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Gemstone Pearls Necklace

(16 Items)
Juana Miracle Plate Diamond Necklace
Rs. 129,181 Rs. 103,345

Offer Price: Rs. 81,797 (Zero Making)

Evening Rose Gemstone Necklace
Rs. 51,280 Rs. 41,024

Offer Price: Rs. 31,393 (Zero Making)

Angels & Roses Gemstone Necklace
Rs. 68,543 Rs. 54,834

Offer Price: Rs. 45,883 (Zero Making)

Our Pick
Delicate Damsel Diamond Necklace
Rs. 62,418 Rs. 49,934

Offer Price: Rs. 39,583 (Zero Making)

Our Pick
Greek Goddess Diamond Necklace
Rs. 88,734 Rs. 70,987

Offer Price: Rs. 54,764 (Zero Making)

Fairyland Diamond...
Rs. 80,080 Rs. 64,064

Offer Price: Rs. 52,476 (Zero Making)

Our Pick
Pretty Girly Diamond Necklace
Rs. 76,068 Rs. 60,854

Offer Price: Rs. 49,267 (Zero Making)

Our Pick
Constellation Dia...
Rs. 96,216 Rs. 76,973

Offer Price: Rs. 61,059 (Zero Making)

Our Pick
Elixir Of Eden Diamond Necklace
Rs. 94,089 Rs. 75,271

Offer Price: Rs. 60,903 (Zero Making)

Our Pick
Fantasia Diamond ...
Rs. 78,333 Rs. 62,666

Offer Price: Rs. 52,933 (Zero Making)

The Prancing Pearl Necklace
Rs. 55,318 Rs. 44,254

Offer Price: Rs. 36,220 (Zero Making)

Luminious Pearl Necklace
Rs. 57,809 Rs. 46,247

Offer Price: Rs. 37,595 (Zero Making)

The Prancing Rose Pearl Necklace
Rs. 55,318 Rs. 44,254

Offer Price: Rs. 36,220 (Zero Making)

Prancing Golden Pearl Necklace
Rs. 55,318 Rs. 44,254

Offer Price: Rs. 36,220 (Zero Making)

Our Pick
Garden Dew Golden Pearl Necklace
Rs. 38,006 Rs. 30,405

Offer Price: Rs. 23,452 (Zero Making)

Our Pick
Cherilyn Ball Diamond Necklace
Rs. 45,964 Rs. 36,771

Offer Price: Rs. 29,819 (Zero Making)


Pearl is the birthstone for June borns. Most ladies drool over the pearl and this gemstone is pretty much drool-worthy! The most popular shade of pearl that is white. But we have made sure you enjoy the shades followed by white.

Pearl Necklace Designs

Each pearl necklace on this page has a speciality and you can be assured you’re selecting a unique piece for yourself or for gifting. Make sure to let us know in case you are purchasing your pearl necklace to gift someone so that we can gift wrap your jewellery from our end for you!

Some of the pearl necklaces are floral themed. Such designs make perfect workwear jewellery wherein it’s neither too simple nor too fancy for work. Keep a lookout for Delicate Damsel diamond necklace, Pretty Girly diamond necklace, Fairyland diamond necklace, Elixir of Eden diamond necklace, Greek Goddess diamond necklace, etc.

Some exquisite pearl necklaces that make quite a statement piece are Aindri gemstone chain, Adima gemstone chain, Aapti gemstone chain, Adity gemstone chain, Akiya pearl and gold chain, etc. These are made up of different coloured gemstones and gives a very posh feel. The best thing about wearing these jewellery is the flexibility to choose from a wide range of earrings.

Pearl Necklace In Gold

Each and every pearl necklace listed on this page are made in gold. One of the biggest advantages of shopping online at Candere is the customization options. The pearl gold necklace is up for customization in yellow, white or rose gold colours. The purity is either 18K or 22K. Besides the gold, you can also customize the diamonds in either of the clarity – SI IJ, SI GH, VS GH and VVS EF.

Pearl Necklace Set

Every pearl necklace manufactured and sold at Candere is authenticated by BIS Hallmark. You can see the engraving on your jewellery itself. Besides the pearl gemstone, as well as the diamonds, carry a certificate of authenticity from IGI, CGL or SGL. Also, your pearl necklace will also come with an invoice stating your purchase and every other necessary detail.