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Mangalsutra, a word that is divine and auspicious in itself, comprises two words – ‘mangal’, meaning auspicious, and ‘sutra’, meaning thread. Wearing a mangalsutra symbolises that a woman is married; she is tied in the bond of love and commitment with her husband. A white gold mangalsutra is not just a gold chain with pearls and a locket but a holy symbol of married life. It holds as much significance in an Indian marriage as love, trust, time, communication, and commitment.

Buy White Gold Mangalsutra Online

Buying gold jewellery online might make you think twice, but when you are at Candere, the online jewellery store of Kalyan Jewellers, you need not worry at all. We make it way easier for you to buy white gold mangalsutra online, as here you get variety, the best price, and your jewellery delivered right to your doorstep. You can browse through the wide range of white gold mangalsutra with the convenience of sitting at your home.

White Gold Mangalsutra Designs With Price

At Candere, you can check various white gold mangalsutra designs with prices. From simple mangalsutras with a thin gold or silver chain, black beads/pearls and a tiny little locket to a heavy one with a solid thick chain and a large locket, you will find everything in one place. The prices range from as low as INR 10,000 to as high as INR 70,000. Although the designs and styles of mangalsutras have evolved quite drastically over the past few years, the significance has not reduced even a bit. Thus, the mangalsutra continues to remain an essential element in an Indian marriage.

Kalyan Jewellers White Gold Mangalsutra

At Kalyan Jewellers, white gold mangalsutra is available in various sizes and weights as well. Light-weight mangalsutras weighing as low as 2 grams and heavy ones weighing 10 grams, you can find a wide range of mangalsutras varying in sizes, designs, styles, weights, and prices. Mangalsutras made of only pure gold, those with diamond work, mangalsutras with a combination of gold, silver and diamond work — all are available at Kalyan Jewellers. You can buy the traditional necklace mangalsutra or the modern bracelet mangalsutras with the trendiest designs available in our wide range of products. Also explore our white gold rings, white gold rings for men, white gold pendant, white gold kada, white gold nose pin, white gold hoop earrings, white gold locket.

Buy White Gold Mangalsutra with DGRP

When you buy from Candere, you not just get the best design and best quality jewellery, but also the best price for the gold jewellery than anywhere in the market. This is possible when you buy white gold mangalsutra with DGRP. DGRP stands for Double Gold Rate Protection, which means you can book any gold jewellery at the gold rate prevailing in the market on the day you book your product. You can pay for this product in installments, stretching over 2 to 6 months for gold jewellery. This gives you a dual benefit – first, your gold purchase is not affected by the daily fluctuations in gold prices, and second, you can even revise the rate of your jewellery if the gold rate falls further in the tenure of your installments.

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