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Diamond Engagement Rings

Diamond Engagement Rings

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Diamond Engagement Rings - the beginning of a commitment

Searching for the ideal spouse has always been an objective for a sound marriage, however, we are certain that searching for the ideal or the perfect unique engagement ring for women at Candere is effortless. The diamond ring is a physical representation to consecrate your vows with your spouse in your marriage. It’s an indication that your vows are just as strong and everlasting as the precious stone. 

We at Candere hope to offer the right diamond ring that does not only hold the precious stone but also absorbs strong and precious memories and feelings along the way. With a plethora of design options available for diamond engagement rings for couples on our website, choosing the right ring among so many bests is the only challenge.

So, discover a whole new exciting collection of engagement rings for women online at Candere with a vast variety within your budget according to today gold rate in mumbai. If you’re looking to buy diamond engagement rings online, we’re sure you’ll also enjoy browsing our collections of Rings, Men's Ring, Gold Rings, Stone Rings, Men’s Gold Rings, Platinum Rings & Couple Rings.

Diamond Ring For Engagement

Interestingly, as opposed to the common belief that love should ‘culminate’ in marital union, it is actually the beginning of a new journey of the same pair of lovers. Love is emboldened by marriage, and diamonds act as a catalyst here.

Engagement Ring Designs

When it comes to an engagement ring or anguti, we have quite an elaborate catalog to explore. From pocket-friendly designs to premium ones, everything is available here. The wallet-friendly according to options are crafted in silver with a hint of rose gold and diamonds while the premium design requires no introduction. 

 Make sure you check out all the ring designs before settling for one! Candere has a collection of artistic diamond engagement rings designs for you to enjoy your shopping experience with your partner.These days, buying a diamond engagement ring is not a secret from your partner; there is an increasing trend to go shopping with your to-be-fiancé for the perfect ring. Since it will be a permanent mark of your love on their fingers, it makes a lot of sense to invest time and energy into it and enjoy it together. If you’re looking to buy diamond engagement rings online, you should also check out our collection of Diamond Rings, Solitaire Rings, Stone Rings & Men’s Diamond Rings.

Diamond Engagement Ring Designs for Female

Engagement is the beginning of a commitment - that's precisely what jewellery are meant for - eternity, commitment, and unconditional love. To be in love is a beautiful feeling and diamond rings can manifest this feeling into something very tangible! Every shape of a diamond that is set onto an engagement ring is unique in shape and size. Shapes are Princess, round, marquise, baguette, pear, oval, or emerald; whereas sizes vary in carat that determines its price. The setting of the diamonds could vary between prong, pave, bezel, channel, or pressure settings; whereas the shank of the ring varies from split, tapered, reverse tapered, or knife edge. Even though, what you finally choose depends largely on the personality and tastes of the one who is going to wear it.

Diamond Engagement Rings For Girls

You could choose the colour of your gold, apart from your stone: yellow, white or rose pink.

These days, there is another trend in buying engagement rings online: something different from diamonds; people choose coloured stones too. Candere also has gemstone engagement rings for you to choose from and what’s best, you can get your ring engraved or even customized. This collection also varies in colour, size, shape, carat, settings, shoulder type, and pricing. Also explore our platinum rings for women, blue diamond ring, white gold rings & rose gold ring for girl.

Diamond Engagement Rings Price

Prices for diamond engagement rings vary from INR 12,000 to 2.7 lakhs. You could choose a single solitaire, or three-stone, multi-stone or halo setting or even go for an illusion diamond ring; and decide upon your diamond sizes from 0.05 ct to 1 carat and above. Also checkout our collections big diamond rings, diamond ring under 10000, black diamond ring & ladies diamond ring.

Diamond Engagement Rings Online

The diamonds in our inventory are checked for quality and purity by the IGI (International Gemological Institute). Thus, the diamond jewellery you would be receiving is genuine with purity, colour, cut, clarity, and weight and the certificate will consist of detailed information on the jewellery. This certification is a reflection of our ethics and an effort to gain your trust in our commitments.

Buy Diamond Engagement Rings with DGRP

The Double Gold Rate Protection is a feature from Candere that allows you to invest in gold or diamond ornaments in installments without having to worry about its fluctuating prices. Thus you get to buy jewellery on emi without burdening your pockets at once. Pay 10% of the final cart amount to enroll and you can avail your ornaments for the price that it was bought for through regular installments regardless of the prices of gold and diamond raising higher. However, in case the gold or diamond prices drop then you can finish paying up for the installments and claim your diamond engagement rings for women or any other ornament for the revised dropped price. In short you will have to pay for your gold ornaments at the booking day’s rate or less.


How much is an engagement Diamond Ring?

The Price for a Diamond Engagement Ring changes depending on the current Gold Price, Materials used and Offers. On Candere’s Website, you can shop from a wide range of Authentic BIS Hallmarked Engagement Rings starting at Rs.15,826 going up to Rs.6,38,248.

Which cut of Diamonds looks the biggest?

A trick to making your solitaires look bigger is to opt for elongated shapes like marquise, pear-shape and oval shaped cuts!

Where can I sell a Diamond Engagement Ring?

At Candere, you can exchange your previous purchases for newer designs or cash returns. You can even sell your ring to any offline retailers or can opt for online platforms as well! 

Why are Diamonds used for Engagement Rings?

In Modern Times, Diamonds are symbolic of Mutual Commitment and Ever-lasting Love. Hence, they’re the perfect choice for an Engagement Ring!

Where to buy a Diamond Engagement Ring?

Candere by Kalyan Jewellers has an extensive range of Authentic Certified Diamond Engagement Rings! You customize your picks in One Click, Shop Online and Offline, or book your purchase with Installments through DGRP.