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Real Gold Chains For Men

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Real Gold Chains for Men– Accessorize to Make an Impact

For centuries and decades, men have been known to sport chains around their necks. History has it that tribals, kings and chieftains have all sported chains made of different materials. Although shells, feathers, bones, and stones were the most common materials to make chains. Over time, chains were made of metal. 

Silver and gold became the most common material to make chains, especially for men. Earlier, it was not considered very trendy and fashionable for men to wear chains. Men usually avoid adding accessories except watches but chains have their unique place in the segment. However, with celebrities worldwide evolving with their fashion trends sporting chains, real gold chains for men have gained a lot of popularity. Although men sport gold chains, the kind of designs differ from what women wear. 

Different designs in gold chains for men:

Real gold chains for men are designed for men to accessorize themselves in a subtle manner and yet make a fashion statement. Real gold chains for men are broadly sold in a few categories:

Herringbone Chain

As the name itself suggests, this design resembles the small bones of herring. It consists of two parallel rows of slanted V-shaped chain links that lie flat on the skin. There is no need to add a pendant to accessorize with this chain as it can be worn by itself. 

The Roosevelt Gold Chain from the Candere collection are herringbones. These are ideal for those who like to flaunt a flashy and rugged look. It pairs well with leather jackets and slick denim jackets.

Cuban and Curb chains

This design of real gold chains for men is amongst the most popular. Most people are unable to identify the difference between the two. Made with twisted oval links, curb chains are flatter and Cuban chains are a little rounder. Flat Curb Gold Chains are the most preferred designs in this line, for men, and can be iced out with pendants of different sizes. They are on the heavier and chunkier side.

What are Snake Chains?

Just like how it is named, these chains just glide on your skin and are extremely flexible too. Snake Chains are made of flat and tight woven rings that lend them an elegant and overall solid appeal. These can be paired with a pendant or can stand on their own as statement pieces too.

Price Range for Real Gold Chains for Men

Real gold chains for men are available in a variety of designs and styles. Candere has an impressive collection of real gold chains for men. The price range differs according to the design picked. The price starts from INR 15000 to INR 1.0 lac. The price varies according to the design, carat, and style.

Get Your Favourite Gold Chains with DGRP

There are so many designs available in the collection of real gold chains for men that one can easily find one that suits their individual style and taste. Candere now helps customers buy gold ornaments with ease with the Double Gold Rate Protection (DGRP) scheme. DGRP allows buyers to pay only 10% of the initial purchase amount at the time of checkout and the rest can be paid in equal installments over a period of time. The rate of installments will not vary with fluctuations in the prices of gold.