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Unique Pendant Necklaces for Personalized Style

When we decide what to wear, we are conscious about how we want to show ourselves to others and what we feel about ourselves. We very often dress up in a way that will reflect how we feel. 

This applies to the jewellery we choose to accessorize too. Jewellery often makes us feel confident, endowed, attractive, and elegant. A necklace with a pendant can be special whether it was a gift or you purchased it yourself. 

Pendant necklaces were first worn in the Stone Age as talismans or amulets. The tradition continues, and we often pick jewellery that mirrors different facets of our life.

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What are Pendant Necklaces?

Pendant necklaces are types of jewellery worn around the neck. Comprising a chain with a hanging entity usually called the pendant, you can wear them on any occasion. The pendants could be gold, stone, or anything you choose. Some pendant sets come with matching sets of earrings too.

What are Necklace sets?

Necklace sets are accessories styled in gold, diamonds, or platinum and are generally heavy. Necklace sets mostly come with matching earrings and are ideal for special occasions. 

Difference between pendant necklaces and necklace sets

Pendant necklaces are generally made of delicate chains and pendants. They opted for everyday wear to help accessorize with ease. Necklace sets are generally heavy and are designed to pair with a heavy ensemble on special occasions. 

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Trends in Pendant Necklaces

A few pendant necklaces are trending and ideal for those who love to style themselves.

1. Locket pendant necklaces

Locket styles have always been in trend, whether you choose to put something in them or not. They date back to the Victorian era when people used to sport a locket pendant necklace as a sign of love and commitment.

2. Rose Gold Pendant Necklace

Nothing can beat the shimmer and glitz of rose gold jewellery. Pendants in rose gold paired with a necklace are a great addition to everyday outfits.

3. Gemstone beaded Necklace

Gemstones add to the beauty of necklaces and the right amount of sparkle and texture to your outfit. The diamond pendant is quite in-trend and looks ravishing on all occasions.

4. Pearl pendant necklaces

A necklace with a beautiful pearl pendant is perfect for everyday outfits like salwar kameez, trousers and shirts, and more.

5. Gold pendant necklaces

Classic and timeless, necklaces with a pendant in gold have always been preferred by women and look gorgeous with any outfit. What's more, they are unisex in appeal too. Men can also pair a gold necklace and pendant with their outfits.

Price Range for Pendant Necklaces

The prices for pendant necklaces will depend on the necklace's weight and the pendant's design. Every piece has an individual style, cut, and design. The price range ranges from ₹ 14000 to ₹1.5 lacs.

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Get Your Favorite Pendant Necklaces with DGRP

Pendant necklaces can be bought at Candere easily with the DGRP plan. The Double Gold Rate Protection plan now allows customers to buy gold jewellery without the hassle of worrying about paying upfront. The customer needs to pay only 10% of the initial amount to book the jewellery, and you can pay the rest in equal installments.

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