Platinum Rings

Platinum Rings

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Cuddle Platinum D...
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Artie Platinum An...
Rs. 36,965 Rs. 29,572

Offer Price: Rs. 25,029 (50% Off on Making on Diamond and Gemstone Jewellery)

Carol Platinum Ri...
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Bert Platinum Dia...
Rs. 34,910

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Eowen Platinum Diamond Ring
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Luke Platinum Wedding Band For Him
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June Platinum Wed...
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Offer Price: Rs. 16,617 (40% Making Off)

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Archangel Solitaire Diamond Platinum Ring
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Sakshi Platinum Band
Rs. 25,261

Offer Price: Rs. 21,182 (40% Making Off)

Rocco Platinum Ring
Rs. 38,340

Offer Price: Rs. 26,453 (100% off on making on Diamond Jewellery)

Aaron Platinum Diamond Ring
Rs. 61,763

Offer Price: Rs. 46,313 (100% off on making on Solitaire Jewellery)

Emmet Platinum Diamond Ring
Rs. 55,315

Offer Price: Rs. 39,453 (100% off on making on Diamond Jewellery)

Ginny Platinum Ring
Rs. 18,926

Offer Price: Rs. 16,042 (40% Making Off)

Marge Platinum An...
Rs. 28,061 Rs. 22,449

Offer Price: Rs. 18,823 (50% Off on Making on Diamond and Gemstone Jewellery)

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Dax Platinum And ...
Rs. 36,465

Offer Price: Rs. 30,023 (40% Making Off)

Pipsqueak Platinu...
Rs. 27,970

Offer Price: Rs. 23,335 (40% Making Off)


Platinum is one precious metal that has been liked by people through ages. It is known as noble metal because it is least reactive and corrosion resistive. Thus, it makes a perfect metal for jewellery. The colour of Platinum is a gorgeous greyish-white colour, hence it is used mostly with rings.

Platinum Ring Designs

If you have a thing to keep your stuff handpicked and different from the crowd, a platinum ring is a must-have! There’s something about platinum rings that makes it very rare because platinum rings are not common. If you want to get a ring for your lady love, stop beating your head too much and get her a platinum ring!

Platinum Rings for Men

Here are the top platinum rings for men. These platinum rings can be worn as daily wear as well as apt for gifting on special occasions like wedding, anniversary, birthday, etc.

Here are our top picks for platinum rings this season:

Farell Platinum Band: A simple platinum ring with a handsome matte finish in 950 purity is the perfect ring that can be worn to the place of work as well as casual outings.

Abelard Platinum Diamond Band For Him: A platinum band with a shape edge and sharper 0.15ct diamond to add to the brilliance. Adjust the diamond purity to suit your preference.

Clyde Platinum Diamond Band For Him: An exclusive platinum band for the jewellery loving guy; studded with 6 diamonds in flush setting each.

Acelin Platinum Diamond Ring: If you fancy wearing considerably large sized diamonds, Acelin Platinum Ring should be in your cart now. The designs add to the look of the ring.

Donald Platinum Diamond Ring For Him: Donald Platinum Ring comes with a 0.10ct diamond at the heart which is apt to be worn to the place of work.

Mukund Platinum Diamond Ring: Mukund Platinum Ring in 950 purity and a 0.25ct diamond in Flush setting is perfect for engagement is your man is very choosey and a bling lover.

Haris Diamond Platinum Band For Him: Haris Platinum Band makes the perfect wedding band for your guy with a 0.15ct diamond to add some sparkle to it.

James Diamond Platinum Band For Him: Three 0.05ct diamonds placed one after the other in a channel setting on a simple platinum band; perfect for men who love accessorizing.

Prince Platinum Ring For Him: If you are confused which ring to gift to him, it is best to go with a simple Platinum band with matte finish. It can be worn to the work place as well as casual outings.

Alina Platinum Band: For those of you who have a thing for matte, this platinum band is a worthy buy. It has diamonds to make it look captivating. Also explore our Casual RingsEternity RingsClassic RingsThree Stone Rings & Promise Rings

Platinum Diamond Rings

- Band Platinum Ring: Kimberly Platinum Band, Peter Platinum Band, Beret Platinum Band, Carlisle Platinum Ring, Tanushree Platinum Band, etc.

- Delicate Platinum Rings : Pashan Platinum Diamond Ring, Priyusha Platinum Diamond Ring, Scott Platinum Ring for Him, Lovegood Platinum Diamond Ring, Shelob Platinum Diamond Ring, Ginerva Platinum Diamond Ring, Eowen Platinum Diamond Ring and many more!

- Solitaire Platinum Rings : Vilina Platinum Diamond Ring, Concord Platinum Diamond Ring, Maryann Platinum Diamond Ring, Eternal Platinum Love Ring, Aaron Platinum Diamond Ring, Bluebelle Platinum Diamond Ring and many more!

- Eternity Platinum Rings : Aliyah Platinum Diamond Ring, Devin Platinum Diamond Ring, Colette Platinum Eternity Diamond Ring, Artemesia Platinum Eternity Diamond Ring, Indrani Platinum Diamond Ring and Sheeba Platinum Diamond Band.

- Three Stone Platinum Rings : Roselyn Platinum Diamond Ring, Siddhiksha Platinum Diamond Ring and Velvet Platinum Diamond Ring.

Platinum Rings for Women

Even though white gold looks a lot like Platinum, if your lady is particular about everything, a platinum ring is always a good idea on special occasions like an anniversary, engagement, birthday, etc.

Here are our top picks for platinum ring for women:

Sakshi Platinum Band: Exploring platinum? You may want to get a simple platinum ring which can be worn daily to work.

Roselyn Diamond Platinum Ring: A three stone diamond ring can mend any heart. This can work as a daily office wear jewellery.

Indrani Platinum Ring: Not everyone loves wearing big diamonds, that’s why they love eternity bands. These are a simple yet chic piece of platinum ring that ladies love.

Simone Diamond Platinum Ring: The best kind of jewellery that marks a significant anniversary date is a ring. A halo solitaire platinum ring for your 10th anniversary. Sounds good?

Platinum Engagement Rings

As precious as platinum is, people, fancy their engagement ring to be made up of platinum. It’s a once in a lifetime kind of jewellery and is usually never replaced.

Here are some of our top picks from the lot:

0.20ct Knife Edge Diamond Platinum Ring: Keep it simple with our Knife Edge platinum diamond ring. This ring comes in different diamond sizes for the diamond-loving buyer.

Gargi Platinum Ring: If you fancy wearing diamonds as much as platinum jewellery, Gargi Platinum Diamond Ring should be your pick. Designed with a broad shank and 0.21ct diamond, the ring is a gorgeous buy!

Keshin Platinum Band: Geometric designs have been in trend since forever. For the man who loves such designs, Keshin Platinum Band would be a perfect engagement ring for him.

Acelin Diamond Platinum Diamond Ring: For men who love accessorizing, nothing matches the charm of a 0.25ct diamond platinum ring as an engagement ring!

Donald Diamond Platinum Ring for Him: A light-weighted platinum band with a small 0.10ct diamond can be considered as a perfect engagement ring for the groom-to-be. Also explore our Gold RingsMen’s Gold RingsCouple Rings.

Platinum Couple Rings

Couple these days are twining their ring. Here are some platinum rings for the love birds.

Carl Platinum Band & Ellie Platinum Band: For the love birds who favour contemporary designs, this ring is the perfect twining jewellery. Despite being a band, the design doesn’t make it look like a typical one. Pretty budget-friendly set.

Ana Platinum Ring for Her & Kristoff Platinum Ring: With hearts engraved all along the shank, these platinum rings are perfect for those who are about to get married and are months away from their big day. Twin in these pair of platinum rings and let the other envy you.

Tracy Platinum Ring & Fox Platinum Ring: To balance your love for diamonds, here’s a couple ring set with diamonds. With the right number of diamonds spread across the shank, these platinum rings are perfect to be worn to work place without overdoing the bling. Also explore our Diamond RingsDiamond Engagement RingsSolitaire Rings & Men’s Diamond Rings

Platinum Wedding Rings

What’s the point of getting a ring after so many brain racking sessions and keeping it under lock and key to be on special occasions? Break the inhibition and get a platinum wedding ring and wear it every day for the rest of your life. Here are some of the best ones from our new arrivals for you – Carlisle Platinum Ring, Oswald Diamond Platinum Ring, Mulan Diamond Platinum Ring, Artemesia Platinum Ring, Tiana Platinum Ring, Colette Platinum Ring, etc.

Platinum Rings Online

Thanks to an online presence across several digital market places, Candere is not only able to reach out to jewellery loving customers across metro cities (ex. Mumbai, New Delhi, Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad, Chandigarh, Kolkata, Indore, and Pune) but also different corners of the country with trusted delivery partners (FedEx, Blue Dart DTDC and BVC). Also explore our Platinum JewelleryPlatinum BraceletsPlatinum PendantsPlatinum Earrings & Platinum Chains.

Platinum Ring Price

Platinum ring price at Candere starts at Rs. 14,100 (approx.). The platinum ring price at Candere can be considered lower than this owing to the jaw-dropping offers we give to all our customers. Not only will you find your choice of platinum rings here, you will find them at affordable pricing. Platinum rings price online in India is quite competitive; the perfect range to suit all types of budgets and to let you enhance your look whether at work or at festivities!

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