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Initial Jewellery

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Initial Pendants

Like it says, a letter says it all. One profound letter makes a lot of difference, be it your own name, that of your loved ones or a combination of the two, it has a charm of its own. And what do you know they come for as low as 6,800/- only.

Initial Pendants India

The Initial pendants are available in unique Ganesha designs adorned with a ruby;  acrylic and gold combination pendants that allow you’re name to be suspended giving it a floating appearance, dancing heart pendants and simple heart initials.

Initial Diamond Pendants

You can also customize and personalize these pendants as combination of two initials like the ‘S n B diamond pendant’ and ‘S n M’ diamond pendant.

Initial Necklaces

You can also get your initial with a changeable ring combination like the ‘diamond customized pendant-cum-ring’, a perfect gift to share with your beloved.

Rs. 10,857

Style No C012502

Rs. 27,299 Rs. 24,172

Style No C012498

Rs. 15,292 Rs. 13,430

Style No C012497

Rs. 10,380

Style No C008519

Rs. 10,865

Style No C008513

Rs. 9,969

Style No C008507

Rs. 10,380

Style No C008553

Rs. 10,737

Style No C008551

Rs. 11,499

Style No C008549

Rs. 12,656

Style No C008545

Rs. 11,110

Style No C008543

Rs. 10,737

Style No C008541

Rs. 10,380

Style No C008537

Rs. 12,229

Style No C008533

Rs. 11,110

Style No C008531

Rs. 10,567

Style No C008529