Gold Punjabi Kada

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Sankara Gold Kada
Rs. 118,425

Offer Price: Rs. 94,511 (50% Making Off)

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Saeed Gold Kada
Rs. 124,791

Offer Price: Rs. 99,591 (50% Making Off)

Classic Design Me...
Rs. 158,363

Offer Price: Rs. 126,752 (50% Making Off)

Anik Kyra Gold Ka...
Rs. 112,477

Offer Price: Rs. 90,492 (50% Making Off)

Padmanabha Gold Kada
Rs. 496,238

Offer Price: Rs. 388,574 (55% Making Off)

Antique Elephant ...
Rs. 379,522

Offer Price: Rs. 297,181 (55% Making Off)

Elegant Gold Kada
Rs. 184,022

Offer Price: Rs. 147,290 (50% Making Off)

The Half Gold Kada
Rs. 177,908

Offer Price: Rs. 146,507 (50% Making Off)

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Punjabi Sikh Gold...
Rs. 153,164

Offer Price: Rs. 122,592 (50% Making Off)

Neo Royale Gold Kada
Rs. 199,285

Offer Price: Rs. 159,507 (50% Making Off)

Om Namoh Shivay G...
Rs. 275,144

Offer Price: Rs. 215,449 (55% Making Off)

Archad Gold Kada
Rs. 157,187

Offer Price: Rs. 123,084 (55% Making Off)

Divine Gold Kada
Rs. 184,022

Offer Price: Rs. 147,290 (50% Making Off)

Om Namah Shivay Punjabi Gold Kada
Rs. 244,398

Offer Price: Rs. 191,374 (55% Making Off)

Om Namah Shivay G...
Rs. 244,398

Offer Price: Rs. 191,374 (55% Making Off)

Sirvir Gold Kada
Rs. 184,022

Offer Price: Rs. 147,290 (50% Making Off)


Mens Punjabi Kada

Wearing gold is a liberty that only the affluent enjoy, as a mandatory ornament in the northern parts of India. Females and males alike enjoy the presence of this beautiful rich jewellery on their wrists, devoid of the need of an occasion or event! It marks the prosperity of the wearer and their families. Success and triumph are only symbolized into fashionable gold kadas. Fashion trends are always moving, transforming, styles never change. Style is something that is personal, individualistic. Fashion is what people follow. Fashion becomes public whilst styles stick to individuals. You can always be in style whilst subtly keeping a check on fashion movements.

Punjabi Kada Designs

Always keep a collection of “fashion heights” gold kada designs with you to suit all occasions, all events, so there is no last minute rush or confusion. Well, the classic design is just perfect for your brother’s wedding - the Classic Round Kada with Edge - make this gift memorable for him that weighs 35 gms. Don’t lose track of contemporary fashion trends in gold kadas for men, when Candere is here!

Gold Punjabi Kada

A designer gold kada like the “Fashion Gold Kada” is the perfect choice for your husband’s birthday; a true Punjabi should be gifted nothing but the best - a Fancy Punjabi Kada - for him to flaunt his gold kada in style. This one has a subtle, intricate design on a robust gold kada! Stylish gold kadas come in sizes, shapes and designs, for example, this one: Stylish Gold Kada with a striped design for elegance and a smart look. If you are the sports champion and would love to have the protection and blessings of your Guru with you during your performances, then this - Champion’s Gold Kada should not be away from your wrists.

Punjabi Kada Price

Candere has a collection of stylish, precious and expensive gold kadas for men in the smooth, lustrous finish and link designs under the categories of Fashion Gold Kadas, Every Day Gold Kadas and Gold Bracelets - to suit your tastes and budget too. The collection starts at Rs. 51,610 only!

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