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Diamond Earrings

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Diamond Earrings Online

When it comes to women and jewelry, every single woman has her own choice and a purpose behind that choice. And there's no stopping them, women, when the heart is on diamonds or solitaires...There is no end to the diamond-craze and the race to own the best diamond earrings for one-self. Well, shopping online for jewellery has been made simpler, faster mainly because buyers find an abundance of diamond earrings designs online. There is an endless creativity involved in making diamond jewelry or diamond earrings for that matter - a creativity that is passed on from generations to generations, and from the craftsman to the wearer!


Diamonds whisper sweet nothings into your ears, they 'touch' you in a special way. When you own a diamond, you own it. You’re proud. Period. Diamond earring designs have witnessed a remarkable evolution since time unknown from simple studs to hanging earrings, it has been through all the stages that can be imagined.

Diamond Earrings Designs

From elongated diamond danglers, to circular diamond hoops, from contemporary cocktail diamond earrings to diamond baalis, from solitaire studs to simple diamond studs, start your affair with an avante garde collection of diamond earrings designs on Candere; find your perfect diamond or solitaire shape, from the royal princess-cut to classical round shape or oval, pear or baguette - everyone’s favourite, because of the subtle grace it adds to any diamond jewellery design at par.

Designer Diamond Earrings

Start your 'diamond' affair right away with Candere! Candere has a competent collection of designer diamond earrings, no matter what your occasion to buy. Build your own collection with designer diamond earrings from Candere. We take pride, because care and meticulousness is practiced when manufacturing diamond earrings and diamond jewelry. Make a statement and grab attention with these designer diamond earrings and enjoy seeing all eyes get stuck on their glimmer. Feel like a diva when you flash your diamonds, feel like you own the universe. Witness these earrings sway with your movements and gentle nods of your heads as you make intriguing conversations while the crowd is still reeling from your diamond-drama.


 With constant innovation on designs and styles or even concepts, we’ll never fail to offer our patrons, the latest designs in diamond earrings.

Diamond Earrings India

Diamond earrings in India have been a part of all occasions, festivities, weddings, bonding, parties, etc. since ages; now then Indian women cannot have an important celebration without wearing diamond jewellery. Even though, there has been a considerable shift and transformation in buying trends and demand-supply cycle with designs, settings, carat sizes, etc.; the industry has only witnessed an interesting evolution.


 You can also choose the colour of gold to suit your personality: the traditional yellow, the westernized white or the feminie rose pink. 

Diamond Earrings Price

Prices for diamond earrings online, ranges from INR 20,000 to INR 5.55 lakh for a pair of gorgeous 2 ct round solitaire studs, surrounded by a pair of concentric circles. Diamond earring price in India is quite competitive; the perfect range to suit all types of pockets and also to enable you to enhance your beauty with diamonds and hold them close to your ears! Why would you shy away from buying diamond earrings online for a higher price range, when Candere offers the EMI plan and purchase option for every diamond earring purchased online.

Certified Diamond Earrings

You can expect authentic and only certified diamond jewellery from Candere, stamped by IGI, GIA and BIS Hallmarking with complete trust on your online jewellery. Always ask for an invoice for your purchase and a certificate to accompany your jewellery.

Diamond Earrings On EMI

What’s best with Candere is that you can now come closer to buying that dream diamond earring thanks to our EMI plan and purchase option, curated especially for our buyers… Now don’t stop or limit yourself, go ahead and buy diamond jewellery on EMI and ask for a plan or make your own plan.


Thanks to an online presence across several digital market places, Candere is able to reach out to elite jewellery customers across metro cities like: Mumbai, New Delhi, Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad, Chandigarh, Kolkata, Indore, and Pune.


Rs. 17,213 Rs. 13,770

Style No C013118

Rs. 9,321 Rs. 7,457

Style No C013155

Rs. 14,051 Rs. 11,241

Style No C013153

Rs. 20,333 Rs. 14,752

Style No C013132

Rs. 32,479 Rs. 23,554

Style No C010702

Rs. 20,149 Rs. 13,126

Style No C012338

Rs. 26,676 Rs. 19,204

Style No C012916

Rs. 31,801 Rs. 23,433

Style No C010635

Rs. 19,909 Rs. 15,927

Style No C012913

Rs. 18,021 Rs. 14,417

Style No R010624

Rs. 19,049 Rs. 15,239

Style No C010125

Rs. 19,873 Rs. 15,898

Style No C012894

Rs. 25,726 Rs. 18,517

Style No C002667

Rs. 23,189 Rs. 16,203

Style No C010630

Rs. 17,569 Rs. 14,055

Style No C001436

Rs. 18,268 Rs. 14,614

Style No C010663