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White Gold Chain

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  1. Harley Platinum Chain Harley Platinum Chain
    ₹204,680.00 ₹254,421.00

    50% OFF on Making

  2. Double Box Platinum Chain Double Box Platinum Chain
    ₹237,548.00 ₹295,277.00

    50% OFF on Making

  3. Round Box Platinum Chain Round Box Platinum Chain
    ₹336,153.00 ₹417,845.00

    50% OFF on Making

  4. bestSeller
    Tinsel Town Platinum Chain Tinsel Town Platinum Chain
    ₹108,316.00 ₹134,640.00

    50% OFF on Making

  5. Halina Gold Chain Halina Gold Chain
    ₹48,717.00 ₹61,287.00

    50% Off on Making charges on Gold jewellery

  6. Idina Gold Chain Idina Gold Chain
    ₹39,076.00 ₹47,419.00

    45% Off on Making charges on Gold jewellery

  7. bestSeller
    Danae Platinum Chain Danae Platinum Chain
    ₹33,716.00 ₹40,788.00

    40% OFF on Making

  8. bestSeller
    Sadia Platinum Chain Sadia Platinum Chain
    ₹33,496.00 ₹40,521.00

    40% OFF on Making

  9. bestSeller
    Ravza Platinum Chain Ravza Platinum Chain
    ₹104,581.00 ₹129,996.00

    50% OFF on Making

  10. bestSeller
    Rabia Platinum Chain Rabia Platinum Chain
    ₹34,321.00 ₹41,519.00

    40% OFF on Making

  11. bestSeller
    Patia Platinum And Rose Gold Chain Patia Platinum And Rose Gold Chain
    ₹129,112.00 ₹158,739.00

    50% OFF on Making

  12. shipFast
    Hala Platinum Chain Hala Platinum Chain
    ₹48,844.00 ₹59,598.00

    45% OFF on Making

  13. shipFast
    Jesal Gold Chain
    ₹34,557.00 ₹41,565.00

    45% Off on Making charges on Gold jewellery

  14. Isha Gold Chain Isha Gold Chain
    ₹28,669.00 ₹34,483.00

    45% Off on Making charges on Gold jewellery

  15. Parnika Platinum And Rose Gold Chain Parnika Platinum And Rose Gold Chain
    ₹240,925.00 ₹294,830.00

    50% OFF on Making

  16. shipFast
    Single Braid Platinum Chain Single Braid Platinum Chain
    ₹134,560.00 ₹167,262.00

    50% OFF on Making

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Many of the current customers, especially the modern and young population, have been interested in simplistic and classy jewellery options rather than the classic shiny, sparkly gold. With this change, we will address all your preferences with our exclusive range of white gold collections at Candere.

White Gold Chain Collection at Candere

Our white gold chain collection features a wide variety of options with unique settings and lengths available to suit any of your personal needs. Unlike earlier days when white gold was not considered actual gold, many people have changed their minds. They are beginning to embrace the simplicity and class portrayed by these chains. Explore more here white gold earrings for women, white gold ring for girl, white gold diamond necklace.

The white gold chains at Candere come with different variations in their sturdiness and purity, just like your regular gold. You can clear out any possible queries you might have with either our sales executives or through our customer helplines. We are always happy to help!

White gold chain price in India

Previously, the options as far as white gold was concerned used to be sadly very minimal. Well, we decided to change that for you! Our highly innovative and competent panel of designers and craftsmen have worked hard to bring an extensive range of white gold chain designs with price ranges that can fit any budget. Explore more here white gold stud earrings, single white stone gold earrings, white gold hoop earrings & white stone jhumka designs in gold.

There are a wide variety of designs available at every possible price range, allowing you to choose your favourite pieces without being forced upon available options.

Buy white gold chain online

Thanks to the development of our online platform and purchase forum, buying jewellery has been simplified greatly. With our Candere website, you can now buy white gold chains online with an unbelievably simple process as simple as a few clicks on your device. With everything digitalised, you are now spared from the additional time spent on the physical processing and billing. Explore more here white gold mangalsutra, white gold necklace, white gold kada for men & baby earrings white gold.

Kalyan Jewellers White Gold Chain

With all of your purchases with us, we assure quality assurance and customer service. Whenever you purchase any pieces of Kalyan jewellery white gold chain, we provide a strict guarantee for the authenticity and purity of the gold. This is often backed up by physical proof and certification provided from higher sources. With all these additional layers of confirmation and security, we help clear out any of your concerns and discrepancies. When your white gold jewellery comes with diamonds, the proper diamond certificate with all physical properties and details is also provided to you by default. Explore more here white pearl necklace with gold, white gold choker necklace, mens white gold diamond ring.

Buy white gold chain with DGRP

Though many controversial statements fly around, it is pretty concrete that white gold jewellery is also a form of gold in itself, and hence any plans and programs available for gold purchase can also be applied to white gold products. This includes all the major schemes along with double gold rate protection. When you buy a white gold chain with DGRP, the current price of your product is fixed to it, thereby protecting the value of your gold from any fluctuations which may happen in the future. Explore more here white necklace, white stone haram designs in gold with price & simple white stone necklace set.