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Gold Bracelets for Men

(55 Items)
The Warrior Gold ...
Rs. 70,587

Offer Price: Rs. 56,280 (55% Making Off)

The Jacob Gold Bracelet
Rs. 131,077

Offer Price: Rs. 104,551 (50% Making Off)

Bruv Gold Leather bracelet For Men
Rs. 27,886

Offer Price: Rs. 16,204 (50% Making Off)

Bridged Gold Leat...
Rs. 20,378

Offer Price: Rs. 12,380 (50% Making Off)

Dauntless Gold Bracelet
Rs. 183,835

Offer Price: Rs. 150,781 (50% Making Off)

The Godfrey Gold ...
Rs. 226,123

Offer Price: Rs. 185,465 (50% Making Off)

Our Pick
The Yardley Gold ...
Rs. 124,744

Offer Price: Rs. 102,035 (50% Making Off)

Our Pick
The Lawrence Gold...
Rs. 117,463

Offer Price: Rs. 96,079 (50% Making Off)

Yatin Gold Leathe...
Rs. 42,767

Offer Price: Rs. 32,806 (50% Making Off)

Manas Gold Leathe...
Rs. 32,186

Offer Price: Rs. 24,722 (50% Making Off)

The Adam Gold Bracelet
Rs. 146,884

Offer Price: Rs. 120,144

The Edward Gold Bracelet
Rs. 132,174

Offer Price: Rs. 108,112 (50% Making Off)

Caspian Gold Leather Bracelet For Men
Rs. 22,344

Offer Price: Rs. 13,882 (50% Making Off)

Kalpit Gold Leath...
Rs. 51,150

Offer Price: Rs. 39,210 (50% Making Off)

Alonza Gold Bracelet
Rs. 99,251

Offer Price: Rs. 79,166 (50% Making Off)

Our Pick
The Zion Gold Bracelet
Rs. 160,464

Offer Price: Rs. 131,611 (50% Making Off)


Gold Bracelets Designs For Men

A gentleman who behaves and acts like a King, is treated like one. Gold is the luxury of a few and the necessity of the affluent. Gold buying in India happens usually on important occasions like Dhanteras, Guru Pushyamrut and Akshaya Tritiya; apart from these, people buy gold all throughout the year also on many occasions like gifting, religious festivities, weddings or anniversaries too. Gifting is an important and popular buying occasion for gold jewellery and even gold coins. Men’s jewellery usually have patterns that are thick, dense and sturdy with not so intricate designs, rather have robust designs. They lack delicateness or fine work. Gold bracelets for men are made by hand or fewer designs by machine, as per requirement. This is kinda jewellery staple that most men - young or aged - will be seen wearing.

Gold Bracelets Models

This collection - the link bracelets have typical patterns: curb chain pattern, box chain pattern, simple box chain pattern, fine or medium gauge box chain patterns, ball chain patterns, double curb chain, book chain and so on. One may choose these designs of gold bracelets as per their personality types. These are heavily priced too, because of use of lots of gold. Men’s gold jewellery is usually sturdy and strong and don’t break easily and is meant for rough handling and low maintenance.  

Gold Bracelets Online

It makes a lot of sense to buy gold bracelets online, to save on money, avail best deals and for convenience too. Candere has a collection of stylish, precious and expensive gold kadas for men in smooth, lustrous finish and link designs under the categories of Exclusive Gold Kadas and Fashionable Bracelets - to suit your tastes and budget too.

Gold Bracelets With Price

Elegant gold bracelets for men are priced between INR 60,000 to 1,00,000 - a high-class collection of Candere’s best designs for elite buyers. Gold bracelets price online in India is quite competitive; the perfect range to suit all types of budgets and to let you enhance your look whether at work or at festivities!

Gold Bracelets For Boys

Here’s why you should fulfill all your jewellery needs only on Candere:

Easy to navigate: Online buying is so popular because of the comforts it offers from the confines of one’s desktop, screen or smart gadget, saving time, energy and effort, without compromising on the experience of store purchasing.

Best savings: You can be assured to save up to 15% on your online purchase and also find designs to compare and buy.

Certified Gold Bracelets

Candere will sell only authentic, BIS hallmarked and IGI/GIA certified jewellery because you have placed trust on your online jeweller. Always ask for an invoice for your purchase and a certificate to accompany your jewellery.

Gold Bracelets On EMI

Candere offers the EMI plan and purchase option for buying gold jewellery online so you don’t have to restrain yourself when you fall in love with gold jewellery and/or intend to buy a gift for someone very dear. Now shop online with peace of mind and buy that dream jewellery and make it yours; ask for a plan or make your own plan to complete your purchase.