Gemstone Rings

Gemstone Rings

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Lacuna Swarovski®...
Rs. 14,004

Style No C014353

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Ronja Islet Swaro...
Rs. 12,765

Style No C016837

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Eti Evil Eye Ring
Rs. 9,483 Rs. 7,586

Style No C017537

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Cherry-Red Ruby Ring
Rs. 53,784 Rs. 43,027

Offer Price: Rs. 35,858 (80% off on making on Diamond Jewellery)

Punya Navratna Ring
Rs. 20,564 Rs. 16,451

Offer Price: Rs. 12,743 (80% off on making on Diamond Jewellery)

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Gail Yellow Sapph...
Rs. 60,668 Rs. 48,534

Offer Price: Rs. 44,892 (80% off on making on Diamond Jewellery)

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Brookside TnT Cub...
Rs. 8,767

Style No C017807

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Heart of Rose Gem...
Rs. 12,089 Rs. 9,671

Style No C016562

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Bess Evil Eye Ring
Rs. 14,551 Rs. 11,641

Offer Price: Rs. 10,096 (50% off on making on Diamond Jewellery)

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Mauve TnT Cubic Z...
Rs. 6,459

Style No C017903

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Ronja Swarovski® ...
Rs. 11,200

Style No C016839

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Rosey Red Gemstone Ring
Rs. 18,511 Rs. 14,809

Style No C016439

Love Seat White P...
Rs. 14,231 Rs. 11,385

Style No C011633

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Love Is A Rose Ge...
Rs. 11,973 Rs. 9,578

Style No C016430

Brihat Navratna Ring
Rs. 22,363 Rs. 17,890

Offer Price: Rs. 14,100 (80% off on making on Diamond Jewellery)

Livia Red Spinel Ring
Rs. 136,871 Rs. 109,497

Offer Price: Rs. 101,422 (80% off on making on Diamond Jewellery)


Stunning Women’s Gemstone Rings At Candere

Gemstones have always been a classy and popular choice for jewellery. They are precious crystals that have metaphysical symbolism, spiritual meaning, powers and healing properties. They add a pop of colour and elegance to your jewellery, especially with stone rings that become more versatile for various purposes like, engagement rings, party-wear or cocktail rings, casual gemstone rings, gemstone band rings and navratna (nine stone) rings. 

These precious stones are used in jewellery for both astrological beliefs as well as ornamental purposes. While stone rings for astrological purposes need to be of a certain colour and carat and be worn with specifications on a certain occasion, there is no such requirement if you are wearing it for the fashion aspect of these rings. So, regardless of whether you are wearing them for astrological or ornamental purposes, these stone rings are sure to make you stand out and add a touch of exquisite beauty to your look.

Explore Gemstone Ring Collection

Ornamentally, a little bit of craftsmanship, decoration and designing looks good on the stone rings. However, if you are wearing it for their presumed benefits, you need to be careful about the metal you choose, since some metals are not suitable with many stones. Some also want their stone rings to be crafted in white gold for an extraordinary look.

  • Pearl Gemstone Ring

Under the pearl diamond stone rings section, you will find myriad colours of pearls ranging from golden to cream to beige, white, purples, pink, mauve, rose peach, etc. While white pearls look simply extravagant on white gold rings, they also look equally exquisite when crafted on brilliant yellow gold or elegant rose gold.

  • Solitaire Engagement Ring

Engagement Gems is a collection of simple, ethnic and sophisticated looking single solitaire embedded rings. The engagement rings are typically six-prong solitaire rings in gemstones – even though this was a Western concept so far, India too has adopted it with flair and elegance. The shank and the shoulder of such rings may be plain gold or lines with pave set diamonds to accentuate the hero gem that sits at the very centre. Also explore ourEngagement Rings,Solitaire Rings,Men's Ring &Promise Rings.

  • Cocktail Gemstone Ring

These are the eye-catching statement rings that are beautifully studded with big gemstones stones. Cocktail stone rings are in a class entirely of their own, as they look exquisite with the brilliance of colourful gemstones of simple diamonds. Designed with colourful gemstones and sparkling diamonds, they can gracefully adorn your party attire or become the perfect accessory for your traditional festival look. Also explore ourCouple Rings,Casual Rings,Eternity Rings,Classic Rings,Three Stone Rings.

  • Classic Gemstone Rings

Gemstone band rings are those that look like gold bands, are have a single or double line of the same stone running across their circumference. These might have a little bit of decoration along with the band or might be plain; the gemstones that you see on the product are replaceable with any stone of your choice, meaning that you can customise these as you like. Cocktail or party wear stone rings have an elaborate design, detailed craftsmanship, look huge, with jumbo-sized stones on the centre. They have typically ethnic style or European style patterns and settings. This category also has some navratna or nine gemstone studded rings, which means, each ring has an equal carat of all the nine important stones; at times, some of the gems are hard to find, hence they are rare stone rings.

  • Certified Gemstone Rings

Buying authentic gemstones is a matter of great consideration, especially if you are buying them for their astrological benefits and purposes. But, when buying from Candere, you do not have to worry about any such things. With Candere’s guarantee and certification of authenticity, you are guaranteed to get only the most genuine stones and stone rings. With perfection in cut, colour, clarity and carat, these stones will not disappoint and you will find yourself coming back for more.

Gemstone Rings Online Shopping

The most endearing fact about stone rings is that not only do they look excellent, they are also incredibly affordable while making you look like a million bucks! Online shopping for gemstone rings or luxurious jewellery comes with its benefits: there is no hassle for shopping, no hurry to make choices of designs, ring sizing is also not an issue at all, gifting becomes convenient and it is also discreet. And when you buy online from Candere, you will be able to avail unimaginable benefits on your purchase. Also explore ourRings,Diamond Rings,Men’s Diamond Rings,Gold Rings,Men’s Gold Ring &Platinum Rings.

To secure you from ups and downs in the gold rate, we have introduced the Double Gold Rate Protection (DGRP) Plan. As per this plan, you can purchase your jewellery with a simple 10% booking fee and with easy 2-6 months or 2-12 months monthly instalment plans. However, the biggest benefit would be that you can get your favourite gemstone rings at the lowest possible rates. Not only are there no processing charges or interest rates, but you can change your EMI plan as per the current gold rates if they drop after you have purchased. This means that regardless of whether the market fluctuates, you will get your favourite rings at the best possible prices.

So, order from Candere from the comfort of your home and avail the best gemstone jewellery at the best prices!

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