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Diamond Delicate Necklace

(39 Items)
Splice Love Knot Diamond Necklace
Rs. 40,913 Rs. 32,730

Offer Price: Rs. 28,773 (30% OFF on Diamond Price)

Billiards Diamond Flexi Necklace
Rs. 62,239 Rs. 49,791

Offer Price: Rs. 44,646 (30% OFF on Diamond Price)

Mystee Curb Diamond Necklace
Rs. 106,015 Rs. 84,812

Offer Price: Rs. 72,332 (30% OFF on Diamond Price)

Stephenie Curb Diamond Necklace
Rs. 77,896 Rs. 62,317

Offer Price: Rs. 54,233 (30% OFF on Diamond Price)

Our Pick
Ashlie Ball Diamond Necklace
Rs. 54,778 Rs. 43,822

Offer Price: Rs. 39,724 (30% OFF on Diamond Price)

Our Pick
Jacelyn Curb Diam...
Rs. 37,218 Rs. 29,774

Offer Price: Rs. 29,068 (30% OFF on Diamond Price)

Algerian Love Knot Diamond Necklace
Rs. 42,066 Rs. 33,653

Offer Price: Rs. 29,074 (30% OFF on Diamond Price)

Our Pick
Desert Rose Diamond Necklace
Rs. 86,823 Rs. 69,458

Offer Price: Rs. 63,591 (30% OFF on Diamond Price)

Royal Magnolia Diamond Necklace
Rs. 111,584 Rs. 89,267

Offer Price: Rs. 84,038 (30% OFF on Diamond Price)

Carolina Press Diamond Necklace
Rs. 65,703 Rs. 52,562

Offer Price: Rs. 50,941 (30% OFF on Diamond Price)

Our Pick
Fantasia Diamond ...
Rs. 76,580 Rs. 61,264

Offer Price: Rs. 53,249 (30% OFF on Diamond Price)

Our Pick
Delicate Damsel Diamond Necklace
Rs. 60,555 Rs. 48,444

Offer Price: Rs. 44,933 (30% OFF on Diamond Price)

Our Pick
Pretty Girly Diamond Necklace
Rs. 73,983 Rs. 59,186

Offer Price: Rs. 53,768 (30% OFF on Diamond Price)

Our Pick
Austina Curb Diam...
Rs. 44,745 Rs. 35,796

Offer Price: Rs. 35,371 (30% OFF on Diamond Price)

Fairyland Diamond...
Rs. 77,994 Rs. 62,395

Offer Price: Rs. 56,016 (30% OFF on Diamond Price)

Our Pick
Cherilyn Ball Diamond Necklace
Rs. 44,713 Rs. 35,770

Offer Price: Rs. 32,442 (30% OFF on Diamond Price)


Lightweight necklaces are a must-have jewellery in a woman’s wardrobe today. The delicate necklace designs you saw above can be categorized in a bunch of options based on how to wear, gold weight, pricing, gemstone colour, etc. The delicate diamond necklace design also includes simple name pendants with 16inches gold chain for kids. For adults, there are both diamonds as well as gold delicate necklace. The delicate diamond necklace jewellery you saw above can be worn for multiple occasions like daily wear, casual outings, gifting, festive wear, anniversary, party wear and work wear. These are very fun to sport because they are made with numerous stones and stone colours. If you’re planning to get one of these for daily wear, you can sort the designs based on their metal weight. The daily wear pendants don’t weight more than 8.30gm (approx.). These include office wear as well as work wear pendants.

Delicate Diamond Necklace

This collection has mostly those necklaces that are a combination of sleek diamond pendants and golden chains. The pendants are also small, lightweight, but are impactful when it comes to fashion or glamour. These are simple designs of simple shapes or figures traced elegantly by diamonds along their contours. These should not be confused with necklaces or pendants. You would also find some pearl studded necklaces in this, with variations in colours of pearls from peach, to golden to mauve to cream. The delicate diamond necklace designs you see here don’t come with matching earrings. However, if you are looking for necklace sets, check out Hera collection or Necklace Sets Collection.

Diamond Necklace Designs With Price

Since the delicate diamond necklace designs are lightweight and sleek, restrained in design, these can be worn without worry to work, on daily basis, to dinner outings and even to movies or dates. They are such that won’t attract undue attention but will gel very well with any outfit in your wardrobe- traditional or modern, formal or casual. These delicate diamond necklace designs are available in the range 15k to 2.34 lakhs.

Diamond Necklace Online

Delicate diamond necklace starts only at Rs. 15,062 (approx.) here. At this price, you will find name pendants for kids while the delicate diamond necklace for grownups starts at Rs. 25,499 (approx.). It’s best to shop from Candere not only because of the buffet of designs but also because of our on-going discounts. These discounts ensure that the delicate diamond necklace falls well in your budget without letting you feel the pinch. Payments at Candere are pretty flexible with the numerous payment options i.e. debit card, credit card, online transfer, cheque deposit, cash on delivery, etc. If you still feel the design you liked is beyond your budget, sign up for either of our EMI options and you can pay for your jewellery in parts. There are two types of EMI at Candere – Plan & purchase and EMI by Kissht. Keeping in mind there are a lot of sentimental values attached to jewellery, every delicate diamond necklace can be shopped with a nominal charge a checkout.