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Want to put a ring on it? Let’s help you find the perfect design

November 20, 2021 | 2 min Read

There is a romantic candlelit dinner date under the stars, everything arranged to perfection...

Roses-check, Ambience-check, Champagne-check, a classic melody of the guitar playing in the background, and just the two of you. All the elements for a wonderful, memorable proposal!

You have decided on nearly everything but haven't selected an engagement ring yet. Whether you are getting down on one knee, or merely holding her hands and saying the words, you need that perfect ring to make it special.

Exchanging rings is not merely a universal ritual, but also has a reason behind it. The tradition originated in ancient Rome, where the groom would present the bride with an iron ring. This metal promised permanence and strength, for the relationship. It was worn on the fourth finger of the left hand, with the belief that this finger contained the vein of love or ‘vena amorist’.

Nowadays, choosing the correct engagement ring or wedding ring can become a tedious task with so many styles and designs. Here are a few recommendations with a personality type, that will help you choose the perfect ring.

Traditional Classic Rings:

The classic or traditionally-designed rings do not necessarily mean old-fashioned or basic styles. A conventional ring represents a timeless collection, that exudes class and elegance. If your lay adores classic and vintage designs, this can be your pick. It can be a simple solitaire ring, but it always looks sophisticated.

classic ring

Fashionable Halo Rings:

This one is a personal favourite! It’s chunky and, and it screams YES! A halo ring can be the right choice for all glamorous women who love dressing up and standing out. Halo rings have a pattern that includes a centre diamond surrounded with one or two circles of small sparkling diamonds, making the centre one appear large.

halo ring

Contemporary Twisted Rings:

If your partner is someone who loves non-traditional jewellery designs, then these trendy twisted rings are a perfect choice! Twisted rings are a fairly recent trend, and it gives a voguish appeal to the traditional solitaire ring. The design is quite unique, so this one can be a great choice if you want something different.

twisted shank ring

Romantic Vintage Rings:

Old is gold! If your partner is a die-hard fan of antique, vintage pieces or is a collector of precious jewellery, this ring is sure to excite them. The one of a kind approach makes the ring more special; you can also propose to her with a family heirloom ring, handed down by your grandmother.


Bezel-cut Rings:

Bezel setting rings are perfect for women who love sleek designs with durability. A bezel setting creates a smooth edge around the diamond or stone to keep it protected and secure. The bezel is created with a thin metal band around the diamond, against the prong settings that hold the diamond in a protrusion.


Did you manage to pick one? If not, that’s ok; take your time and check out options by browsing online or visiting jewellery stores personally. Every couple is special and so are their love stories. The ring you choose seals the relationship, with a promise which will bind eternally.



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