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Havya Navratna Ring
Rs. 26,520 Rs. 21,216

Offer Price: Rs. 16,684 (35% OFF on Diamond Price)

Jairaj Navratna Ring
Rs. 36,549 Rs. 29,239

Offer Price: Rs. 26,816 (25% OFF on Gemstone Price)

Om Navratna Pendant
Rs. 27,859 Rs. 22,287

Offer Price: Rs. 20,300 (25% OFF on Gemstone Price)

Samrudhi Navratna...
Rs. 22,995 Rs. 18,396

Offer Price: Rs. 15,964 (25% OFF on Diamond Price)

Livilla Navratna ...
Rs. 28,156 Rs. 22,525

Offer Price: Rs. 20,160 (25% OFF on Gemstone Price)

Lucilla Navratna ...
Rs. 31,195 Rs. 24,956

Offer Price: Rs. 22,591 (25% OFF on Gemstone Price)

Ishi Navratna Pendant
Rs. 35,789 Rs. 28,631

Offer Price: Rs. 23,699 (25% OFF on Gemstone Price)

Sarbani Navratna Pendant
Rs. 31,040 Rs. 24,832

Offer Price: Rs. 21,495 (25% OFF on Diamond Price)

Hakesh Navratna Ring
Rs. 28,249 Rs. 22,599

Offer Price: Rs. 19,992 (35% OFF on Diamond Price)

Delilah Navratna Ring
Rs. 44,553 Rs. 35,642

Offer Price: Rs. 33,277 (25% OFF on Gemstone Price)

Mahani Navratna P...
Rs. 36,241 Rs. 28,993

Offer Price: Rs. 24,399 (25% OFF on Diamond Price)

Sriya Navratna Pendant
Rs. 44,240 Rs. 35,392

Offer Price: Rs. 29,363 (25% OFF on Diamond Price)

Heartisan Navratna Ring
Rs. 32,048 Rs. 25,638

Offer Price: Rs. 23,406 (25% OFF on Gemstone Price)

Brihat Navratna Ring
Rs. 24,133 Rs. 19,306

Offer Price: Rs. 17,414 (25% OFF on Gemstone Price)

Krishitha Navratn...
Rs. 25,173 Rs. 20,138

Offer Price: Rs. 17,706 (25% OFF on Gemstone Price)

Kaamakya Navratna Pendant
Rs. 30,401 Rs. 24,321

Offer Price: Rs. 20,341 (25% OFF on Gemstone Price)


Navratna Jewellery

The Navratnas or the Nine gems are combinations of nine semiprecious gems that according to Indian Astrology have a profound impact on human life. These nine gems are linked to the nine planets or Navgrahas.

Navratna Jewellery Designs

These Gemstones can also be worn individually to control the planets influence over our lives, popularly termed as astrological rings but Navratna is worn to control the influence of not one but all nice planets combined.

Navratna Rings

The Navratna ring is very popular among Indians and has been used by kings and royals for the very same reason. It was a very popular piece of jewellery worn by Mughals, Rajputs, and Marathas alike. Navratna jewellery is also sometimes designed as necklace sets, bracelets, pendant sets etc but the most popular form still remains the ever famous Navratna Ring! This is because traditionally the arrangement of these gems is always in a form that resembles the rotation of planets.

Navratna Earrings

The Ruby represents the sun and is in the centre, surrounded by a diamond on the top that represents Venus; moving clockwise comes the Pearl that represents the Moon that controls the mind, followed by the Red Coral representing Mars and the Hessonite Garnet representing Rahu. Saturn the karmic planet comes next represented by the blue sapphire that is ideally placed towards the direction of the heart.

Navratna Pendants

The Cat’s eye represents Ketu after which comes the Yellow Sapphire representing Jupiter – the planet of knowledge. The Emerald comes last just before diamond, completing the circle and represents Mercury, the source of intellect and communication. This arrangement should be followed religiously for the Navratna to be effective, and is available with us.