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  1. Aoife Diamond Kada Aoife Diamond Kada
    ₹33,511.00 ₹39,605.00

    50% OFF on Making

  2. Annis Diamond Bracelet Annis Diamond Bracelet
    ₹17,263.00 ₹20,748.00

    100% OFF on Making

  3. Akila Diamond Bracelet Akila Diamond Bracelet
    ₹87,103.00 ₹103,381.00

    50% OFF on Making

  4. shipFast
    Salt & Pepper Diamond Pearl Bracelet Salt & Pepper Diamond Pearl Bracelet
    ₹19,281.00 ₹25,708.00

    Deal of the Day (25% OFF on MRP)

  5. Abhina Diamond Bracelet Abhina Diamond Bracelet
    ₹20,484.00 ₹25,506.00

    70% OFF on Making

  6. bestSeller
    Baani Diamond Kada Baani Diamond Kada
    ₹73,454.00 ₹92,860.00

    100% OFF on Making

  7. Sanchi Diamond Bracelet Sanchi Diamond Bracelet
    ₹17,815.00 ₹21,399.00

    100% OFF on Making

  8. bestSeller
    Mahin Diamond Kada Mahin Diamond Kada
    ₹66,907.00 ₹78,258.00

    70% OFF on Making

  9. shipFast
    Shilin Diamond Kada Shilin Diamond Kada
    ₹26,542.00 ₹32,474.00

    50% OFF on Making

  10. shipFast
    Dayanara Diamond Kada Dayanara Diamond Kada
    ₹26,259.00 ₹32,738.00

    50% OFF on Making

  11. shipFast
    Olipirai Diamond Bracelet Olipirai Diamond Bracelet
    ₹27,435.00 ₹31,115.00

    70% OFF on Making

  12. shipFast
    Just Hearts Miracle Plate Diamond Bracelet Just Hearts Miracle Plate Diamond Bracelet
    ₹32,869.00 ₹38,359.00

    50% OFF on Making

  13. shipFast
    Ubika Diamond Tennis Bracelet Ubika Diamond Tennis Bracelet
    ₹58,951.00 ₹73,689.00

    Deal of the Day (20% OFF on MRP)

  14. Bellamy Diamond Kada Bellamy Diamond Kada
    ₹39,442.00 ₹46,067.00

    50% OFF on Making

  15. shipFast
     Rakuna Diamond Bracelet  Rakuna Diamond Bracelet
    ₹15,482.00 ₹17,789.00

    70% OFF on Making

  16. shipFast
    Nairni Diamond Bracelet Nairni Diamond Bracelet
    ₹15,496.00 ₹18,792.00

    100% OFF on Making

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Latest Bracelet Designs and Collection

Bracelets have always been an adornment and an elegant accessory through the recent ages when culture and beauty become more than just words. All early civilizations and cultures have their own past history and variations of bracelets for women and for men with age not being a factor. 

Gold was added to the existing form of bracelets early on by Egyptian artisans and that spread across and is still prevalent today. Gold bangles were something always there in Indian history but bracelets really made their own mark for all personalities. Today gold bracelets online are an easy search item and we have brought to you unique and delightful bracelets collections to match your style statement.

If you’re looking to buy bracelets online, check out Bracelets Kada, Bangles and Bracelets, Cute Bracelets, Flexi Bracelet & Flower Bracelet.

Bracelets have been loved and worn by women since ages. This jewellery can complement anything that you wear. They are not only gorgeous but also light-weight. Not just jewellery lovers, people who don’t love to wear lots of jewellery and easily sport this.

Shopping bracelets online open one up to hundreds of options which one offline store can’t. At Candere, you will find 170+ bracelets for women and men to choose from. This includes kada, link bracelet, tennis bracelet, charm bracelet, etc.

If you’re looking to buy bracelets online, explore Gold Bracelets For Men & Diamond Bracelets.

Ladies Bracelet

Looking to get designer bracelets online for her? You are at the right place. The best bracelet designs and latest bracelet designs with diamond you find below are apt for gifting purposes.

For pocket-friendly gifting options, you can check out Loves N Hugs, Origami, Love Rows, Golden Brads, Trojan Stars, All My Love, Unchained Melodies, etc.

For a slightly fancy bracelet, you can look up Queen of Hearts, Calissa, Elams,

There are a couple of gold bracelets for women which can be worn as bangles too. Here are some of them – Twisha, You and I, etc. You can find more below.

Explore more here Solitaire Bracelets, Swarovski Bracelet & Gemstone Bracelet.

Bracelet Design for Girls

Fashion trends are something that will always keep evolving and driving us to create trendy and stylish designs. Whether the choices are Rose gold, Yellow Gold or others studded with diamonds. The wide range of gold bracelets gives choices with beaded bracelets, Chain, Charm bracelets, Flexi bracelets, Kada, and more.

We ensure our designs are just made keeping single personalities or age in mind but for all you want to dawn a beautiful accessory. 

Explore more here Mens Bracelet, Womens Bracelet, Kids Bracelets, Boys Bracelet & Mens Chain Bracelets

Bracelet Designs

One of the jewellery that men wear is a gold bracelet. We have 25+ gold bracelet designs for men below to choose from. Filter them from the filter above and you can see them all below.

We have The Calvin Rudraksh Gold Bracelet which is ideal for those looking for a rudraksha gold bracelet as a daily wear. You can also buy men’s bracelets online like Azar, The Warrior, The Jacob, Trojan, The Maxwell, etc. Molimo and The Godfrey for occasional or party wear.

Explore more here Platinum Bracelet, Platinum Bracelets For Men & Platinum Bracelets For Women.

Buy Bracelets Online

Buy gold and diamond bracelets online from a huge catalogue of bracelet designs. These bracelets are available in different material like gold, diamond and gemstone. They start with a very pocket-friendly pricing and can go up to lakhs.

You get an easy grasp at every opportunity with Candere to avail offers and prices at the right time to bring yourself the joy of Gold and diamond jewellery.


What are the types of bracelets?

There are multiple types of bracelets, and they can be made from a variety of materials. Here are the most common types of bracelets- tennis bracelets, link bracelets, charm bracelets, beaded bracelets, leather bracelets, cuff bracelets, bangle bracelets, chain bracelets, slider bracelets and multi-strand bracelets.

What does a bracelet mean?

A bracelet is an ornamental band, hoop or chain that is worn on the wrist or arm. The origin of Bracelet comes from the greek word brachile which means 'of the arm'.

What do bracelets mean in Indian culture?

Today's bracelet designs have evolved from the bangles that is usually worn by women after marriage. It symbolizes health, luck and prosperity. 

What is a 7 knot bracelet for?

A 7 knot bracelet means a bracelet which has 7 knots on it and is for protecting the person from negative energy and is worn on left hand. the number 7 has great importance in mythology. so wearing it would lead to better results for individual.

Why is it called a love bracelet?

A love bracelet is for expressing love and its design and look relate to the theme love.