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1 Chafa 3 Moods

September 3, 2022 | 3 min Read

Love Flowers? Well, you’re in the right place because our Brand New Launch features Latest Designs from the Chafa Collection. The Chafa, across many religions and beliefs, has been a symbol of beauty, charm, and immortality. The graceful plant is linked to immortality as it is able to blossom beautiful flowers even after being uprooted. Taking inspiration from the Graceful flower, this collection celebrates charm and beauty in its eternity. The Collection features fine Gold Jewellery showcasing works of Pink, White or Yellow enamel embellished with a Dash of Diamonds to add that extra grace and charm. If you’re already dazzled by its beauty, let us help you style it!

Happy Hang-outs

Are you heading out for a happy kinda casual day? Maybe hang out with friends for a bit? Well, this look is it then! Put on a light, pastel shaded dress and bejewel it with all the chafa you need! The Chafa Bracelet, Necklace and Earrings in this look feature a Gold Base with Enamel Works showcasing the Charming Chafa embellished with Diamonds to add that necessary Dash of Beauty. You can choose from Budding, Half and Full-Bloom Chafa to a variation of this look!

Cheerful Celebrations

Heading out for a Garba Night? Or planning on spending some time with your relatives for the Diwali Celebrations? Slip into a Kurta Set. Try to stick to more warmer pastel tones. Put on the Chafa Jewellery we all cherish so much. This particular look makes the use of the Chafas in full-bloom. The Bracelet, the Necklace and the Earrings all feature the Golden Chafa bejewelled with Diamonds for enhanced elegance.

The Dreamy Date

Seeing someone special? Special days like these demand a bit of extra charm. Throw on an Elegant Dress, adorn the beautiful Chafa Jewellery and maybe even walk the extra mile to get a real Chafa to elevate your look! Pick from Budding, Half or Full-Bloomed Chafas and Customise the Metal Colour according to your preference and voila! You’re ready for a Date right out of your Dreams.


Mehul Dung

I quote rappers, like chocolate and carry the risk of damaging important documents during monsoon.

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