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New Arrivals

Mysticism Platinum Earrings

Rs. 22,846

Style No CPE0033

Four Clover Leaf Platinum Earrings

Rs. 20,116

Style No CPE0002

The Sweethearts Platinum Earrings

Rs. 20,116

Style No CPE0003

Love is Meshy Platinum Earrings

Rs. 10,058

Style No CPE0011

Mini Hoops Platinum Earrings

Rs. 35,921

Style No CPE0021

Werqa Platinum Earrings

Rs. 20,116

Style No CPE0023

Roped Platinum Earrings

Rs. 15,087

Style No CPE0024

Ageless Platinum Earrings

Rs. 26,582

Style No CPE0025

Screw Up Platinum Earrings

Rs. 31,228

Style No CPE0013

Butter up Platinum Earrings

Rs. 22,272

Style No CPE0026

Swirly Platinum Earrings

Rs. 20,116

Style No CPE0032

Encanteur Diamond Mangalsutra Bracelet

Rs. 22,736 Rs. 18,189

Style No C015313

Mario Gold Chain

Rs. 63,906

Style No GS00112

Luca Gold Chain

Rs. 217,192

Style No K000425

Tryst Diamond Mangalsutra Bracelet

Rs. 32,400 Rs. 25,920

Style No C015311

Nymph Kids Diamond Earrings

Rs. 19,415 Rs. 15,532

Style No C015315

Latest Diamond Jewellery Online

To innovate means to be constantly doing something new, something different, something inimitable; creating newness and uniqueness in every masterpiece. It is symbolic of being so exclusive that it is hard to replicate; to be unique not just for oneself but also inspire others to be so. We are only happy to be on the giving end of this revolution in jewellery making or jewellery designing and we believe even you would be glad to be on the receiving end. Directly or indirectly, we intend to inspire you to be different, look different, set a unique style for yourself and not wear stereotypical jewellery pieces or wear jewellery in a clichéd manner.


We may draw our inspiration from either the bygone eras or the contemporized versions of designs and of fashion. Jewellery makers like us are grateful to fashionistas and to trend setters for co-revolutionizing styles and patterns that inspires us to be on the move and be baked under the fashion furnace. With, you would always find something to look forward to, in terms of this innovation and ideas that manifests onto our jewellery designs, our collections, categories or class. These designs talk of panache, style and elegance; this section of our e-store attracts maximum visits cause of new arrivals in jewellery and latest diamond jewellery designs online.

Newly Arrived Diamond Jewellery

Like any other section on our site, this is an amalgamation of jewellery set in diamonds, gems or pearls, cast in gold and platinum. On a search/quest for latest jewellery designs, you may want to stop at & find a plethora of designs, assorted from several concepts. Designs have been inspired from various fields of art, culture, traditions, modernization, and so on, retaining the richness whilst innovating and experimenting with the patterns.

Latest Designer Jewellery

Not only do our designs speak of panache, we extend our expertise and service beyond the simple process of buy-sell. We engrave, customize and even gift pack it for you. This is one collection that will give you an insight into each and every category of diamond, platinum or gemstone jewellery that we have; Candere’s new arrivals are, by far, the most updated jewellery pieces added on a weekly basis. Come around any occasion or festival and you will find a piece or a design that either suits the occasion or matches your mood.

New Arrival Jewellery

Go ahead and get some indulgence from our latest jewellery designs online under Rings, Pendants, Earrings, Bangles, Bands, Chains, Bracelets, Nose Pins, Kadas, and much more and keep refreshing your wardrobe time and again. Why stop when you can indulge; there is something for everyone here. Also, now you can sort your designs basis several filters: mood/personality filter, price filter, diamond carat filter, region-wise filter, gem-filter, no. of stones filter and so on. Not only that, Candere is the exclusive online jeweler to extend interest-free EMI for higher range products and hence, buying latest designer jewellery online was never so convenient, fast and enjoyable.

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