Men's Chains

Men's Chains

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Avery Gold Chain
Rs. 26,478

Offer Price: Rs. 21,144 (55% Making Off on Gold Jewellery)

Highway Gold Chain
Rs. 36,808

Offer Price: Rs. 30,817 (55% Making Off on Gold Jewellery)

Kamal Gold Chain
Rs. 49,971

Offer Price: Rs. 42,920 (55% Making Off on Gold Jewellery)

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Lucian Gold Chain
Rs. 28,396

Offer Price: Rs. 22,675 (55% Making Off on Gold Jewellery)

Marcia Gold Chain
Rs. 59,735

Offer Price: Rs. 51,305 (55% Making Off on Gold Jewellery)

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Destiny Gold Chain
Rs. 47,845

Offer Price: Rs. 38,781 (55% Making Off on Gold Jewellery)

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Roosevelt Gold Chain
Rs. 62,304

Offer Price: Rs. 53,512 (55% Making Off on Gold Jewellery)

Rudraksha Nivara ...
Rs. 81,727

Offer Price: Rs. 68,908 (55% Making Off on Gold Jewellery)

Rope Gold Chain
Rs. 88,796

Offer Price: Rs. 74,599 (55% Making Off on Gold Jewellery)

Cleo Gold Chain
Rs. 111,753

Offer Price: Rs. 92,261 (60% Making off on Gold Jewellery)

Bhuvika Kyra Gold...
Rs. 67,725

Offer Price: Rs. 56,896 (55% Making Off on Gold Jewellery)

Darrell Scott Gol...
Rs. 81,228

Offer Price: Rs. 66,353 (55% Making Off on Gold Jewellery)

Sebestian Gold Chain
Rs. 85,565

Offer Price: Rs. 71,885 (55% Making Off on Gold Jewellery)

Delores Gold Chain
Rs. 96,269

Offer Price: Rs. 80,877 (55% Making Off on Gold Jewellery)

Abdon Gold Chain
Rs. 382,449

Offer Price: Rs. 315,743 (60% Making off on Gold Jewellery)

Darian Gold Chain
Rs. 58,610

Offer Price: Rs. 47,507 (55% Making Off on Gold Jewellery)


One of the types of jewellery that men wear today is chains. The men’s chains are usually thicker and longer. For men, the chain is usually flashy while for women, the pendant gets all the attention.

In this page, you will find an assortment of men’s chains that are suitable for multiple occasions like daily wear, casual outings, party wear, festive, wedding, engagement, wedding, anniversary, etc. Explore all the men’s chains from various categories below. Also explore our Necklace, Diamond Necklace, Stone Necklace & Gold Necklace & Necklace Sets.

Chains for Men

If you know someone who wears a lot of chains, you are at the right place. We have an elite collection of gold chains designs for you to pick one from. These gold chains mens can be categorized into machine made chains and handmade chain. If you’re looking for a Rudraksha chain, simply select ‘Gold & Gemstone’ filter in Material. There are more filters to sort the list of men’s chain below.

Chains Designs For Men Online

Gold Chains designs that you will find below includes a wide range of options to choose from. These men’s chains are thin daily wear designs like Lucian men’s Chain, Myrns gold men’s chain, Darcey men’s gold chain, etc. Here are some men’s chains option for festive wear - Santiago gold chain, Parker men’s chain, Dolores gold men’s chain, etc. Also explore our Diamond Bangles, Diamond Bracelets, Diamond Mangalsutras, Diamond Nose Pins, Diamond Studs.

Kalyan Jewellers Chains for Men

We have a handful of Kalyan Jewellers Chainwith us. Some of these men’s chains are part of the wedding collection. However, if you like the design, simply go ahead and order these men’s chains in your preferred length and thickness and your chain is good to go. Here are some options - Flat Curb nivara gold chain, Rudraksh gold chain, Double Ring nivara chain, etc. Explore more such men’s chains below. Also explore our Platinum Chain, Daily Wear Chain, Mangalsutra Chains, Handmade Chain & Italian Chain.

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