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Stand Out With Class: A Men's Accessories Style Guide

last updated at March 31, 2023 | 2 min Read

Jewellery is not for men, said no one ever! Every man has a unique personality and when he styles his look right, it definitely shows. Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak, after all! With a few styling tips here and there, men can rock jewellery big time. Here’s an accessories style guide for men to stand out with class!

Ornate and Outgoing

Heading to a party? When it comes to a night of dancing with friends, what’s more perfect than a modish shirt and trendy accessories to pair it with? Wear a chain link necklace, a matching chain bracelet and a stunning diamond ring to go with it and watch as you’ll be the talk of the party!

Cosy and Casual

When you think of a vacation, a lot of things come to mind! From comfortable flip-flops to pastel sweatshirts, holidays are all about your relaxation. While you’re all perfectly plush, why not do it in style? Add a smart flexi bracelet and a minimal platinum band to your look and you’re good to leave for your much awaited getaway.

Flawless and Formal

Prepping for that big work meeting? Bring a sophisticated air to the conference room with a crisp and dapper three-piece-suit and elevate that confident charm of yours with a diamond studded gold ring and enamelled cufflinks. Like they say, you win all the games you play when you dress right!

No matter what your aesthetic, jewellery always accentuates. Go ahead! Get your hands on jewellery that resonates with your style!


Azra Mukadam

Reader, writer, self proclaimed geek. You will most probably find me engrossed in absorbing good content or busy creating it.

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