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Just Solitaires

Just Solitaires

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What is Solitaire & Meaning of Solitaire Jewellery

Solitaire can trace its origins back to Ancient Roman times, when gold bands were occasionally set with a single uncut diamond crystal. These crystals would have been acquired directly from Indian traders and were highly prized by the Romans.

Taking into account the transition and and early trading costumes through the silk route and into the indus valley. It became a prominent and preferred choice of value in exchanges between traders and merchants. The value and glamour of solitaire has only risen and made a name for itself. Explore more here Solitaire Mangalsutra, Solitaire Jewellery & Gemstone Solitaire Studs.

Solitaire Jewellery Designs

Creating and emerging as a true champion within the diamond chess board. Solitaire made a mark and still reigns supreme. Variating and combining its allure with rose gold, white, gold and others creating a wide range of jewellery choices.

Solitaire Diamond jewellery

Solitaires are diamonds that are set in jewellery all by itself. They are the main highlight of the jewellery. It’s most popular form of jewellery is rings.

Solitaire Rings are most famous for marriage proposals.  The rest of the jewellery like earrings, pendants, nose pins is also becoming fairly famous these days.

In this page, you will find all types of designs that can be worn and bought for multiple purposes like.

Solitaire Rings

The most popular variation with it is with engagement rings. If you are here to pick a solitaire rings for your proposal, here are some of the top selling and best designs for you - Waves Engagement Ring, Secret Heart Engagement Ring, etc.

If you have a design in your mind, feel free to get your customized jewellery made from us.

Solitaire Earring

Solitaire earrings with a sparkling stone make the best daily wear.

Pick out your new pair of daily wear earrings today. Here are the noteworthy designs - Keelin Diamond Earrings,  Jeri Diamond Earrings, The Arabesque Diamond Earrings, etc. You can find more designs below.

Solitaire Pendant

Solitaire jewellery is undoubtedly a wonderful gift. Solitaire pendants are the safest gift option. Grab any of these pendants and give a gift that’ll be cherished for a lifetime.

Here are some of the top picks – Inferno Pendant, Peary Eyed Diamond Pendant, 0.30ct Solitaire Diamond Pendant. You can find more similar jewellery on the page below.

Solitaire Nose Pin

Solitaire jewellery is most common in nose pins. These tiny nose pins can’t have multiple stones set to form the design. Here are some of the solitaire nose pin designs in this sestion- The Stunner Diamond Nose Pin, 0.10ct Donna Diamond Nose Pin, etc.

Solitaire Bangles

Not everyone loves wearing bangles that make a jingling sound. For those of you who prefer to keep it classy and quiet, solitaire bangles are the best to adorn your precious wrists. We have handpicked collections of solitaire bangles with us – Aakarsha Diamond Bangles, Chalitha Diamond Bangles, Deepsitha Diamond Bangles, Bhavitha Diamond Bangles, etc.

Solitaire Bands

Solitaire jewellery is such a gorgeous piece of jewellery that even men love to wear it. Here are some solitaire jewellery (band) options for men – Navya Diamond Band, Kari Diamond Band, Harris wedding Band, Thomas wedding Band, etc.

Solitaire Bracelets

The latest trend in the market is tennis bracelets. We have several options for you in this category – Fashionova Diamond Bracelet,  Vanessa Diamond Bracelet. We also have simple solitaire bracelets like Vanilla Diamond Bracelet, Pale Pierre Diamond Bracelet, etc.

Buy Solitaire Jewellery on EMI with DGRP

Solitaire jewellery at Candere are already available at some of the best prices in the market. However, with the DGRP plan, you can get even greater value for your money when you buy solitaire jewellery. Explore more here Solitaire Rings For Mens & Solitaire Rings For Women.


The plan allows you to book your jewellery by only paying 10% of the price and then choosing from 2-12 months’ installment options. With zero processing fees and no interest rate you can avail a lower gold rate if market prices fall.

So, book your jewellery and be assured that you shall get the best prices when buying authentic gold and solitaire bracelets from Candere. 

Once ordered, you can sit back and relax while we get your jewellery made and certified. You will receive it around two weeks from the date of your order. Explore more here White Gold Solitaire Ring & Single Solitaire Diamond Ring.