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    Shriyan Platinum Diamond Mens Ear Stud Shriyan Platinum Diamond Mens Ear Stud
    ₹24,327 ₹27,880

    20% OFF on Stone price

  2. Allied Fashion Platinum And Rose Gold Chain Allied Fashion Platinum And Rose Gold Chain
    ₹280,430 ₹371,949

    55% OFF on Making

  3. bestSeller
    Artie Platinum And Rose Gold Diamond Band For Him Artie Platinum And Rose Gold Diamond Band For Him
    ₹29,949 ₹31,371

    20% OFF on Stone price

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    Aaron Solitaire Platinum Band Ring Aaron Solitaire Platinum Band Ring
    ₹25,223 ₹27,195

    20% OFF on Stone price

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    Beauty Platinum Band for Her Beauty Platinum Band for Her
    ₹30,629 ₹31,150

    20% OFF on Stone price

  6. bestSeller
    Ardent Admirer Platinum Chain Ardent Admirer Platinum Chain
    ₹186,234 ₹247,570

    55% OFF on Making

  7. bestSeller
    The Triumph Platinum Chain The Triumph Platinum Chain
    ₹21,899 ₹25,998

    35% OFF on Making

  8. bestSeller
    Sheer Joy Platinum Chain Sheer Joy Platinum Chain
    ₹136,696 ₹176,434

    50% OFF on Making

  9. bestSeller
    Seraph Platinum And Rose Gold Chain Seraph Platinum And Rose Gold Chain
    ₹100,224 ₹127,246

    50% OFF on Making

  10. Christine Diamond Platinum Hoop Earrings Christine Diamond Platinum Hoop Earrings
    ₹50,097 ₹55,427

    20% OFF on Stone price

  11. bestSeller
    Artistic Minimalism Platinum Chain Artistic Minimalism Platinum Chain
    ₹90,458 ₹116,754

    50% OFF on Making

  12. newArrivals
    Rhyme N Rap Platinum And Rose Gold Chain Rhyme N Rap Platinum And Rose Gold Chain
    ₹94,988 ₹121,299

    50% OFF on Making

  13. newArrivals
    Radiant Aura Platinum And Rose Gold Chain Radiant Aura Platinum And Rose Gold Chain
    ₹80,098 ₹98,217

    45% OFF on Making

  14. ourPick
    Mirabilia Platinum And Rose Gold Chain Mirabilia Platinum And Rose Gold Chain
    ₹57,224 ₹71,310

    45% OFF on Making

  15. Alvize Platinum And Rose Gold Bracelet Alvize Platinum And Rose Gold Bracelet
    ₹157,181 ₹160,469

    20% OFF on Stone price

  16. bestSeller
    Affirmation Platinum And Rose Gold Chain Affirmation Platinum And Rose Gold Chain
    ₹51,275 ₹63,081

    45% OFF on Making

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Platinum Jewellery Online

There are more than one benefits of buying Platinum jewellery; the most profound one being its durability and longevity, compared to other precious metals used for making jewellery. Also, since it is 30 times rarer than gold, it is more precious and hence, pricier than gold - comparatively. Another interesting point is, platinum’s jewellery’s purity exceeds that of the other metals in 18K & 14K; its denser hence is preferred over other metals for setting precious stones. 

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Thanks to the durability of platinum, its finish, lustre, and shine remain intact over a long period of time and apart from a rare polishing, there is no maintenance required. Platinum jewellery is now most sought-after metal especially for engagement and wedding jewellery, particularly for rings. Because of the purity of platinum, it is suitable to all skin types, no matter how sensitive it may be; some people’s skin is allergic to even a pure form of gold, they can wear platinum rings and platinum chains. Platinum is denser - up to 60% - than other metals, making it superior to them for making jewellery; also, this lets the wearer ‘feel’ the jewellery on them, something that’s desirable. Its naturally white colour lets diamonds have better reflection i.e. shine because it does not cast its own colour at the base of the setting to the colourless stone.

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Platinum Chains Online

Yes, Candere also now has designs in platinum chains of varying thicknesses from 1.50 mm in 1.70 gms to 12.50 gms. The length can be chosen between 16” to 36”. You can also customize the thickness for a particular design you have liked; the length of the chain can be customized as per requirement - these factors will lead to the final price calculations. For platinum chains, the only factors impacting price will be the thickness and the length. Purity of platinum jewellery remains uniform - Pt 950. Watch out for certification in your invoice; never buy any precious jewellery ever, without a genuine certificate attached to the invoice. BIS hallmarking is for gold as well as platinum; look for Pt 950 on the inside of your band/ring and on the lock area of your chains.

Platinum Rings Design

The platinum bands and rings have myriad designs set either in diamonds or manufactured without diamonds. Design variations in platinum rings and bands can be three stone, single stone, solitaires, plain bands, textured or patterned bands, shoulders with wavy structure, and so on. The shoulders can be either uniform in thickness, can be tapered, cross-over or reverse tapered. The mound of the ring can be elevated, subtle, pave or elaborate, set either in solitaires, star diamonds, three stone, or multi-stone diamonds. Some rings have a robust look with a thick width along with the band, making them perfect for men; platinum diamond rings have also become a choice for engagement rings for him.

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Platinum Rings For Engagement

These things are subtle but when choosing/selecting precious jewellery for your loved one, it matters a lot: their choices and tastes, likes and dislikes, personality and traits, moods, and tempers have to be seriously considered. According to her personality and natural traits, one can select the ring style and design, cause these parameters will set the benchmark for your relationship. 

What’s best in buying platinum rings online is the customization part, be it engraving, finger-sizing, selecting carats, outer designing, and so on. We have witnessed a surge in demand and orders for platinum wedding bands too, apart from engagement bands, giving it high popularity amongst budding couples.

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Platinum Jewellery Price

Platinum chains are priced between 12,000 to 1.8 lakh; whereas the rings and bands are placed between INR 14,000 to 3 lakhs for solitaire platinum rings. Diamond sizes differ from 1ct solitaire to 0.09ct star diamond.

Platinum rings are usually known as ‘bands’ because most of the rings have uniform bandwidth throughout with minimum use of diamonds. Also, elaborate designing or crafting is usually not done for platinum jewellery like rings/bands, they have simple shoulders and this is what enhances their look and sets them apart from other golden rings with elaborate or exaggerated designs.

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Platinum Jewellery For Men & Women

Gold jewellery has always been popular and a preferred choice for the Indian market, however, there is a small segment of people who prefers platinum jewellery. These people opt for platinum jewellery not from an investment point of view but for their traits. Unlike women who have different jewellery for different attire, platinum jewellery for men are made to go with any and every outfit and occasion, whether it's a professional event or a casual gathering. Although it's rare for men to wear jewellery, the trend is inclining with them having to wear platinum jewellery like bracelets and chains apart from wedding and engagement rings. The platinum jewellery at Candere are versatile and can be worn every day.

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Platinum Jewellery For Girls

Platinum jewellery for women is ideal to accentuate the appeal of gemstones and diamonds. The precious metal helps enhance the colour or shine of the gemstone and supports in appreciating its natural beauty. Also platinum jewellery are recommended for embedding gemstones since they are far more durable than other metals and keep the natural stone intact. Platinum jewellery online shopping from Candere will showcase an array of platinum jewellery that you would certainly consider buying. Some of the exceptional jewellery in our repertoire are a welcoming sight for those who have a taste for platinum jewellery.

Platinum Jewellery is famous amongst jewellery lovers, men and women both. Owning a piece of platinum jewellery is quite a treat for jewellery lovers. The sheer white brilliance, the silvery-white texture and rare occurrence – do we really need more reasons to love Platinum?

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Platinum Jewellery Set

Platinum Jewellery is fine jewellery that jewellery lovers are longing for, that’s why Candere curated this page with an exclusive collection of platinum rings, bands and chains for you.

Online Platinum Jewellery Shopping

Online platinum jewellery shopping is best at Candere because you have a wide collection of 120+ products to select yours. If that’s not enough to satiate your platinum jewellery shopping, guess what. You can pick up any ring design on the site and we will get the same made for you in platinum.

Platinum Jewellery for Men

Looking for platinum jewellery for men? We have a happy collection of platinum rings and bands for men. From daily wear to engagement, we got you covered! Here’s a sneak peak of some of our best products:

- Scott Platinum Ring for Him: A simple yet contemporary couple band for him and her; perfect for the lovebirds.

- Prince Platinum Ring for Him: Stop beating your head over getting a perfect engagement band, get this simple matt finish one!

- Pete Platinum Diamond Band for Him: Platinum and diamonds make the second-best pair... first is undoubtedly you two!

- Edward Platinum Diamond Ring for Him: Diamond and minimal designs, that’s what a perfect engagement ring demands.

- Niha Platinum Diamond Ring: A 35ct diamond for your jewellery loving man is enough to make him fall for you all over again!

Best Platinum Price Per Gram

Platinum jewellery price in India at Candere starts at Rs. 10,389 (approx.). The platinum jewellery price at Candere can be considered lower than this owing to the jaw-dropping offers we give to all our customers. Not only will you find your choice of platinum jewellery here, but you will also find them at affordable pricing. Platinum jewellery price per gram in India keeps on changing. You can see the cost of Platinum used in your jewellery beside the product on the product page.

Platinum jewellery pricing online in India is quite competitive; the perfect range to suit all types of budgets and to let you enhance your look whether at work or at festivities!


  1.  Where to buy platinum jewelry in India?

You can shop from 200+ Stunning designs online at Candere by Kalyan Jewellers.

  1. How do you take care of Platinum Jewellery?

Take your Jewellery to your Jeweller Biannually. Avoid wearing it when doing anything grimy or physically intensive like gardening, swimming, gymming, cleaning houses, and such. If cleaning at home, dip it in lukewarm water and clean it with a Soft Toothbrush.