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Gold Ear Studs for men

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Mens Gold Earrings

The latest fashion accessory for men, that comes under luxury, is gold earrings or gold studs. These resemble very small gold hoops, that go around your ear lobes with a clasp at the back for locking. They are either plain gold or encrusted with diamonds, along its length, even though this collection has only gold earrings for men.  These simple gold stud earrings can be worn with any outfit, even though, try and avoid them for office wear. With traditional or casual outfits, these can be worn and flaunted with ease & élan.

Mens Gold Earrings Studs

Small golden stud earrings make men look really handsome and chic. The USP here is, it looks equally elegant and royal on men of all ages; not just in India, but outside too. some gold jewellery for men is designed in such a way that it remains very flexible for matching with one’s attire. Like rings, chains, pendants or studs. One may feel that gold stud earrings for men is the most contemporary style statement, but let us be reminded that our men from the ancient ages have been glorifying jewellery and ornaments: if we can look back a few centuries in the past. The kings, the princes, the emperors, the rulers and the royals; all the men wore some or the other kind of jewellery, though in different tastes and styles. These pieces were usually carved in precious or semi-precious metals, using stones, studs, kundans, gemstones, pearls and other available material that they though were important ornamentally.

Gold Earrings for Mens Online

Gold earrings for men are made of pure 22K gold and may have a touch of white rhodium finish. It can also have ridges for a layered effect; the heaviest one weighing 5gms. These are priced between 11000 to 17000.


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