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Twogether Gold Su...
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Demure Miracle Pl...
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Villosa Diamond E...
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Goldilocks Gold E...
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Earrings, a Must-have Wardrobe Accessory for Women

Earrings are just as important and indispensable to your wardrobe as a pair of jeans or a basic T-shirt. When you can't decide what to wear, that's when earrings can be your saviour. That's because they work with virtually any outfit and only make things better when matched perfectly. Whether you wear a Western or an ethnic Indian outfit, whether you are going to a party or a festival, you just can't do without a good pair of earrings. From ear stud or dangle and jhumkas to chandelier, women just love it all. Your simple clothes can get a 180-degree flip with a pair of gorgeous earrings. Buy earrings online at Candere at the best pocket-friendly price. On this page, we have pooled thousands of Indian gold earring designs for you to choose from. If that’s way too much, filter out your preference according to the style, occasion, or price.

Buy Earrings Online

The earring designs you will find here range from lightweight daily wear studs and dangle earrings to occasional wear heavy earrings like chandbali and Kundan earrings. These Indian earrings designs designs are available in gold and other gold shades like, yellow, white, or rose. You can also find earrings studded with colourful stones. They are also available in a variety of price ranges to suit your budget. Indian jewellery are not only jewellery but also are great fashion accessories. But it is very difficult to find what we like in a shop or from a local jewellery store. Why shop local when you are getting the international diamond and gold earring just a click away? We at Candere have a catalogue of 1600+ latest designs of earrings for women out of 8500+ products overall. Candere offers some stunning earrings for girls in India, with 100% online shopping. The earrings you find at Candere are delivered to your doorstep with absolutely no shipping charges. We have a bunch of payment options available including Credit Cards, Debit Cards. Also, we offer Cash on Delivery and instalment facility on selected items.

Earrings Designs

The gold earrings designs can be filtered based on styling which includes filters like classic, ethnic, contemporary, fashion wear, designer, traditional, etc. If you are looking for some contemporary diamond earrings, check out the Flip Collection like Collapse, Unroll, Unkink, Unwrap, etc. These diamond earrings look simple at the first glance until you discover that once they are flipped, the design is no longer the girl-next-door! For traditional diamond earrings, you will find designs like Anathi and Mudrika which will go with any traditional clothes and give you an extra glow for the day. Stop thinking and buy latest design earrings online at Candere. Candere is a site known for selling beautiful pieces of fine jewellery at excellent prices. It offers attractive discounts and special deals on its wide range of products. Furthermore, the quality of the jewellery that Candere offers is so impressive that you can even wear it while attending social gatherings such as weddings or going out with friends. Candere also has a wide variety of men’s earrings online that includes both studs and hoops. These designs are available both in gold as well as diamond. Here are a few to get you started – Carter Gold Earring, Cameron Gold Earring, Swastik Diamond Ear Studs for Men, Joseph Diamond Stud, Elliot Ear Stud, Astera Hoop Earring, Jacob Stud for Men, Xavier Diamond Ear Stud, etc. Diamonds ear jewellery is all shiny but old gold has an undying charm which we can’t refuse. That’s why we ensured that you are entitled to some jaw-dropping designs while picking your earrings online. While talking about gold earrings designs for festive wear, the first thought we have on our mind is Indian jhumka earrings. Here’s something to get you warmed up - Kasturi Gold Jhumkas, Viola Jhumka Marilyn Gold Jhumkas, etc. However, we have seen a tendency of our buyers to pick up balis or gold studs as daily wear jewellery. Here are some of the top-selling daily wear designs - Mystee hoop earrings, Megan gold earring, Aamrapali gold studs, Coralie gold earring, etc. Shop more earrings online below.

Earrings Price

Earring is daily worn jewellery as we have taken special care to keep the earrings online price in the budget. Kids earring online start at Rs. 3,866, women earrings online start at Rs. 6,251 while men’s earrings online start at Rs. 10,307. You can add multiple products to your cart or make the cart value hit 10k to avail flexible pay at checkout. You can also check out our DGRP (Double Gold Rate Protection) Online Plan where you can buy gold jewellery on installments. Candere is one of the leading online jewellery stores that allows you to buy Indian earrings for women with 100% guaranteed security and free delivery. Here you will find all kinds of stylish earrings that are designed with the purpose of enhancing the beauty and elegance of your personality. They are made with high-quality gold and silver that has been tested in accordance with global standards.

Kalyan Jewellers Earrings

Candere is the only online jewellery portal where you shop earrings online made by Kalyan Jewellers. These gold and diamond ear jewellery can belong to any of the Kalyan Jewellers collections including Hera, Ziah, Glo, Anokhi, Vedha, Mudhra, Nimah, Rang, Sankalp, etc. Here are some options to get you started with Kalyan Jewellers earrings online - Kiyoshi, Karvari, Adah, Victorian, Pashvi and many more! Get your earrings online and get an option to choose from 1700+ options.

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