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Chain For Boys

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  1. Veneer Gold Chain Veneer Gold Chain
    ₹22,191.00 ₹16,145.00 ₹20,896.00

    55% OFF on Making

  2. Strinking Gold Chain Strinking Gold Chain
    ₹9,401.00 ₹11,201.00

    40% OFF on Making

  3. shipFast
    Navya Plain Gold Chain Navya Plain Gold Chain
    ₹19,212.00 ₹24,864.00

    55% OFF on Making

  4. shipFast
    Glimmer Gold Chain Glimmer Gold Chain
    ₹43,668.00 ₹58,069.00

    60% OFF on Making

  5. shipFast
    Enticing Plain Gold Chain Enticing Plain Gold Chain
    ₹16,896.00 ₹21,867.00

    55% OFF on Making

  6. Vidhu Gold Chain Vidhu Gold Chain
    ₹54,056.00 ₹68,502.00

    60% OFF on Making

  7. shipFast
    Paryah Gold Chain Paryah Gold Chain
    ₹21,310.00 ₹26,740.00

    55% OFF on Making

  8. Durjaya Gold Chain Durjaya Gold Chain
    ₹35,007.00 ₹43,530.00

    55% OFF on Making

  9. Shravas Gold Chain Shravas Gold Chain
    ₹52,403.00 ₹66,865.00

    60% OFF on Making

  10. Sourish Gold Chain Sourish Gold Chain
    ₹92,574.00 ₹123,104.00

    60% OFF on Making

  11. Sriyaan Gold Chain Sriyaan Gold Chain
    ₹65,167.00 ₹86,658.00

    60% OFF on Making

  12. Stavya Gold Chain Stavya Gold Chain
    ₹152,260.00 ₹202,472.00

    60% OFF on Making

  13. bestSeller
    Coined Gold Coimbatore Chain Coined Gold Coimbatore Chain
    ₹49,942.00 ₹66,411.00

    60% OFF on Making

  14. bestSeller
    Knotted Gold Coimbatore Chain Knotted Gold Coimbatore Chain
    ₹49,332.00 ₹65,601.00

    60% OFF on Making

  15. Leaf Links Gold Stamped Chain Leaf Links Gold Stamped Chain
    ₹59,259.00 ₹78,802.00

    60% OFF on Making

  16. Tyre Links Gold Bombay Chain Tyre Links Gold Bombay Chain
    ₹49,332.00 ₹65,601.00

    60% OFF on Making

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Chain for Boys: Accessorize with Confidence and Style

For years, men have worn chain necklaces to display wealth, status, and power. Chain for boys is more than just an accessory; it symbolizes a life journey, special moment, or adventure.

Depending on the outfits boys carry, they decide on the chain type. Therefore, before buying a chain necklace decide on the metal and colour of the necklace, its thickness, the kind of outfits you wear, texture, and length of the chains.

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Different Chain Designs for Boys

Most of the chain for boys is 50 cm (20"). This is the ideal length as it falls between the top two buttons of a shirt and at the collarbone. Pendant necklaces look best at a length of 55-63 cm (22-25") as it falls on the middle of the chest.

If you want a subtle look, chains with a width of 2-6 mm are ideal. However, chains that are 12mm wide can look a bit flashy. Considering this, chains for boys come in a variety of designs, including classic dog tags with personalized engravement.

Chain necklaces are classified as cable, curb, marine, figaro, rope, wheat, ball, box, and snake chains depending on the type of links, pendant necklaces, religious necklaces, beaded necklaces, and leather necklaces.

Find a design that matches your style and walk out in style.

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Types of Candere's Chain for Boys

Candere brings you a wide range of boys' chain designs that can cater to individual preferences. You can choose pure gold, platinum, and silver chains for casual outings and special occasions.

The price starts from ₹9,000 and ranges up to ₹5,62,553 depending on the material used, the weight of the material, the intricacy of the design, and the quality of gemstones used in the making.

If you prefer to make a unique style statement, go for a sleek and elegant Viper Platinum Chain. If you are fond of bold and flashy chains, Casanova gold chain will steal the show.

Apart from these, the Parnika Platinum and rose gold chain, double box platinum chain, Calyx platinum chain, Corisa Nivara Gold chain, etc., are some of our favorite picks. Check out all chain for boys at Candere and shop for your favorite design.

Get Your Favorite Chain with DGRP

Give yourself a taste of unique jewellery designs by ordering your favorite piece from Candere with a Double Gold Rate Protection plan, under which the buyer pays only 10% of the total amount at the checkout.

You can pay the remaining amount in easy installments over a few months. This can save you a fortune and help you buy your favorite product immediately. So, why wait, then? Explore a variety of high-quality chain necklaces at Candere and purchase your favorite design today!

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Q: How do I choose the right chain for boys?

A: To choose the right chain, you should consider your style, the width of the chain, the occasion you want to wear it, and the bracelet's quality.

Q: Which are the most popular chain for boys?

A: Most popular chain designs are leather chains, metal chains, beads chains, and Figaro Chain link necklaces.