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  1. Mangalsutra Gold Chain Mangalsutra Gold Chain
    ₹22,713.00 ₹27,074.00

    40% Off on Making on Gold jewellery

  2. bestSeller
    Mathew Bagal Dana Gold Chain Mathew Bagal Dana Gold Chain
    ₹170,130.00 ₹204,893.00

    60% Off on Making on Gold jewellery

  3. shipFast
    Avery Gold Chain Avery Gold Chain
    ₹27,874.00 ₹33,825.00

    45% Off on Making on Gold jewellery

  4. shipFast
    Highway Gold Chain Highway Gold Chain
    ₹33,085.00 ₹40,148.00

    45% Off on Making on Gold jewellery

  5. Darcey Gold Chain
    ₹81,394.00 ₹99,109.00

    50% Off on Making on Gold jewellery

  6. shipFast
    Aliyah Gold Chain Aliyah Gold Chain
    ₹107,487.00 ₹133,793.00

    55% Off on Making on Gold jewellery

  7. shipFast
    Sebestian Gold Chain Sebestian Gold Chain
    ₹100,796.00 ₹121,755.00

    55% Off on Making on Gold jewellery

  8. shipFast
    Darian Gold Chain Darian Gold Chain
    ₹67,930.00 ₹83,156.00

    50% Off on Making on Gold jewellery

  9. Alexander Gold Chain Alexander Gold Chain
    ₹84,617.00 ₹105,326.00

    55% Off on Making on Gold jewellery

  10. bestSeller
    Sonia Gold Chain Sonia Gold Chain
    ₹83,113.00 ₹103,453.00

    55% Off on Making on Gold jewellery

  11. shipFast
    Small Gold Rope Chain Small Gold Rope Chain
    ₹17,162.00 ₹20,709.00

    40% Off on Making on Gold jewellery

  12. shipFast
    Paryah Gold Chain Paryah Gold Chain
    ₹23,230.00 ₹27,325.00

    40% Off on Making on Gold jewellery

  13. Ishani Twisted Gold Chain Ishani Twisted Gold Chain
    ₹19,631.00 ₹23,092.00

    40% Off on Making on Gold jewellery

  14. shipFast
    Charming Gold Chain Charming Gold Chain
    ₹8,502.00 ₹10,149.00

    35% Off on Making on Gold jewellery

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Exquisite Chain Design For All

Chains are one of the most common pieces worn in India. Apart from housewives wearing simple and plain designs as they go about their daily work, thicker chains are one of the most common options sold among men’s jewellery. And with changing trends, there are plenty of designs for both men and women to choose from. At Candere, we have compiled this collection of all kinds of chains suitable for men and women alike! With options in an incredible variety of designs and price points, you can take your pick from the pieces that are the most suitable for you.

Chain Designs Trends Online

This page lists a huge variety of designs for you to pick from. These include machine chains, handmade chains, mangalsutra with chains, lariat chains, and pendant necklaces made in gold and platinum and with gemstones as well. Each chain comes in varying lengths, so you can choose the one that suits your need. Please note that the price of the chain varies with a change in length because extra metal is required to make the design. Chains can also be sorted based on the metal weight as per the given filter above.

Buy Chains for Men and Women Online

We have 30+ designs of gold chains for men. Based on your preferred length and thickness, every chain can be bought in 22K Yellow Gold. Similarly, for women, you will find both festive and daily wear chains. For the married woman, you can refresh your vows with a new mangalsutra chain available in stunning modern designs. Here are a few of them starting from Rs. 21,572 – Bottu, Wati, Thali, Maharashtrian Bride, Banita, Ashwika, Atmaja and many more! Scroll up to find more of these.

Fancy Chain Designs

Fancy chains make the best daily wear for those who want to wear a little more but don’t want to overdo their look. It’s slightly heavier than usual. Hence you can wear them as festive as well as party wear. Our fancy chains are mostly from our wedding collections – Omusa, Arni, Barnes, Genna, Crystal Spring, Satya, Herald, Malka, Iyushi, Flat Curb and many more! Also explore our Necklace, Diamond Necklace, Stone Necklace & Gold Necklace & Necklace Sets.

Buy Chain online at best the Price

Chain pricing at Candere starts at Rs. 10,537 (approx). The chains at Candere can be considered lower than this owing to the jaw-dropping offers we give to all our customers. Not only will you find your choice of eternity rings here, but you will also find them at affordable pricing. Diamond price in India is quite competitive; the perfect range to suit all types of budgets and to let you enhance your look whether at work or festivities! You can also get insurance for your gold chains at checkout to safeguard your jewellery from unwanted mishaps. Also explore our rose gold chain, cuban chainrose gold chain for women, rose gold chain for men, chain necklace for women .     

Buy Chain Online on EMI with DGRP

Chains at Candere are available at incredibly affordable rates. However, we have plans in place that make them even more affordable for you! In comes the Double Gold Rate Protection (DGRP) Plan! As the name suggests, this plan provides you with double protection in terms of the gold rate! The first level of protection is provided when you pay for your jewellery at the rate applicable on the day you booked your jewellery.

The second protection comes in the form of allowing you to change your plan if the gold rates fall in the future. This means that you are guaranteed to get your jewellery at the lowest rate possible, even after purchasing. Additional benefits, such as no processing fees, zero interest rates, a meagre 10% booking fee and the option to pay for your gold chain in 2-6 monthly instalments and diamond jewellery at 2-12 monthly instalments, make Candere the best choice for buying your chains and other jewellery!