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Mens Diamond Ring

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    Zitin Diamond Ring  Zitin Diamond Ring
    ₹16,253.00 ₹18,397.00

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    Ross Diamond Ring Ross Diamond Ring
    ₹15,920.00 ₹19,684.00

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    Jim Diamond Wedding Ring for Him Jim Diamond Wedding Ring for Him
    ₹18,782.00 ₹21,461.00

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    Neil Diamond Ring Neil Diamond Ring
    ₹19,927.00 ₹22,756.00

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  5. Rocco Diamond Ring Rocco Diamond Ring
    ₹20,364.00 ₹23,228.00

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    Kabir Diamond Ring Kabir Diamond Ring
    ₹21,608.00 ₹24,287.00

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  7. Dan Diamond Ring Dan Diamond Ring
    ₹23,069.00 ₹25,600.00

    50% OFF on Making

  8. Lorenzo Diamond Ring Lorenzo Diamond Ring
    ₹22,255.00 ₹26,141.00

    35% OFF on Stone Price

  9. Arnoud Diamond Ring Arnoud Diamond Ring
    ₹23,756.00 ₹26,435.00

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    Subir Diamond Ring Subir Diamond Ring
    ₹24,425.00 ₹27,034.00

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    Claudio Diamond Ring Claudio Diamond Ring
    ₹22,129.00 ₹27,347.00

    100% OFF on Making

  12. Ivaan Diamond Ring Ivaan Diamond Ring
    ₹22,655.00 ₹27,575.00

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  13. ourPick
    Varad Diamond Ring Varad Diamond Ring
    ₹25,388.00 ₹28,890.00

    50% OFF on Making

  14. Ellijah Diamond Ring Ellijah Diamond Ring
    ₹25,855.00 ₹30,548.00

    100% OFF on Making

  15. Paul Diamond Mens Ring Paul Diamond Mens Ring
    ₹25,162.00 ₹30,678.00

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  16. Ethan Diamond Ring Ethan Diamond Ring
    ₹25,691.00 ₹31,277.00

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Diamond Rings For Men

Looking for diamond anguthi or diamond rings for men? Scroll through the designs above as we have some amazing options lined up for you. From lightweight single diamond rings for men designs to diamond rings for men, you will find a variety of designs to explore from above. We also ensure our catalogue is updated regularly to help you land on some trending designs too!

While jewellery has always been associated with women, with changing buying behaviours and numerous occasions day in day out, men lavish themselves with jewellery too and there’s no stopping them either, when they have their heart set on diamonds and diamond jewellery. Hence, you will find an exclusive collection of diamond rings for men on Candere, with all possibilities of styling, designing, patterns or even the make of it.

Men's Diamond Ring Designs

From subtle to bold; from elusive to blatant, from gentle to robust - we have the widest range of latest diamond rings design for men and you will be wowed. Candere has some really classic diamond rings for men, for you to indulge in. Diamond men’s ring design appeal to young and older men alike and are purchased usually for engagements, weddings, anniversaries or birthdays; even though there are several other occasions like Father’s Day, Diwali, Valentine’s Day, Rakhi, Friendship Day or even Christmas for people to buy the latest diamond rings for men.

It is noteworthy that a typical trend follows when it comes to setting patterns in diamond rings for men - diamonds will be usually arranged in geometrical discipline or an abstract style just to give it a masculine look and feel. Thus making the shank broader and the mound thick and sturdy looking: in a 3*3, 3*2, 2*3 or 4*3 and even 4*4 setting. The mound can be either squarish, or semi-circular, depending on the designer. Or, the entire ring has cut-edges with single or very few diamonds. You can also choose to get your ring engraved with your partner’s name or heart and infinity symbols if it is a wedding ring. With such customisations, this piece can become a personal artefact that is of immense significance to both you and your lovely partner.

Designs Of Diamond Rings

For all our gentlemen clients, our designer diamond rings for men hold a plethora of opportunities to express and impress both in one go: buy the best diamond rings in India for men. We’d love to reveal that the best diamond rings for men sold on our e-store are the solitaire rings for men whose diamond sizes range from 0.50ct to 1 ct and above; even though we have diamond sizes as tiny as 0.15 ct. Shapes of the stone could be either princess or the classic round cut.

There are diamond eternity bands, couple bands, platinum rings for men, solitaire rings for men, classic designs or multi stone diamond rings for men sometimes embedded with religious patterns.

Diamond Rings Price for Men

Diamond rings for men price are between a wide price bucket from below INR 20,000 to a massive 6.4 lakh and above. Candere’s USP - is that you get to scroll through one of the widest ranges of diamond jewellery set and has undeniably a collection of fine jewellery that any retail store has to offer while you warm your seat. Candere gives you the convenience of buying top notch diamond jewellery at any time from anywhere and it will reach your doorstep.

The simplest and most affordable mens diamond rings can be found for just INR 17,000. This is the Jim Diamond Wedding Ring For Him, which features a stunning pattern in combinations of yellow and white gold or white and rose gold, this can be just the piece to express your eternal love as you say your vows. On the other end of the price spectrum, you get the Maestro Diamond Ring For Him at a whopping INR 11 Lakhs. This exquisite piece features a single 1.5ct solitaire sitting atop a thick gold band, which you can customise in yellow or white gold. You can also experiment with the quality of the diamond solitaire, which you can get in I2 GH, SI IJ, SI GH, VS GH, or VVS EF. While the price will increase accordingly, you will be guaranteed to get a truly exceptional piece that exceeds all your expectations.

With these mens diamond rings available within the range of 0.05 carats to more than 1 carat, you are sure to get only the best pieces handpicked for the mens’ rings collection. Furthermore, with metal weight ranging from 2 grams to 20 grams, you can also ensure that the ring you get is set in sturdy and solid metal. So, add one of these to your collection and flaunt your style for all to see with Candere’s collection of mens diamond ringsAlso explore our Casual Rings, Eternity Rings, Promise Rings, Classic Rings & Three Stone Rings.

Certified Men's Diamond Ring

You can expect only authentic and certified diamond jewellery from Candere, stamped with BIS hallmarking and IGI, GIA certified diamonds and gemstones with complete trust on your online jeweller. Always ask for an invoice for your purchase and a certificate to accompany your jewellery. Also explore our Rings, Men's Ring, Gold Rings, Stone Rings, Men’s Gold Rings, Platinum Rings & Couple Rings.

Diamond Rings for Men Online

Our online catalogue of real diamond rings for men is one of the largest online collections and undeniably has way more variety than any retail store out there. The diamond rings for men are available in different design types like the band diamond rings for men, broad diamond rings for men, delicate diamond rings for men, multi-stone diamond rings for men and solitaire diamond rings for men. Each design type has its unique aesthetic appeal. Depending on your preferences, we have arranged an enormous range of diamond rings for men. In case you aren't able to find what you are looking for which is extremely rare, then you could always get your own custom-made diamond ring from our highly skilled craftsmen. Our craftsmen are known for their precision and perfection and all the ornaments made from these craftsmen are truly a masterpiece. Also explore our Diamond Rings, Diamond Engagement Rings, Solitaire Rings & Stone Rings.

Mens Diamond Rings on EMI with DGRP 

In case you find a ring that intrigues you however it is slightly over your budget then our DGRP plan allows you to avail diamond rings for men in installments without you having to burden your wallet at once. Pay 10% of the final cart price and book your jewellery without worrying about the fluctuating rates. However, if the price of the jewellery drops in course of time then you can finish paying up your installments for the lesser revised rate. This means that you get to buy the jewellery for the rate that it was booked for or even less.