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All About Rajkot Gold Bangles

October 10, 2020 | 3 min Read

Rajkot bangles are daily wear gold bangles with a base of copper. Since daily wear jewellery needs to be a little sturdy and does not break easily, the copper base makes it very apt for everyday use. This in turn keeps the budget of these bangles in check too.

These gold copper bangles have been something our customers have loved and shopped from Candere. Being a budget-friendly accessory, you can get your a couple of these bangles and wear a different design each day of the week.

You can also stack them up for a party look. These are great for casual gifting, especially for working women who can wear them to their office. We have 90+ designs of Rajkot bangles at Candere.

Let’s take you through some of our best selling bangadi designs:

Arvee Kyra Gold Bangle

Arvee kyra gold bangle

A sleek bangle crafted for women who love to keep it light for the day. However, you can wear multiple such bangles and slay the party look for the night. The simplicity of the design makes this bangle a versatile piece and a great option for gifting.

Bala Kyra Gold Bangle

Bala Kyra Gold bangles

Sometimes, we don’t need a basic bangle for daily wear but something that adds some extra fun to our outfit. Bala sports this wavey look with a mix of shades that adds some edge to this bangle. It’s the right accessory for your Indian workwear that won’t cost you a fortune to buy for yourself.

Barisha Kyra Gold Bangle

Barisha kyra gold bangle

A bangle that's ready to complement anything Indian or anything western. This basic design has grabbed many eyeballs who have eventually ended up buying this piece for its adaptable design. The design is pretty common and gets your basic covered for a daily wear design.

Barani Kyra Gold Bangle

Barani Kyra gold bangle

Looking for an easy peasy bangle to gift? This is it. A design like this will always be admired by a jewellery lover who can have yet another option to add to her daily wear jewellery. How about buying a couple of these bangles to amp up your gift?

Suprabha Kyra Gold Bangle

Suprabha Kyra gold bangle

This textured bangle has won many hearts on the daily wear front. It adds something extra to your look without grabbing unwanted eyeballs at work. As you can see, this bangle is very light and that you can easily go with two of them instead of one.

Gold Bangles Care Tip

As these bangles are daily wear jewellery, you have to go the extra mile to take care of them so that you can wear them for a longer period of time. First things first, make sure you don’t let it get exposed to water in the form of rain, sweat, tap water, etc. Water is the most harmful thing that can touch you bangle, just like creams, lotions, moisturisers, perfumes, etc. You can consider taking them off before any household chores or dressing up and only wear them once you’re done.

Enough of chit chat, let’s shop some bangles!



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