, or the Indian equivalent of dangles, is a design at both the ends of a thin chain that passes through your piercing. The sui dhaga is very popular amongst older women, but with the current trends and popular social media, Indian traditional jewellery designs such as these are being adopted by the world in contemporary avatars.

Last is the graceful jhumka earring, the most ancient and traditional Indian jewellery earring designs. It dates from Rajput and Mughal times and has its contemporary offspring today. Although there is no escape from jhumkas, you can style them in with lehengas and sarees and beautifully as you can with fusion and western ensembles. A favourite with designers, the diamond Jhumka still has a long way to go.

Designer Diamond Earrings

Start your 'diamond' affair right away with Candere! Candere has a remarkable collection of designer diamond earrings that is sure to meet your every need and compliment you on every occasion. Build your collection with designer diamond earrings from Candere. We take pride because care and meticulousness are practised when manufacturing diamond earrings and diamond jewellery. Make a statement, grab attention with these designer diamond earrings, and enjoy seeing all eyes get stuck on their glimmer.

Though designer diamond earrings prices are a bit higher than the normal ones, the best thing about these is that they will not fail to make you feel like a diva. With new designs and styles coming up every season, you are sure to get wowed by our extensive collection of the latest designs in diamond earrings.

When it comes to women and jewellery, there is no stopping them, women, when the heart is on diamonds or solitaires. There is no end to the diamond craze and the race to own the best diamond earrings. However, it may be a cumbersome affair to travel up to your favourite store or jewellery house each time you wish to purchase a piece of jewellery for yourself. Shopping online for jewellery has become simpler, faster mainly because buyers find an abundance of diamond earrings designs online. There is endless creativity involved in making diamond jewellery or diamond earrings, for that matter - creativity that is passed on from generation to generation and from the craftsman to the wearer! If you’re looking to buy diamond earrings online, check out Earrings, Gold Earrings, Earrings For Kids & Earrings For Men.

Diamond Earrings India

For ages now, diamond earrings in India have been a part of all occasions, festivities, weddings, bonding, parties, etc. Indian women cannot have an important celebration wearing diamond earrings. Even though there has been a considerable shift and transformation in buying trends and demand-supply cycle with designs, settings, carat sizes, etc., the industry has only witnessed an interesting evolution. One reason why diamonds are growing very popular in India is that the diamond earrings price in India is lower than what it used to be before and has become a very affordable option when these diamonds are paired with gold! You can also choose the colour of gold to suit your personality: the traditional yellow, the westernised white or the feminine rose pink.

If you’re looking to buy diamond earrings online, check out 1 Carat Diamond Earrings, 1 Carat Diamond Stud Earrings & 2 Carat Diamond Stud Earrings.

Diamond Earrings Price In India

No material in the world even comes close to signifying the value of love. However, diamonds are the closest jewel that captures the strong sentiment of everlasting love. There are no reasons for feeling ambivalent about buying diamond jewellery, for it's a reflection of how much you care for your significant other. The cost of a diamond can vary depending upon the 4 C’s of the stone: carat cut, clarity, and colour. The precious stone with the least imperfections costs more, gold rate mumbai and its rate falls when discrepancies are found. The diamond engagement rings price is between Rs. 50,000, to 3,00,000 for 1 carat of diamond which weighs around 0.2 gms.

If you’re looking to buy diamond earrings online, check out White Stone Earrings Gold, Womens Diamond Hoop Earrings & Womens Long Earrings.

Buy Diamond Earrings on EMI with DGRP Plan

Diamonds are simply too gorgeous but always purchase them from trusted sources when planning on getting diamonds. You could even go for diamond earrings online on trusted sources like Candere, where you can find diamonds at the best price possible! You will find a huge collection of these dazzling charms online, and you will have a hard time picking your favourite ones. Therefore, do not hesitate to cover yourself with diamond embellishments from Candere.

Also, if you find a few diamond jewellery that raises your curiosity and grab your attention, but the set of jewellery rates falls beyond your budget, you can buy jewellery on instalment through our DGRP plan. Pay 10% of the cart price, and do not fret about the fluctuating rates of the jewellery. If the market price of the diamond rises, you wouldn't have to pay the interest. On the bright side, if the diamond price falls, you get to claim your jewellery set at the revised lower price. So, get value every time you buy diamond earrings from Candere!


What to look for when buying Diamond Earrings?

You should always buy fine jewellery from trusted sources. Check for the current bullion rate, Hallmarking Certificates along with repair and buyback policies of the vendor. You can browse a stunning range of Diamond Earrings at Candere by Kalyan Jewellers!

What is the price of Diamond Earrings in India?

The Price for Diamond Earrings change depending on the current Bullion Rate, Making Charges and Offers. On Candere’s Website, you can shop from a wide range of Certified Diamond Earrings starting at Rs. 8,506 only!

Can we use Diamond Earrings Daily?

Yes, you can definitely wear Diamond Earrings everyday but you should be careful to not wear them to bed, during showers, at the beach, playing sports or when swimming!


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