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Traditional Gold Bangles

Most of the traditional gold bangles are machine made, sparing a few that are carved by hands, because of the intricacy of the designs; the designing demands that the work be done by hands. Many traditional gold bangle designs have white rhodium finish on them that blends perfectly with the yellowness of the original gold colour, yet give a get up to the bangles. Most of these bangles have a cut edge, curved edge, a non-smooth edge that imparts the needed festive look to them. These are not meant for daily wear, but for occasional festive or wedding wear. They also make for a very good gifting option. The charm of these traditional gold bangles will never fade away; a thing as precious as this, once purchased, remains with you for ages. In some families, this is also forms a part of heirloom jewellery.

Traditional Gold Bangles Designs

Traditions have a way of setting trends in the most expected way, but once they are set, there’s no looking back or going back on their standards. Setting traditions and then following them religiously becomes very apparent especially in case of gold jewellery designs. Some designs are such that they pull all attention toward themselves and automatically become the center of attention and attract eyeballs toward the wearer. Many jewelers including online jewelers like Candere pay tribute to such eternally stylish traditional gold bangles by hosting bangle festivals for days or weeks, to assert their importance amongst the new age buyers. Even though latest designs are much in demand, traditions have made their mark permanently and almost never fade away; their charm remains etched in minds.

Traditional Gold Bangles Designs With Price

Heavy traditional gold bangle designs are priced above 80000 and upto 1.6 lakhs, as they use lot of gold; whereas some sleeker ones are priced around 60000 to 80000. In case you have a design in mind, and intend to purchase it, either in single or in pairs, do not worry about pricing and payment as Candere offers you the EMI options to pay at your convenience and yet save money on interest.


Rs. 88,441

Style No GB00095

Rs. 81,257

Style No GB00139

Rs. 75,048

Style No GB00105

Rs. 180,598

Style No GB00103

Rs. 86,274

Style No GB00099

Rs. 82,989

Style No GB00173

Rs. 176,447

Style No GB00097

Rs. 108,331

Style No GB00061

Rs. 104,829

Style No GB00129

Rs. 90,425

Style No GB00127

Rs. 99,378

Style No GB00125

Rs. 49,563

Style No GB00075

Rs. 54,147

Style No GB00073