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Diamond Delicate Necklace

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Delicate Diamond Necklace

This collection has mostly those necklaces that are a combination of sleek diamond pendants and golden chains. The pendants are also small, light weight, but are impactful when it comes to fashion or glamour. These are simple designs of simple shapes or figures traced elegantly by diamonds along their contours. These should not be confused with necklaces or pendants. You would also find some pearl studded necklaces in this, with variations in colours of pearls from peach, to golden to mauve to cream.

Diamond Necklace Designs With Price

Since they are light weight and sleek, restrained in design, these can be worn without worry to work, on daily basis, to dinner outings and even to movies or dates. They are such that wont attract undue attention but will gel very well with any outfit in your wardrobe-  traditional or modern, formal or casual. Their prices vary from 40000 to 1.8 lakhs.

Rs. 40,045 Rs. 34,823

Style No C009217

Rs. 31,779 Rs. 29,047

Style No C009293

Rs. 27,434 Rs. 23,396

Style No C009251

Rs. 21,682 Rs. 18,646

Style No C009227

Rs. 26,109 Rs. 21,859

Style No C009345

Rs. 22,621 Rs. 18,978

Style No C009269

Rs. 55,601 Rs. 50,075

Style No C012329

Rs. 77,099 Rs. 69,145

Style No C012331

Rs. 27,609 Rs. 23,541

Style No C009283

Rs. 32,267 Rs. 28,320

Style No C009237

Rs. 33,189 Rs. 28,149

Style No C009273

Rs. 35,276 Rs. 30,206

Style No C009297

Rs. 24,411 Rs. 20,604

Style No C009307

Rs. 32,374 Rs. 28,488

Style No C009321

Rs. 37,605 Rs. 32,808

Style No C009331