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Diamond Classic Rings

Souma Laya Diamond Ring

Rs. 34,764 Rs. 29,897

Style No KC00419

Star Shine Diamond Ring

Rs. 20,310 Rs. 17,467

Style No C001682

Thitiksha Diamond Ring

Rs. 34,223 Rs. 29,432

Style No C010557

Carissa Diamond Ring

Rs. 22,105 Rs. 19,010

Style No C003140

Alessandra Diamond Ring

Rs. 24,857 Rs. 21,377

Style No R002643

Beatrice Diamond Ring

Rs. 41,355 Rs. 35,565

Style No C010571

Gaatha Diamond Ring

Rs. 33,786 Rs. 29,056

Style No C011011

Tifny 3 in 1 Diamond Engagement Ring

Rs. 109,820 Rs. 94,445

Style No R010214

Heritage Diamond Ring

Rs. 96,848 Rs. 83,289

Style No C011009

Trellis Diamond Ring

Rs. 43,560 Rs. 37,462

Style No C011016

Riley Diamond Ring

Rs. 17,543 Rs. 15,087

Style No C006751

Sanjeevini Miracle Plate Diamond Ring

Rs. 26,845 Rs. 23,087

Style No C005309

Deccan Diamond Wedding Ring

Rs. 65,050 Rs. 55,943

Style No C002117

Daphne Diamond Ring

Rs. 52,569 Rs. 45,209

Style No C011072

Kaylee Diamond Ring

Rs. 38,658 Rs. 33,246

Style No C006747

Alejandra Diamond Ring

Rs. 23,945 Rs. 20,593

Style No C002639

Diamond Classic Ring Designs

Even as one ages, with grace & elegance, one starts to feel lonely, bored and also depressed. One may not necessarily have a companion all the time. This is a thing of the past. Enjoy your retirement phase and your "golden olden" years with a dazzling diamond ring that shines forever on your fragile, adroit finger. Feel proud to own something that complements your age too. Not only this, combine your female ring with a diamond rings from the Men's Category. Flaunt your lovely Rushika Diamond Ring in the mornings and your Sylvie Diamond Ring in your evening ballroom dance with your partner. Enjoy your tea with your old friends whilst chatting about your ageless diamond collection!

Candere's vintage rings are truly ageless, allowing you to enjoy a lovely retirement period and also have a gem-companion for your post-retirement life along with your sweet spouse!

Diamond Classic Ring Price

Enjoy an anniversary party-do with an adorable Akanksha Diamond Band - let it adore your soft tender little finger- and make a style statement as you age gracefully. Imagine, the feeling of envy that will be evoked in the hearts of all those around you, with your Vintage Diamond Ring. Every vintage ring is a unique design, gorgeous and extraordinary. This is not - we bluffing about our own collection or design - but is more of, our happy clients defining and describing our diamond ring collection for us! That makes our job easy - we just prepare their favourite ring for them and in turn they happily testify our products and services. So many of our senior citizen clients have expressed their content and delight at receiving their diamond ring at the right time - making them feel that it is worth their money. Vintage Diamond Rings are over the top amongst Candere's collection, not only because of the magnificent designs, but more so because of the fact that they become companion to your post-retirement life and never give you a chance to feel lonely and bored. You would always have something to do - admire and fall in love again and again with these delightful diamonds.

Buy Diamond Classic Ring Online

To enhance your interest, do explore our collection of white vintage ring, round vintage ring and princess cut vintage ring. Now then, wouldn't you long to celebrate your golden jubilee anniversary or silver jubilee anniversary with our vintage anniversary ring? Do you already feel the excitement?

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