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Mangalsutra Chain

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    Aanamra Gold Mangalsutra Chain Aanamra Gold Mangalsutra Chain
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  2. Viksha Gold Mangalsutra Chain Viksha Gold Mangalsutra Chain
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  3. Jivika Gold Mangalsutra Chain Jivika Gold Mangalsutra Chain
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Check out the Latest Mangalsutra Designs!

Mangalsutra Chain Designs

A mangalsutra is a sacred piece of jewellery. It is a traditional Indian chain that married women wear to show their marital status and invite good luck to their husbands. But who said traditions and style can't go together? 


At Candere, we believe in carrying on the traditions in style! This is why we have launched a beautiful collection of mangalsutra with chain design! These mangalsutra chains are easy to wear, lightweight, and comfortable. Perfect for working women.


We have the latest mangalsutra chain designs that will pair perfectly with your outfits. All our designs are curated by industry experts and approved by all the fashionistas! So hurry up and grab your mangalsutra chain now!

Gold Mangalsutra Chain

Gold is considered to be an auspicious metal and that is why, it is advised to wear gold mangalsutra. However, traditional gold mangalsutra might be a bit bulky and heavy for the modern woman’s taste. It can get tedious to wear them daily.


This is why, Candere has launched a special collection of simple gold chain mangalsutra! These gold mangalsutra chains are lightweight and easy to wear. You can wear it every day with ease. It is also an ideal workwear jewellery and goes well with the professional dress code.


So, level up your fashion game with tradition and shop the latest gold mangalsutra chain now!

Diamond Mangalsutra Chain

Diamonds represent a promise of forever and lifelong commitment and that is what makes diamond mangalsutra, the perfect piece of jewellery for married women. The diamond mangalsutra looks stunning in comparison to traditionally bulky and heavy mangalsutra designs. You can easily wear it daily without any discomfort. 


Candere has launched a special collection of diamond chain mangalsutra! These diamond mangalsutra chains are lightweight and easy to wear. From professional meetings to casual parties; you can wear it everywhere!


So, widen your array of jewellery collections and shop the latest diamond mangalsutra chains now!

Double Chain Mangalsutra

As your jewellery expert BFF, it is our duty to update you with the latest trends and styles. So today's jewellery update is for married or soon-to-be-married women. Dear ladies, if you are searching for stylish mangalsutra designs, then go for a double-chain gold mangalsutra! 


Double mangalsutra is in trend these days and it is a must-have for each and every fashionista! We have more than a thousand mangalsutra designs in a double chain. These double-chain mangalsutras look extremely classy and charming. They are a statement piece that adds flair to any outfit. The collection is now live on the website, explore now!

Long Chain Mangalsutra

If anything that has stayed trending over the years; that is long mangalsutra chain designs! Fashion trends come and go but this remains a true classic! The gold long chain mangalsutra is preferred by women of all ages. 


Whether you are a newlywed, soon-to-be married, or celebrating your 25th marriage anniversary; our mangalsutras long chain designs will be the perfect pick! The long chain mangalsutras add a perfect amount of glamour to all the outfits. You can pair it up with a short choker necklace to have a royal look. 


We are currently offering a discount on our collection of long-chain mangalsutra! Explore the collection and shop now!

Mangalsutra Chain With Price

At Candere, we offer the lowest mangalsutra chain price in India! We have the best designs and unbeatable prices. Our sole aim is to give you the best shopping experience without emptying your pockets! 


Along with the best prices, we also offer flexible payment options and easy installment plans. You can find all this information and price break up under the product images. We are committed to making your jewellery shopping experience comfortable and smooth! 


1. Why should I wear a gold mangalsutra chain?

A mangalsutra is a sacred piece of jewellery. The married women in India wear them to show their marital status and invite good luck to their husbands. You should wear a gold mangalsutra chain to follow our traditions and culture with style and comfort!