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Gold Earrings

Gold Earrings

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Candere offers gold earrings for females of all demographics

Immense time and effort are invested to produce the earring designs from the yellow metal. Wearing gold ornaments has been an everlasting tradition and is still being practiced for occasions to symbolize an everlasting union. With creativity juxtaposed with skilled craftsmanship, Candere has stacked a range of gold earrings in their inventory for females of all demographics.

Gold Earrings for Women

Gold is a symbol of luxury and owning a set of gold earrings is no different. Gold earrings at Candere are not only ornaments that don't lose their value in terms of worth but also in design. With an enormous collection, your only challenge would be to decide which gold earring designs to choose. Gold in marriages is a symbol of purity and abundance, and this symbolic association is often observed in the union of couples in a wedding. So strengthen your bond with the ideal set of gold earrings for women with Candere.

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Gifting Gold Earrings

No precious jewellery can ever justify a woman’s worth. However, Candere puts in their best effort to mold and design gold jewellery that would best symbolize how special a woman can be. Gifting gold ornaments like earrings have often been observed in moments of joy and happiness. Moments like a baby shower or a girl child being born, weddings, anniversary celebrations, or succeeding in certain accomplishments. Whether it's gold earrings for girls or women, at Candere you will never run out of options, and in case you do, which is an extremely rare occurrence, you can always customize your own set and have it made.

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Gold Earrings Designs

Candere has a plethora of gold earrings for women with designs to suit any and every lady’s expectations. Every gold earrings for girls at Candere is a visual masterpiece, The designs and the aesthetic appeal of gold earrings is a visual treat for all women.

Gold Earrings Online India

Gold Jhumkas have always been favored by women and this style never grows old. Ashika Earrings, Dristi Earrings, Bhavini Earrings, Ajanta Earrings, etc are some of the best sellers.

Apart from the jhumkas, Mecakita Earrings, Jhanvi Gold Earrings, Satila Earrings, Surasundara Earrings, Sahoj Earrings, etc are also eye-catching and elegant to look at.

Our handcrafted gold earrings designs for daily use not only extend to newly wedded women but also for daily use for women, teenage girls, and corporate purposes. Here are our categories for gold earrings, which you will find in our collection.

Fiona Gold Earrings Design: Pretty floral everyday wear, goes well with children and grown-ups alike.

Azura and Blasa Gold Earrings Design: Traditional and enormous for the quoted price. A great gifting product for those who want to give close relatives and loved ones something valuable to remember them by.

Mystee Gold Earrings Design: The quintessential Indian style Bali or hoops with adorable dangles to go with your daily wear or ethnic wear. A favourite among North Indians.

Devasree and Aashritha Gold Earrings Design: Big and traditional. A total winner with those who love to show off. These earrings sell themselves, just put them on and forget the world.

The Swarnapushpa Gold Earrings Design: Also one of our bestsellers, it is a fusion between Indian design and a contemporary way to dangle designs. The metal drop ball gives it the additional zing. For those who do not like too much bling. There are also the Daphne, Megan, Sarah, and Nina Gold Earrings, simple studs in matt finish.

Last but not least is the Jhumkas, the most beautiful Indian invention in earrings, that can enhance even the dullest of clothes and the mundane of moods.

Gold Earring Collections

We have classified our gold earring collections into the respective categories. Wedding Earrings, Gold Bali Earrings, Jhumkas, Long Drop Gold Earrings, Gold Stud Earrings, and Gold Sui Dhaga Earrings. We are certain that you will find the perfect gold earring set among the above classifications. So scroll through our collection and obtain the perfect set of jewellery at your doorstep at the comfort of your home.

Gold Earring For Wedding

No gold jewellery is as golden as the wedding itself. However, it's rare for any wedding to function without gold. The jewellery set worn by the bride at the wedding is just as auspicious as the day itself. We at Candere are here to help with your wedding by helping you choose the right ornaments to go with your wedding outfit. The gold earrings for women in our wedding collection will certainly grab your curiosity and attention. Other designs like the Krystal Earrings, Viola Earrings, Eromi Earrings, and Abhidha Earrings are collections that would make it difficult for you to choose one from the other.

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Gold Earrings Online

Our reach does not limit to just the carpet areas like Mumbai, New Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Chandigarh, Kolkata, Indore, and Pune, but also to most villages and cities through our delivery partners (FedEx, Blue Dart DTDC, and BVC). Regardless of where you stay, the gold earrings for girls and other ornaments at Candere will find you. 

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Gold Earrings Price

We manufacture and sell gold earrings for girls and women alike online, that range from Rs. 5,099 (approx) for the little ones and Rs. 6,353 (approx) for adults. Gold earrings prices in India are prone to fluctuate however you can rest assured of the fact that the making charges are relatively stable and the designs justify it. Gold is a luxury statement however we've got pieces that fit most people's budget and of course, some that are premium. Also, we guarantee to offer pieces that are exactly what you see on our website.

Certified Gold Earrings Online

You can expect only authentic and certified gold earrings from Candere, stamped with BIS hallmarking with complete trust in your online jeweller. Always ask for an invoice for your purchase and a certificate to accompany your jewellery.

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Buy Gold Earrings with DGRP

DGRP at Candere is an arrangement made to help you buy your ornaments without burdening your pocket at once. You reserve any ornament for yourself by paying 10% of your final cart amount. In case the gold rates move up, you wouldn't have to pay the difference however if the gold rates move down, you are eligible to the lowered gold price rates and claim your jewellery on emi with our DGRP plan.

Kalyan Jewellers Gold Earrings

Kalyan Jewellers is the epitome of gold jewellery in the Indian market. The Kalyan Jewellers wedding collection is a much-talked-about option that people love availing. Besides excelling in the wedding collection, Kalyan Jewellers are also making jewellery for daily wear, office wear, etc. Here are some Kalyan Jewellers gold earrings – Astera Earrings, Eldora Earrings, Aleiah Earrings, Nudara Earrings, Fuchia Earrings, Kittim Earring, etc.

Candere by Kalyan Jewellers is the online concern of Kalyan Jewellers via which you can find the multiple Kalyan Jewellers wedding collections (Vedha, Nimah Collection, Mudhra Collection, Rang, Sankalp, Nivara). While you are at it, feel free to browse their premium diamond collections - Glo Collection, Ziah Collection, and Laya Collection.


1) How to clean gold earrings at home?

Use a soft toothbrush to clean Gold Earrings after it has been soaked in lukewarm soap water or mild detergent. Wipe dry with a soft cloth soon after.

2) How much are gold earrings for?

The Price for Gold Earrings changes depending on the current Gold Rate, Making Charges and Offers. On Candere’s Website, you can shop from a wide range of Certified Gold Rings starting at Rs. 6,946 only!

3) What karat of gold is best for earrings?

14k Gold is the best for making earrings as it is less expensive and more durable when compared to more pure versions of Gold.


For information on gold rates in different cities, visit these pages Gold Rate Mumbai, Gold Rate Bangalore, Gold Rate Chennai & Gold Rate Jammu.