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5 Genius Hacks for the Ultimate Jewellery Lover

last updated at December 15, 2023 | 5 min Read

Jewellery is fun, fashionable and fabulous. But you know what else jewellery is? Difficult to put on at times which can pile up a fuss. That’s why we’ve curated a list of genius jewellery hacks that will make styling your favourite pieces a breeze.

How to wear layered necklaces without tangling?

One of the more classic jewellery trends, layered necklaces are a chic way to accessorise. But they often have a mind of their own, tangling and twisting throughout the day. Enter the scotch tape hack! Simply place a small piece of scotch tape on the back of your neck, then attach each necklace to the tape. This jewellery wearing hack will keep your necklaces in perfect, untangled alignment all day long.

How to remove a tight ring?

We've all been there – a beautiful ring that fits perfectly in the morning becomes a bit too snug as the day goes on. You might’ve worn your favourite ring for years and now that you’re trying to remove it, the sailing isn’t as smooth as you expected. Instead of struggling to take it off, try the thread hack. Take a piece of thread and gently wrap it around your finger, starting from the base and moving towards the ring. As you unwind the thread, the ring will gradually slide off, saving you from any discomfort.

How to wear stacked chains?

When layering two different chains together, they tend to get entangled easily. We’re here to show you how to wear jewellery the right way! Start by clasping one chain on the end of the other. This will create a single long chain. Twist this chain into two layers and you’ve just made a stylish and untangled layered look, allowing each chain to shine individually. Now that you know how to layer necklaces, go ahead and flaunt them away!

How to put on a bracelet by yourself?

Putting on a bracelet by yourself can be a frustrating task, especially when the clasp seems just out of reach. The paper clip hack is a simple solution. Unbend a paper clip and use it as an extension of your hand to fasten the bracelet clasp. This clever trick makes bracelet application a breeze and eliminates the need for a second set of hands.

What to do when you lose an earring screw?

Have you ever lost the tiny screw that holds your earring in place? Don't let that beautiful earring go to waste. Instead of searching for a replacement screw, use a piece of double sided tape as a makeshift backing. Simply press the earring post into the eraser, securing it in place. This temporary fix will keep your earring safely attached. It also helps in times when you might be suffering from drooping earlobes or your existing screw is very hard on your ear.

Now that you’ve come all the way to the end, we’ve got a bonus hack for you:

Tired of untangling your chain bracelets and necklaces in your jewellery box? Here's a simple hack to make your daily routine look like a breeze! Keep your bracelets, chains, and necklaces unhooked in your jewellery box. This easy hack ensures minimal tangles, allowing you to effortlessly pick the perfect accessory without the hassle of knots.

These genius jewellery hacks are sure to make your styling routine a lot smoother. You can thank us later! Stay tuned for more tips for wearing jewellery.



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